Cabo Verde Market Report on Solar Thermal Water Heating and Drying of Agricultural Products


Antúnio Barbosa, Auxiliar Professor (Energy Studies) Department of Engineering and Marine Science, University of Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde



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ECOWAS Country


Cape Verde

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  • Cleaner Production and Industry
  • Solar Thermal (non electrical)
  • Solar Cooking
  • Solar drying
  • Solar Thermal Cooling
  • Solar Thermal Industrial Heat Process
  • Solar Thermal Warm Water

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  • Market analysis
  • Key statistics


The solar thermal market study of Cabo Verde was elaborated in the frame of the program SOLtrain West Africa which is managed by ECREEE. The market study contains an overview of the still weak solar thermal energy market in Cabo Verde, including chapters on solar water heating, and also on solar thermal drying of agricultural products and solar cooling in Cabo Verde.

Except tiny and small gravitation systems, there are only very few documented pumped systems installed so far. The solar thermal potential is very high, especially for hotels, hospitals, schools and residential buildings including social buildings as “casa para todos”, as well as solar process heat in food and beverage industry.

As it is known from many other countries as e.g. Tunisia, Namibia, Austria, Germany, strong political incentives are necessary for broad dissemination. Using solar thermal for water heating instead of electricity increases the grid reserves, and reduces strongly the storage needs when Cabo Verde is approaching its politically approved goal of 100% RE share for electricity generation by 2020.

Find more information about the SOLtrain West African Program from ECREEE HERE

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