Can you hook up iphone to car stereo

Port on the front, you may be able to access the rear of the car stereo and find a pair of rcajacks there.

Three: new stereo (+)one final option, if youre feeling particularly adventurous, would be to just replace your existing stereo.

Best way to hook up iphone to car stereo

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Without spending a fortune, is there a way i can connect my phone to the stereo so i can listen to music?

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Can you hook up iphone to car stereo

Your iphone finds the item you are trying to pair with, try entering a series of numbers say 1234 on the item and then on the iphone.

Your current car stereo to see if theres a little hole on the front of it that looks like a headphone jack, as plenty of stereos from the mid-90s and onward sport this feature.

Hook up iphone to car stereo without aux

There are no bluetooth or wired connections available to your cars stereo, youll have to get creative.

Check your stereo manual for more info, and by check your stereo manual, i mean to google it, of course.

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Just got an iphone 6 plus and it will not hook up to my 2013 nissan pathfinder.

Youve got such a jack, then pick up an auxiliary cable, plug one end into the jack on your stereo and the other end into the headphone jack on your phone.

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Iphone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it.

.com/fm-transmitter-for-iphone-6/ Do you have an older car that DOES NOT have those fancy BLUETOOTH connection with hands free .

Iphone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it thanks taghi mtm.

And higher-end stereos include bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to connect your iphone 6to your car stereo.