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Well done and if i were to ask to pair another couple up in another drama it would be so e-hyun & kim jae-wook!

Usually i get quite bored watching the same drama for weeks or so, but this one's story just grabbed me and made me watch every episode almost in a row, thumbs up!

I'm starting to think that high melodrama and the detective genre just don't mix in kdramas.

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Pemain drakor dating agency cyrano

! i mean i love taecyeon & all but in da drama jae wook and so e hyun r sooooo cuteeeeee!

Very interesting, i hope they would still experiment to improve the scenes and drama and to come up with something unique than the past dramas.

Drama is what think good on its own, cannot be compared to masters sun cause both have two different genres the former is a romcom while this is a rom mystery, so yeah, hoping to see how it turns out:).

Oh by the way it says it airs every monday and tuesday at 23:00 but is that according to korea time?

Profil biodata pemain dating agency cyrano

Gong Yoo & Jung Yumi cameo in Ep 9 Dating Agency Cyrano

Jung Yumi plays a woman with a fear of men, and how Gong Yoo's character fell for her, and how the Agency will proceed to get ...

Was franking really like this drama movie it kinda like my types movie after it was so awesome i was watching it every time when it playing i'm watching it right now though.

Is my favorite drama it had a lot of feelings i cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed!

Drama is like a combination of cold case and ghost whisperer and it's way better than them!

Super reactions, facial and super handsome <3 on the other side, e-hyun is also really talented, she's mastering her character but i feel like the rythm of this drama is too slow.

Biodata para pemain drama korea dating agency cyrano

So e-hyun is a good actress though cool characters suit her more, didn't like her in her drama "glowing she", but here i love her.

I am honestly surprised with the raitings as i think this drama has great potential but i still wouldn't say it is the best but come on!

Is awsome drama, i love this specially because of kim jae wook, he is so manly and excellent.

Really enjoyed her sparkly, and sweet, character in 'a tale of two sisters', a drama not shot on talented actors and actresses, but all over the place (at least on the cut up version that appeared on t.

Biodata drama dating agency cyrano

The other actors were also amazing which is why drama was one of the best!

. i see many people want to watch this drama bcause of taecyeon oppa amazing i see oppa you have many fans.

Has one of the most adorable faces i have ever seen in a korean drama.

Love this drama and i thin kit end would be like any end of any drama that shi-on will lovegun woo ana i think that hyung-joon would walk up like shi-on walk up from 6 years coma hyung-joon too would walk up but i hope that she choose hyung-joon and i am sure that gun woo would not die their are still 2eposids and he is main leader in the drama and main leadrs donet die i hope that shi-on choose hyung-joon.

Hopefully it gets better, but its been 7,8 episodes so far, a bit too log for things to become interesting in a drama.

Very interesting to watch a unique and complete gene for a short series - horror, comedy, drama, romance, crime investigative.

Drama one of the best ,just finished it kim jae wook oppa you are sooooo hooooot ,teacyeon oppa so cute and yi hyun unni loved u so much in this drama i never knew that you are a funny cute person,,,,,aby wayfighting.

I felt at ease with the two leads and i don't know, it wasn't like explosive chemistry but comfortable chemistry that had you awed at the drama.

As much as would love them together (hoping to see them in a romantic drama in future), a human cant be with a non human, so yeah!

I thought it was a super slow story and would have made a better movie instead of 16 episode drama.

Like so much so very good both so e-hyun and kim jae wook hope another dramas soon.

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