Above ground pool pump hook up diagram

When the new pump is turned on it runs about 3 seconds and trips the gfi breaker.

You have 230v coming in, it will show 230v across both leads and 115v from each lead to ground.

When i disconnect the pump, the chlorinater and heater work fine, so there is good power coming in.

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.anyway just wondering if it would be safe to just wire the pump up to the circuit breaker directly.

My question is my pump says to use only red and black and ground, where does the white go to?

I did a lot of searches on how enclosures are grounded, i but can't find anything that answers my question.

Above ground pool pump hook up diagram

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- yes, you can bypass the prologic and wire the pump directly to the circuit breaker.

To clarify: the two wires coming off the breaker each should show 110v when each is measured against ground.

You are wiring for 230v, the three wires coming to the pool pump from the circuit box are red, black and green.

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We need to be concerned about the pool filter motor running in the right direction with the 220v motor?

The white (neutral) is not used on the pump - how does the gfi work?

A gfi measures what is going out on hot against what is coming back on neutral to sense a loss to ground.

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Also if i decided to put in a 20amp or 30 amp switch before the pump what wires do i use?

I'm thinking the pump motor wouldn't care, it just wants the correct 230v difference, but there may be something that i'm not aware of.

- when you measured the voltage coming into the pump, did you measure it across the two leads and not one lead to ground and the other lead to ground.

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: before you start wiring your pool pump, turn off all power to the pump at the breaker box.

In this example for hayward pool pumps, red will go to the l1 terminal and black will go to the l2 terminal.

The breaker box has the standard blue,green, and red wire and the pump has the red, black and white.

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This year, when i tried to start the filter, the pump immediately trips the breaker.

If any layman were to look at the half-screwed, pump ground terminal, the blue, pump ground wire barely in the hole, and the loose, green, enclosure ground wire (cut/spliced perfectly to reach the terminal) sticking stiffly up in the about 8 inches away, they would correctly guess that it was and should be affixed to the pump ground terminal.

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