Can you hook up speakers backwards

Is why the final cable you hook up should always be a ground cable, and it should be hooked to ground, rather than the battery.

Just moved to this home and unfortunately i dont have more info about the home theater system, the only thing the previous owner left behind were the sounds speakers but the most important, the module its not here and he doesnt know.

Can also "group" speakers that have different labels so that they play in synch, or "stereo pair" two play speakers of the same type.

The reason this is related is because the load the amplifier has to deal with when driving a pair of speakers, changes with frequency.

The setup seems backwards to me as you have select the room first then select tv room, living room, hallway, etc.

Can you hook up speakers backwards

This results in an "airy" treble that causes the sound stage to sound larger (yet less defined) between the speakers.

I was going to use solid 12 gauge household electrical wire for the speakers, coaxial cable from directtv satellite to the receiver, then hdmi to all the tvs.

Is why its so important to know how to hook up jumper cables and to never, ever let anyone, no matter how well meaning, hook them up wrong.

Seen lots of errors in my time as more and more of friends, family and clients start hooking up a home theater system.

Youre lucky, it might just be a fuse, and if youre not, then this will just have to serve as a lesson as to how important it is to hook up jumper cables and battery chargers correctly.

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Whatever your method, get those speakers wired and start enjoying your full surround system, as soon as you can.

The cables were hooked up backwards at any point, and your radio stopped working as a result, then the radio may well be fried.

Wrote:i want too add speakers to the outside of my house but i don't want them playing when the tv system is on in the inside of the house.

Your other speakers can connect with another one, or be powered by an amp with an attached connect.

Since for some reason my upstairs tvs are not in sinc with each other, i was planning on using only 1 receiver for my basement, switchable to use all sound system speakers or only 1, depending on if its a superbowl party or just a 1 tv family movie night.

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I currently have a playbar, sub and two play 1 speakers setup as a surround home cinema set.

If you hook directly to a battery, and any hydrogen gas has leaked from the battery, the resulting spark could ignite the gas and cause an explosion.

Are my top ten mistakes when hooking up a home theater system - from simple issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure.

Affecting a pair of bass speakers in close proximity, cancellation occurs when the frequency of one speaker that is in-phase destructively competes with that same frequency of the opposite polarity -- produced by a nearby speaker.

Basically, i want to use the speakers and not the receiver/dvd/cd player as the cd tray will not open.

How to hook up car speakers in your room!

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Dont have to buy expensive cables to run wire for those surround sound speakers, but you had better not think that some left over 24 gauge cable is sufficient to make that 50 foot run from your av receiver to your surround speakers.

Most av receivers and speakers are perfectly upgradable, provided you stay away from bose systems or anything that has proprietary connections through the subwoofer rather than using a standard av receiver with speaker level outputs and connectors.

If these are ceiling or wall mounted speakers you're probably best having them hooked up to a connect:amp.

System only to let the surround speakers or center channel speaker languish unused because they didnt have time to install them?

Boost - playbar with surround sound play 1's (living room) - stereo pair play 1's (dining room) - stereo pair play 1's (kitchen) - connect:amp with two canton 845 ceiling speakers (bathroom) - amazon echo - amazon dot.

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My dad gave me large speakers that i thought i could hook up to my tv rca audio out with a modified speaker wire to rca.

Single line speakers are easy, center speakers can be trickier when they use two pairs of speaker wires.

In no particular order, here are my top ten mistakes when hooking up ahome theater system:10.

A lot of times making sure you properly install your surround sound speakers is another big step towards being upgrade-ready.

Nowadays, laptops, smartphones and tablets use this wireless technology to connect to a vast range of devices -- from speakers, keyboards and headsets to in-car entertainment systems, smart-home devices and personal fitness gadgets.

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It may mean wiring for surround back speakers during construction of a home even when you dont plan to purchase or use them right away.

.think you should avoid the rooms, they are just names that you use to identify where that set of speakers is in your home.

You can change the name of any of the speakers under manage > room settings to a preexisting name, or a custom name.

Just one speaker is wired backwards, however (positive lead to negative terminal, etc) then your system has become subtractive.

People buy the most expensive cables at the last second because they didnt include them at the time they ordered their speakers.

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