Are ashley benson and tyler dating in real life

Benson and tyler blackburn have been showing off their electric chemistry on screen in pretty little liars for years now, and watching them get their romance on each week only makes us want them to date in real life.

Are ashley benson and tyler dating in real life

"i prepared for this pretty little liars audition more than i've prepared for anything in my life.

Is tyler blackburn dating ashley benson in real life

Boys Ashley Benson Dated (Pretty Little Liars)

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Reasons unbeknownst to us, the pair have denied every rumor about them dating and while that very much may be the case, some photos prove otherwise.

Tyler Blackburn ღ Ashley Benson | Tyshley is real.

WATCH IN HD* Well, I have no words. IDK, I just wanted to show that Tyshley is real. Yes, it is. I always say I love the way Tyler ...

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Actors, who portray longtime couple hanna and caleb (aka haleb) on the freeform show, have fans convinced they are dating irl but it looks just the duo is just friends.

PLL Facebook Live Chat 10/21/13 - Ashley Benson about Tyler Blackburn and Haleb

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"i don't think i would be able to date a high-profile actor the way angelina jolie has," ashley cryptically said at the time.

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Ashley Benson's "Pretty Little Liars" character Hanna Marin has had her fair share of boy drama on the hit ABC Family show.