Blair and chuck dating in real life

Season three returns with reversals of fortune, chuck and blair are happy and very much in love.

The events in inglourious bassterds, chuck and blair ultimately split up in the unblairable lightness of being.

However, after jack sends her a dress saying she has one last chance to save chuck and seeing how crushed chuck is from losing his hotel, she goes to jack willingly; but brings a contract to sign to make sure chuck never finds out and that he holds up his end of the deal.

Afterwards, in the unblairable lightness of being, chuck finds out that blair's maid, dorota kishlovsky is in a bind and needs to get married to her fiance, vanya, before her parents arrive and find her unmarried and pregnant.

Meanwhile, chuck is on his way to paris with a woman, eva coupeau, who saved his life after the shooting, and is pretending to be named henry prince.

At the same time, lily has received chuck's passport, cell phone, and wallet from the paris police and given them to ivan to give to chuck.

The eve of bart and serena's mother lily van der woodsen's wedding, blair and chuck spend the night together to find the perfect plan to get rid of georgina.

She eventually reveals that she is his mother, and after a brief falling out when chuck believes she just wants his money, they become very close (the lady vanished).

Acting like a couple they spill out all their relationship issues, from blair sleeping with jack to chuck selling blair out for his hotel.

Blair and chuck dating in real life

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But blair realizes chuck was behind the whole thing and ends their affair and gets back together with nate.

She convinces chuck to play one last round of their game from the summer and he ends up kissing josh.

Thetwo showing up at the brunch angers chuck and blair, due to the fact that serena slept with nate and the fact that dan punched chuck at the kiss on the lips party.

Trying to prove chuck wrong, she attempts to get nate to break up with vanessa to be with her; which he eventually does.

In it's really complicated, blair brings chuck out of his depression and the two search for a way to tie deaths related to the deal together.

When they're there, chuck gets out of the limo to bring flowers to the grave but finds a woman crying over the headstone but she runs off before chuck can say anything to her.

Instead of doing anything with her, he tells her how everything was set up by chuck because he knowingly sold her out for his hotel by preying on her compassion and need to help.

When chuck announces that he's creating a new charity called the eva coupeau foundation, blair takes the items from ivan to place in eva's suitcase.

Lazy and vain, chuck's only interests are sex and money, and he is frequently chided by his father for lacking ambition and performing poorly in school.

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The season two premiere summer kind of wonderful, we learn blair has stayed in europe over the summer while being angry at chuck for abandoning her.

However, jack arranges for chuck to be caught by the board of bass industries while he's high on cocaine and seducing prostitutes upstairs.

Blair says that she won't tell anyone that chuck was on the roof with bart.

Chuck is the resident "bad boy" of the upper east side, and like blair is both vengeful and manipulative; the two often scheme elaborate plans together.

And chuck grew up together on the upper east side, along with their respective best friends serena van der woodsen and nate archibald.

Wanting revenge, he fakes a call to blair that chuck is about to jump off a building but when she arrives.

As the series progresses, chuck becomes a more compassionate and mature character; he undergoes one of the deepest growths in a character on the show.

When blair wakes up in the middle of the night, she finds a note from chuck saying she deserves much better and not to come looking for him (o brother, where bart thou?

In the season finale last tango, then paris, blair spends the day trying to avoid meeting with chuck, but ultimatly decides to meet him and continue their relationship.

Do blair and chuck dating in real life

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The season premiere summer kind of wonderful, it's revealed that chuck never made it to europe and left blair hanging all summer.

Chuck sees that she did indeed go to meet him, and she explains that dorota went into labor and had her baby.

The inglourious bassterds, jack says he will give back the hotel to chuck under one condition: he wants to have sex with blair, so that jack could have everything that chuck has ever wanted.

When she returns, she brings along her new boyfriend marcus beaton, much to chuck's dismay.

At the wedding, blair tells chuck that she'll stay with him only because they're both sick twisted people who are fortunate to have found their match in each other.

He asks chuck if he had anything to do with the sabotage, but he denies it.

He also tells chuck to stay away from blair unless he's going to tell her how he feels because he wants her for himself.

However, blair is planning to attend the debutante ball with prince henry and chuck will be escorting someone else.

Jack interrupts and nominates himself, but chuck refuses him, as well as lily, because he doesn't want it to seem that bass industries is bailing him out.

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Interviewer: When you first read that Blair and Chuck were gonna get together, what was your inital reaction? Leighton: Yesss.

She tells chuck, who already figured out, and they use it to their advantage to garner maximum press (how to succeed in bassness).

Chuck takes photos and shows them to blair, who is pleased with what he found.

When serena begins dating a con artist, gabriel edwards, he teams up with blair to fix things.

Wanting to get jack out for good, chuck teams up with lily to get rid of him.

Soon after, blair is officially rejected from her dream school, yale university, so she goes in search of a wilder lifestyle: which includes chuck's enemy, carter baizen.

Chuck and blair are later released because the police have no evidence that chuck was even was on the roof, and the only witness was blair, now his wife.

They eventually find her at a hotel with a boy from her school nicknamed "the devirginator", but chuck has gossip girl send out a fake blast about emma's enemy muffy losing hers first.

A week later, blair tells serena that she is planning to have a quiet summer and she knows that chuck has been in europe.

Seconds later, chuck wakes up and blair is convinced that she has to keep her promise to god, because she's worried if she continues to see chuck, something will happen to him.

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Chuck later tells her that she was the lightest thing that ever came into his life and that he just wants blair to be happy, although he wishes that she could be happy with him (rhodes to perdition).

She comes to see chuck later, and explains that her father was in the oil business.

Later while dancing, blair realizes chuck set carter up to make nate jealous and was ultimately responsible for the scene.

Blair mentions chuck has been off the grid since they left new york and she just wants to have one nice date before they go home.

When serena gets into a car accident with nate's cousin tripp van der bilt and ends up in the hospital, both blair and chuck go to see her.

While throwing a party, russell and chuck have a confrontation and russell reveals bart killed his wife, avery (empire of the son) in the fire he set to collect insurance money (as explained in bonfire of the vanity, in season two).

Chuck offers to pay it to they can be together, but blair tells him she wants to fix it on her own.

This seals the deal for blair, who realizes that her heart really belongs to chuck.

On a constant search to gain bart's approval, chuck explores the option for bass industries to acquire the club victrola.

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Meanwhile, gossip girl begins to post excerpts from blair's diary; in which she asks herself what to do if she never loves anyone the way she loves chuck.

They eventually realize they need to stop, with blair wanting to quarantine herself from sex with chuck and chuck wanting to have an excess amount of sex to not want to anymore.

:if i know anything about chuck bass, it's that fatherhood is not part of the lifestyle.

In salon of the dead, chuck finds out that diana payne is his mother, but nate emails elizabeth and asks her for clarification.

Wanting to end the struggle, chuck and blair allow bart to fall to his death.

Later during the party, the whole city experiences a blackout and chuck feigns as marcus to get blair to kiss him and hopefully have sex with him.

They successfully expose everything, and chuck proposes a deal to blair: that the next day, he'll be waiting for her on top of the empire state building and if she doesn't show by 7:01 pm, he is closing his heart to her forever.

He asks how she feels about the night, and when blair admits that she feels terrible, chuck tells her that she is feeling guilty.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that what blair was shocked to find in the brothel was that chuck's father bart bass is alive.

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