Construction started in February 2020.

Expected date of commissioning: 2021

PPP project - Urbasolar Group

With a capacity of 30 Megawatts (MWp), this ground-mounted power plant is a first step in the installation of photovoltaic infrastructures through private investment in Burkina Faso, a country that is a motor of development for solar energy in West Africa. Indeed Burkina Faso anticipates the commissioning of more than 200 MW of solar power plants by 2021 within the framework of the energy transition plan laid out by the Government.

Located on the Pâ site, which at the center of multiple economic and, in particular, mining activities, the photovoltaic power plant will aid in accelerating the development in the Boucle du Mouhoun region by annually producing the equivalent of the consumption of 150,000 people, giving access to electricity to the local populations of Burkina Faso while ensuring the security of green energy supply to the region’s industries.

This investment project of an overall cost of around 21.5 billion CFA Francs will allow energy to be sold to the Société Nationale d’Electricité du Burkina Faso (SONABEL) at a cost of  48 CFA Francs per kilowatt hour (KWh) versus 130 CFA Francs the kilowatt hour (KWh) for thermal production.

The project will be accompanied by numerous social and environmental measures, in particular the technical training in photovoltaics of 200 young people of the Boucle de Mouhoun region, study scholarships, a micro-financing program for local women, support for the sanitary system, and environmental and employment aid measures for the local youth.

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33 000 000.00€


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