Can hindu girl marry muslim boy without changing her religion

However, it sounds like you should obtain a divorce on paper to end your marriage on paper, before you marry again under the law of the philippines.

What you describe, it would be illegal for you to marry the muslim man in the middle east whilst you are legally married in the philippines: this would be illegal and breaking the law in both the philippines and in your middle east country.

Marriage between muslims and non-muslims are valid in the case above, whats the difference in a muslim woman marrying a non-muslim man (of the book) who is interested in converting to islam if he allows her to practice islam, to learn about islam together and has agreed for all the children from the marriage to be raised as muslims.

Kapoors decision to remain hindu while being married to the nawab may be a strong example in a country where she is emulated and idolized.

He tried to be intimate with her, but she did not allow this because he was still non muslim.

Union cabinet are taking measures to make inter-faith marriages easier, by alleviating the need to mention the religion of the bride/groom in the registration starting from april 2012.

Singh, saif ali khans ex-wife, also converted to islam before their marriage and their children sara and ibrahim are also muslims.

Can hindu girl marry muslim boy without converting

Can a hindu convert only for marriage - Zakir Naik in Malaysia

Can a hindu convert only to marry a muslim girl- Zakir Naik answering in Malaysia tour.

This was actually answered in the first paragraph of the blog post, if you re-read it carefully: traditionally, there was no problem with a muslim husband being married to a non-muslim wife; the other way around was problematic.

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The only exception to this is that Muslim men are allowed to marry women who are Ahl al-Kitab (People of Scripture), usually limited to Jews and Christians.

) i dont know which country you are in, but if your husband converts to islam, this should not affect your civil marriage in any country: by definition, civil marriage is not religious marriage, so a change of religion should not affect it at all.

The story of zaynab shows that a womans marriage to a non-muslim (harbi) man changes from being binding to being allowed.

She has agreed with me to take out parts from the hindu ceremony that are at all religious, and just do the traditional/cultural parts of it.

I have to choose between being a muslim or a mother, i choose to be a mother.

Can hindu girl marry muslim boy without changing her religion

Inter-Religion Bollywood Marriages (Hindu-Muslim Marriage)

Inter-Religion Bollywood Marriages (Hindu-Muslim Marriage) Interfaith marriage, traditionally called "mixed marriage", is marriage ...

Say that the ayah of al-mumtahinah ends marital relations due to a difference of religion is not correct.

Special marriage act automatically assumes that people who marry under it are doomed and will be severed from the rest of the family.

Who give such a fatwas have te fear allah becose the ijma of scholars is estabilishet that a muslim woman is haram to be maried to a kafir or to stay maried to a kafir if she converts to islam.

Majority of jurists regard a man who doesnt pray regularly out of laziness as still a muslim and not a kafir, so his wife is not obliged to divorce him.

She and I want to marryand she wants tA website devoted to the unity of god, the unity of knowledge & the unity of the peoples of the world by usama hasan.

. if the wife is muslim and the husband is not, the four madhhabs do not allow her to remain with him after the expiry of the 3-month period, or to have sexual relations with him.

Is a secular country, where people of different religions, castes and creeds co-exist, and mingle with each other, and so the indian government has varied marriage laws for different religions: the hindu marriage act, if the bride and groom are hindus, the muslim marriage act if they are both muslims and the special marriage act, specifically aimed for people of different religions who want to marry without conversion.

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This on no more hurting people peace and commented:Thank you for this great and thoughtful article i always thought it was insane for people to get divorced simply because one person became a muslim since islam places such a high importance on family.

Anyone who belive that this is alowed becomes a kafir for allowing what allah has forbiden: and if you know them belivers (the muslim women) do not turn them back to dhe kuffars, no them (muslim woman) are allowed for them and no them (kafirs) are allowed for them.

Am married in paper and separated for 16 years, i am now moslem, would be my marriage as christian will be null and void even without court procedures in philippines, and can i marry a moslem man without any issues.

You have a divorce or annulment, you may indeed marry again as a muslim woman, according to islamic ethics.

But what happens to a non-muslim couple who are married, and later one or both of them convert to islam?

Lawyer, aarti mudkar explains here (time 1:35), how the 30-day notice period is just not a feasible option for anyone eloping or marrying against the familys wishes.

If you wish to marry this muslim man, you will need to end your philippines marriage, i.

Hindu Women Ruma Gupta asking can a hindu girl marry a muslim man

Hindu Women Ruma Gupta asking Zakir Naik can a hindu girl marry a muslim man and offer pooja in his house can can her ...

There is acceptance on his part and tolerance for his wifes religionthen there is hope for himself eventually accepting islam.

My question is this: if i was to take my shahada and became a revert but my husband remains a practicing christian will it be legal in the eyes of islam, i have spoken to many muslims who say i will have to leave my husband but we have such a happy god filled marriage and a secured life our children are well structured and are respectful of islam so is my husband but he refuses to revert as he believes 100% in the father son and holy spirit doctrine.

So it was not very surprising when the darul uloom deoband proclaimed that, as kareena kapoor hadnt converted to islam prior to marriage, the saifeena marriage is illegal and anti-islam, and that since saif has married a hindu girl, he wouldnt be a believer in islam.

Christian girl is married in philippines and fall in love with muslim man and they want make their relationship legal.

If she will convert in muslim and can get married with muslim man in abroad.

, am i considered a muslim who was abandoned by his father and faith or am i a christian who thought he was a muslim.

Difference in religion due to the conversion of one of the couple to islam allows the annulment of the marriage but does not obligate it, as shown by the judgment of umar with the endorsement of the companions.

Special marriage act was designed for the purpose of supporting men and woman who want to get married in spite of belonging to different religions.

However, this time around, prior to their marriage, saif denied that kareena would convert, saying:i would never want her (kareena) to change her religion.

About the fact, that if we divorce because of my (possible) conversion to islam, there will be at least 30 people who will never even consider islam as a true religion after that.

According to the hanafi school, and adopted by both sibai and zuhayli amongst recent jurists, a woman does not need her father or other male guardians permission to marry.

, between 2009 and 2012, kerala saw a massive increase in the number of young hindu and christian girls who converted to islam.

Happens with new baby in family like this, when woman is converting to islam and man is still non muslim?

Grew to age 10 in malaysia as a muslim and then my mother moved herself and my siblings to the uk after her divorce and the ongoing emergency in malaysia at the time.

Can a muslim man marries a non muslim girl - Dr Zakir Naik For more videos please visit our website Can a muslim man marries a non muslim girl - Dr Zakir Naik.

Kerala hc s final verdict found no evidence of organized activity behind these conversions, although the trend continues: the chief minister of kerala confirmed last year that 2600 girls have converted to islam in the state of kerala alone since 2006.

However, according to other muslims, this is not the case and non-muslim children (& wife) can inherit from a muslim father.

It only applies when one spouse is at war with islam (harbi), not simply a non-muslim (kafir).

Ayah of al-mumtahinah allows a believer to marry a believing woman whose husband is at war with islam.

Difference of religion is not a definite cause of invalidity due to the absence of an unequivocal text and due to the existence of a difference of opinion about the matter.

Now my husband have a malay women and he want to married her and convert to muslim and divorce me.

At first i think over time he is willing to convert and become a muslim.