Are jon and neda still a couple

, i woke up from my nap and realized that i no longer have to keep the secret of #bbcan2 @goofynewfiebbca and @nnneda being in lurve.

Are jon and neda together

Big Brother Canada 2 - Jon & Neda talk like a married couple and make up.

Jon drunk last night blabbed to the Alliance that Neda was the condiment bandit.

We found out on Tuesday via ET Canada that "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 contestants Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar were officially a couple, we could hardly contain our joy.

Are jon and neda still together

As one of big brother's best strategic players, neda's large knowledge of the game and her subtle strategy has led her to be compared to other heavily regarded strategic players, such as dan gheesling.

Are jon and neda still a couple

#BB16 Houseguest Hangout - Episode 1

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Everything i do in the house will be for the team neda and no one else.

Big Brother 16 - Week 3 Recap with Jon Pardy & Neda Kalantar (Sheyld Show)

Peter and Alec, The Sheyld, are joined by power couple Jon and Neda from Big Brother Canada 2! SUBSCRIBE for newest and ...

Big brother canada 5, neda played a more controlling and aggressive game, mainly due to being given the time warp immunity by canada.

But what makes jon and neda unique is that, while they were undoubtedly close while competing in the season two house, their relationship seemed more like a brother/sister vibe with sparks not flying after the season was over.

Ika & Dem discuss Neda leaving & more

Ika vents to Dem about Neda's drama, Neda's eviction, Ika's game loyalties & more.

My main alliance this season is going to be team neda me, my mom and my cat.

Kiss through hands Jon and Neda JEDA bbcan bbcan2 big brother

From After dark night 17 part 3 20mins in.