Can you hook up computer speakers to a projector

These specially-designed speakers are built to handle all types of weather, sun, cold and heat, so you can get music outside whenever you want.

Do i connect my laptop that only has hdmi port to an epson projector and get sound?

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Can you hook up computer speakers to a projector

How to plug speakers in when using a projector and computer

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Soundbars are designed to be an upgrade for your tvs speakers and an all-in-one alternative for a typical receiver and speaker setup.

I wanted (like the original poster, i think) to send hdmi out from a computer to a home theater system with a passthrough to my projector.

A richer, more lifelike sound is possible with the larger speakers of a truly great surround system.

Can you hook up speakers to a projector

How to Connect to an Epson Projector

See how easy it is to connect an Epson projector to any laptop for presentations that are sure to impress.

You can use any of these speakers, youll need a good receiver to power them.

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As soon as i switch to view via the projector the sound switches from the surround to the projector?

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It wont blow you away with clarity and depth, but it will sound much better than your tvs built-in speakers.

Am trying to connect my fujitsu laptop to an epson projector via hdmi and also the laptop to a samsung home theatre system.

Am trying to watch mp3 movies on a screen via inspirion laptop connecting it to my epson projector to project image on screen via hdmi cable.

How to set up sound using a projector, computer and speaker (Amp)

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Thats because the speakers themselves are connected to the internet and are doing the actual streaming (whereas with bluetooth or airplay, the speakers get the media directly from your device).

If your hdmi cable is pluged in then you will have the option to select ether the hdmi or the computers original speakers.

In this range (and mentioned as alternatives in the article) are projectors with even better picture quality (but arent as bright, so cant go as big), and others that are brighter, but a lot louder with worse contrast ratio.

Speaker Projector Setup

This video is about Speakers.

So switching default audio to the built-in speakers will do exactly the opposite of what i want in this case.

This projector is for anyone who finds regular tvs too small but doesnt want to spend too much money to get a massive image.

Speakers are for anyone who wants better sound than whats possible with a budget soundbar or a wireless all-in-one speaker without a full 5.

Said:tomboy64 said:all you got to do is: hdmi from laptop to hdmi in on your receiver(mine samsung hc-7000)then hdmi out from receiver to hdmi in to projector.

Audio coming out of the surround sound when connecting hdmi cable from laptop to projector.

That said, clever engineering can actually make them sound quite good if youre not directly comparing them to larger speakers.

How to connect a laptop to a projector

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