Can i hook up my pc to my imac monitor

Seems a bit backward making the generally more powerful imac be the dumb monitor for the less powerful macbook pro.

But it wont work with 2011 and newer imacs, because they require a thunderbolt connection, and continuum doesnt output thunderbolt to displays.

A pc monitor will enable you to buy whichever laptop, desktop or workstation you like.

Target display mode is certainly not as flexible as many users might like, especially after the thunderbolt transition, but its still a great feature that ensures that your imacs big beautiful display wont be entirely locked down to the components inside.

You can see, because thunderbolt outputs displayport video, you can use a new thunderbolt-equipped mac to connect to the display of an older imac via a mini displayport cable, but not the other way around.

Air mid 2011 -> thunderbolt-2-hdmi adapter -> hdmi cable -> hdmi-2-thunderbolt adapter -> imac mid 2011.

According to the wirecutter website: it has the best picture quality of any monitor we tested right out of the box.

Both screens flicker (the pc changes resolution like when you connect it to a beamer), while the imac turns black and then shows its own display again.

Can i hook up two monitors to my pc

How to use an iMac (2009, 2010) as a PC Monitor

You will need to have a Displayport (or Mini-displayport) capable PC in order to do this! It is the only way! Converter boxes may ...

Adapter you require depends on the mac you are using and the type of monitor you have.

Which cable you need to connect the mac and the monitor by following the guidance below.

I connect by hdmi-> mini diplay port cable to imac 2009, i can give 2k resolution, if on my pc, videcard support it?

Hear audio from a connected mac using the built-in speakers of your imac, select the imac from thesoundpane of system preferences.

Have tested connecting my 2011 mbp to my 2009 imac via mini displayport cable and successfully worked in tdm on imac.

Answer is no, all 2011 and newer imacs require a thunderbolt source to work with tdm.

.I love tdm, just wish they would port the imac keyboard and mouse back to the laptop when it is driving the imac display.

Each imac in target display mode should be connected directly to a mini displayport or thunderbolt port directly on the mac where you want to use it as a display.

Can i hook up my pc to my imac monitor

How to Use an iMac as a Monitor

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Have 2011 mid imac 27inch and macbookpro 2013 late retina im trying to connect with thunderbolt cable after connecting both together on my imac and macbook pro thunderbolt port shows inactive but when i connect macbook air 2012 with my imac,it immediately become active and also i can see macbook air display on imac .

The imac and the source computer or device will need to be booted up and awake.

You purchased the apple thunderbolt display, which was discontinued in 2016, then your monitor has a thunderbolt port, as seen above.

Alternatively, you can shut down the source device or disconnect the display cable; if the imac in tdm stops receiving an active video signal from a source device for any reason, it automatically switches the display back to default.

There is no converter or box, of which i am aware, that will let you use an hdmi, dvi, or displayport source via target display mode on a thunderbolt-equipped imac.

I connect my 2013 macbook pro retina to my 2011 imac, with a thunderbolt cable, press command f2, and nothing happens.

This, kanex xd allow for a 2013 imac to be used as a monitor for ps3?

Target display mode is only available on certain imac models, which means that only the imac can be used as the second display.

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Old crt (cathode ray tube) monitors were vga but there are flat displays that use vga - they just convert the vga connector's analog signal back to digital.

!@tanousjm:disqus if 2011 and newer imacs can only be used w/ a tb source and thus the kanex xd wont work, then what should we use if we want to use an hdmi source?

Your source mac wont be able to see or use the card readers, usb ports, isight cameras, or microphones of the host imac.

Thunderbolt-capable imacs the mid 2011 models and up target display mode will only work with other thunderbolt-capable devices.

For example, if your first mac is at the filevault login screen, pressing command-f2 on your imac does not enable target display mode.

In target display mode, you should be able to change the brightness of the imacs display or the volume of the speakers using the imacs keyboard.

As i had hoped to use the 27 imac display for photo work this is hugely disappointing.

While in target display mode, the host imac automatically ignores any scheduled sleep commands and keeps the system running as long as the sources video signal is flowing.

How to Use Surface Pro 2 with an iMac display (or any external display)

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Depending on its age and condition, you could probably sell your monitor privately or on ebay and make enough to buy a pc monitor thats as good or better.

We haven't tested any but we're certain performance won't be as good as a monitor attached directly.

Could buy an hdmi video capture card, but those are meant to record gameplay when your console is hooked up to a tv and have a slight lag, so it wouldnt be very good for playing games live.

I have connected the two computers using a thunderbolt cable between the thunderbolt port of the retina imac and the mini display port on the older imac.

Optionsyou can control the brightness of your imac display while it's in target display mode from a connected mac.

With the introduction of thunderbolt on the 2011 imacs, however, things suddenly became far more complicated.

Is one way of connecting a computer to a monitor, but its not very common.

Even though they use the same port, thunderbolt and mini displayport are separate technologies, and your imac wont work as a monitor for any hdmi device.

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Trying to boot camp my 2011 macbook and use my imac plus another monitor as displays while running windows 10.

Display modelets you use the built-in display on a supported imac as an external display for another mac.

Any running tasks or apps will continue without interruption, and you can even remotely log into the imac from another computer to use it while the display is busy.

It works with a 2013 macbook though and i checked specs of the imac, it should work according to the model.

Havent seen this model myself, but ive used dell monitors including an ultrasharp model for more than a decade, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

So if you need a display for your macbook in a pinch, or youre hoping to repurpose an old imac as a second monitor for your new mac, target display mode is the way to go.

If you are using an apple adapter try the following:Connected your monitor and mac and open system preferences > displays.

It doesnt look like the thunderbolt cable really fits well in the 2011 imac port, do i need to use a mini display port to thunderbolt connection?

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Things stand, theres not much incentive for windows pc manufacturers to worry about supporting an 899 apple monitor.

Devices to your maca mac that's connected to an imac in target display mode can't use the imac computer's built-in camera, its usb, thunderbolt, or firewire ports, or devices connected to those ports.

You shouldn't be able to attach a monitor to a usb port, but a few companies have treated this as a technical challenge.

Use your imac as a display in target display mode, connect it to another mac using the correct cable (see system requirements below).

Question is, will the tdm work on my imac if i connect using a mini displayport to hdmi cable, which would plug into the hdmi port on a thunderbolt hub.

Trying to decide whether to boot camp the imac and have to switch back and forth between os or just boot camp the macbook and use imac as secondary display.

Note that even though the imacs display is now in use by the source device, the imac itself will continue to hum along in the background.

However, i would like my macbook air to be the additional monitor not my imac.

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