Can i activate a sprint phone to virgin mobile

Call 1-888-999-23211-888-999-2321 or visit a virgin mobile store to do it.

Gunsberg5 months ago from traverse city, michiganhi john, i hope that you've been able to set up your phone at this point.

10if your phone isn't automatically restarting, turn it back on and you should be all activated, all without any of the weird bonding between you and a poorly informed customer service rep.

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., an iphone directly from apple for full outright price), then it should already be unlocked.

If you've finished your contract, paid for your phone in full, or have used it for over one year on a prepaid service, then chances are you're eligible for unlocking.

Mobile sim card, micro sim, ipad sim card, tablet sim card, blackberry sim card, smartphone sim cards.

Also find ridiculous that if store bought get transferred to another department, as well as can't add phones to account to swap on the virgin mobile custom account.

I've been a virgin mobile customer for going on 15 years now (i think my service has gone up by (maybe) 5.

Can i activate a sprint phone to virgin mobile

How To Switch Phones (Virgin Mobile)

Hope this ends up being helpful for you!

You're heading to a virgin mobile store, we'll be able to take care of moving your number before you leave the store.

Virgin mobile is no exception, which is why i am going to gently walk you through the necessary steps to activate your new virgin mobile phone so that you can avoid that hundred-and-six-minute phone call with some guy half-way around the globe whose name is clearly not dan.

Hours ago will this work on any phone i buy, or does it have to be a virgin phone.

We've got travel packages and great roaming rates, so you won't get bill shock when you open your mobile bill.

We can't guarantee that a non-virgin mobile phone will work, 100%, you can check if your current phone is compatible with our network.

Extra careful when getting a new phone from an unauthorized retailer or a private seller.

You can bring both of 'em to virgin mobile - all you need is a virgin mobile sim card.

Startedfollow your phone's instructions for inserting the battery, charging it, and powering on the device.

Online shopping network who sells virgin mobile phones with service but how will it be to activate it?

Can i switch my sprint phone to virgin mobile

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Grab those from either the page or your email, where a confirmation should have been sent by virgin mobile containing these numbers.

-mobile devices are often locked to its network, but good news:our guide to unlocking a t-mo phone is available here.

In my experience i'm pretty sure that you could keep the same plan if you make sure to purchase a phone that is compatible with the plan you've been using :).

Sprint devices with simcard room may work with at&t and t-mobile's gsm networks, but only on 4g lte service.

Your phone between networks in the us can be a tricky business, but well worth it.

Is great news; you can remove the sim from your current phone and insert it into another compatible device, provided its either with the same carrier or youve unlocked it from its original network for use on another.

You have your own phone and want to get a new phone number with virgin mobile all you need is a virgin mobile sim card.

Is when a carrier places a block within the phone to restrict it from working on any network but its own.

Head to a virgin mobile store or order your new sim card online and we'll get you hooked up.

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Far as i know, this should work for any model, as long as the provider is virgin mobile.

Months ago as someone who frequently drops, cracks, drowns, or loses phones and having been a loyal vm customer for years, i can say i've used this method many times without fail.

You're looking for a brand new phone and want to keep your current number, we've got you covered.

T-mobile iphones, nexus devices, and the motorola motox pure edition should be compatible with sprint.

Name on your new virgin mobile account has to match the name on your old provider's account exactly for us to be able to bring your number over.

I've activated many many phones w/virgin and have never written down the instructions (duh!

You get your new virgin mobile phone online, give us a shout at 1-888-999-2321 once you've got your hands on it and we'll move your number.

Phone's serial number (the esn/sim/meid/imei number, depending on the type of phone you have).

Phone itself is not part of the authentication process; the sim card handles all of that.

Can I Use A Sprint Device On Boost Mobile???

This was recorded this morning, just forgot to release it.

Switching this up so that a phone can work with any sim card is called "unlocking".

When you set up your account at virgin mobile's website, they provided you with both a new phone number and an msid number.

Of the four biggest us carriers, at&t and t-mobile run on 'gsm' networks, while sprint and verizon wireless use 'cdma'.

In those 17 years) and will stay with them until i'm so old i forget how to use a phone.

Phones use a sim card for 2g (voice and text), 3g (voice, text and internet), and 4g (high speed internet and volte) operation.

In just a few easy steps, we'll help you set up your account and activate your device.

Your cell activated already or risk having to find a payphone like this sad, sad man.

Verizon phones - newer iphones, google nexus models, and some motorola handsets - will work with sprint.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your cell phone and save money by switching carriers.

Sprint Android on Virgin Mobile

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On to figure out if you can keep your phone and, in turn, save a bunch of cash with byophone plans.

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If you deactivate it first, then we won't be able to move your number over.

Get hooked up with virgin mobile and you can keep your mobile phone number, and we won't charge you to switch.

Gunsberg2 months ago from traverse city, michiganrick,i think you should be able to activate your new virgin mobile phone just as you would with any other virgin mobile phone.

Months ago i am thinking of buying a galaxy phone but want to but it from a t.

Any non-virgin mobile phone needs to be unlocked, and any phone that's already been reported as lost or stolen might be blacklisted.

Hook up your own phone on a month-to-month term with a virgin mobile sim card.

Few phones, like the 'cdma' variants of the iphone 6 and 6 plus, are designed to work over both cdma and gsm.

Setting up an iPhone on Virgin mobile

To set up your iphone with Virgin Mobile, you need to: - unbox - peel off packaging sticker for instructions or go to Virgin Mobile's ...

If you have a smart phone then you may need to access the menu to get into the "phone.

You want to open up your phone's onscreen keypad- is there a phone icon anywhere that's available to you?

Very well written and hope that others find the trick so much easier than getting on the phone/web!

Phones only work with one network, whereas other phones can be switched across all networks.

Sprint devices may workwith verizon: namely the iphone 5c and up, as well as nexus devices and themotox pure edition.

You can take your sprint device to a new carrier, you'll need to make sure it's network unlocked - find out how here.

A virgin mobile sim card you can talk and text in over 200 countries and save coin at the same time.

() -paygo planhomepaymentsredeem voucherservice & usagesettingsdevice & supportcommunitylogouthome > activate activate activate your device you've come to the right place to get your device up and running.

Mobile companies "lock" their phones so that they'll only work with sim cards hooked up to their company's network.

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