Can i activate a sprint phone to metro pcs

The software will ask you what your original carrier was, what you're flashing to, and your phone's make and model.

Most - but not all - phones, it is true that they are compatible with either gsm (t-mobile, att, metro pcs.

Need to unlock samsung galaxy s5 from metro pcs to used on at&t - forum.

As long as you know your phone's model number or name, you'll be good to go.

T-mobile has more to invest in building important new network infrastructure that metropcs could have on its own.

Here is a checklist of things to double-check about your new phone:It is a gsm phone: phones that work with the at&t and t-mobile networks should be suitable.

In order to request the transfer and initiate the activation process, please go to and select the radio button option "activate my phone with a number transferred from another company.

Your current phone will work with providers that use a cdma2000 ev-do network, which include verizon and sprint, plus any other provider that shares these networks (i.

Blackberry and branded tracfone, safelink, net10 or straight talk phones will not work with this program.

If a potential customer switches to metro and has a cdma device, they will need to purchase a new, gsm-capablephone.

Can i switch a sprint phone to metro pcs

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Youd prefer not to pay anything towards a new phone, your other option is to take your business to a different wireless service provider.

Can save you money because you eliminate the need to purchase a new phone once you switch over to your new carrier.

When users add more lines to metro pcs, their monthly plan price for each line will go down.

If you take the phone to an authorized dealer or service shop, it can be flashed without voiding the warranty.

Is compatible with the metropcs frequencies: primarily 1900mhz (3g) and 700mhz and 1700mz (4g lte).

The ubiquity of the gsm standard has been an advantage to both consumers (who benefit from the ability to roam and switch carriers without switching phones).

Phone must also have a clean esn (electronic serial number) -- that is, it must never have been reported lost or stolen.

When you're working with a cdma phone, whether it's flashed or not, you'll still be relying on cdma technology.

Service provider metropcs has shut down its older cdma network over the weekend, with 190,000 subscribers reportedly holding on until the final moments.

Bad news is that there is no way for you to continue using your phone on the metropcs network, but you can choose to take your phone, and your business, to a different provider still using the same cdma technology that your phone uses like.

Can i activate a sprint phone to metro pcs

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Metro pcs offers phones like the newest samsung galaxy models and the newest lg devices.

A sim (subscriber identity module) is an integrated circuit which securely stores the service-subscriber key (imsi) to identify a subscriber on mobile telephone device.

, if you enjoy being a metropcs customer and wish to stick with the telco, you do have the option to upgrade to a new phone and continue with the service.

Purchasing a new device through metro pcs can be expensive, sincepayment plans aren'tavailable for metropcsdevices.

It is asking you your unlock code, for verizon phones this is always six zeroes.

Link may not work based on limitations and configuration settings you may have on your iphone, please contact the manufacturer or point of purchase for further support regarding your phone.

If you are uncertain whether your phone is cdma or not, remove the battery and look for a removable subscriber identity module (sim) card under the battery.

This might seem like bad news in the short term, but it should be good for metropcs and its customers in the future.

If you want to use your old cell phone with a new carrier, you will need to know how to flash a phone.

If you're unsure whether your phone is up-to-date or not, it's fairly simple to get the latest online.

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Stay a metropcs customer, youre going to need a new phone that is compatible with the gsm technology that the new metropcs network runs on.

Metro, sprint, cricket, boost, verizon and many others are cdma and thus can be flashed because they're not controlled by the sim card.

Each phone's set up is a bit different, it's impossible to outline step-by-step guidelines here.

Budget carriers such as cricket or boost will typically allow flashing, while larger mainstream carriers like sprint or verizon will not.

System for mobile communications is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world.

You can either buy one on your own, or you can take advantage of the trade-in program metropcs is currently offering.

Process of unlocking a cdma phone is complex and requires the use of special pc software.

If you get into the program you're using to flash, you can "read" the phone, which will then give you all the information you need to continue with the process.

Some phones can be rooted, bootloader unlocked, and reflashed without a pc, but most phones require a pc for at least one of those three steps.

If you have a gsm phone, you are locked into using your phone with whatever carrier you originally signed up with.

I know the gs4 has a sim card slot, so would i be able to just unlock the phone, then go to metro pcs and just sign up for a plan with it, then they pop in their sim card into the phone?

: if i already havenet10 service, can i just purchase a new phone and put my current sim card in it to keep my existing # and plan?

Now, insert the sim card into the sim slot on your phone with the metal contacts facing down.

(since metro has merged with t-mobile they have introduced phones with sim cards so flashing may vary from phone to phone.

Metropcs sales reps can check this by matching the phones meid number with the meid numbers linked to your phone bill.

Youll just need to make sure that the new phone you choose is compatible with the metropcs network.

So yes you can bring an unlocked s4 to metro, if it's not from sprint/boost.

To keep in mind if you do plan to trade-in your cdma phone:Customers who bring a working phone into a metropcs store may be offered either , , 9 or 9 in store credit, depending on their current phone model and condition.

: your phone will be shipped with all oem conte dffff vcic contents including the phone, battery, battery door, home charger, oem box, user manual, sim card, a welcome letter with activation instructions and a microsd card and headset if the phone comes equipped with one from the oem.

: if your phone is gsm and accepts a sim card, you may try to borrow a friends sim card on another network and insert it into your current phone to see if it will make a phone call.

Port-in Activation MetroPCS

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