Clash of clan war matchmaking algorithm

If supercell stated that longer matchmaking might be normal in the future, you should cancel and restart the matchmaking after 1 hour, until supercell provides us a fix.

Wars in clash of clans3coc opt out - to war or not to war6how to participate in clan war instead of being a spectator2in a clan war how is the recomended target determined?

However, attack strength is always taken into account, and cw matchmaking does all it can to make sure the books are balanced overall from top to bottom of a war map, both in terms of attack and defense strength.

The gold storages + town hall method has nothing to do with the clan war matchmaking algorithm!

With over 300 wins and an 86% winning percentage, not to mention the almost identical results with our sister clan and alliance clans, i assure you it works.

Clash of clan war matchmaking algorithm

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Been proven time and time again that offensive weight has no bearing on matchmaking and is probably only used to establish what your target shold be.

Help fixing clan-1how do i not be a war spectator, but be able to battle in clan wars?

On the clan sheet, the base strength reduction qualifier was incorporated in, which is a qualifier used during the matchmaking process so that the heavier-weighted bases are counted at full weight, while the lighter bases are counted at a lower percentage.

Here the War Weight calculation and which upgrade will help you most in Clan War in Clash of ClansNo featured entries match the criteria.

I purchased it and really regret it now as my war weight jumped so much, my base is a liability to the clan as i cant possibly match the guys i am matched up against.

Clash of clans clan war matchmaking algorithm

Clash of clans - Clan Wars Matchmaking ( How it works )


As mentioned in the previous dev q&a, there is a huge amount of code behind the cw matchmaking that specifically looks for lopsided bases and is designed to mitigate any unfair advantage they might have.

To find your base war weight & how war win bonus is calculated | mister clash | clash of clans.

This is not recommended as this doesnt make your base better than anyone else, just heavier; thus, resulting in a harder opponent during clan wars.

Cannot speak as to why supercell has chosen to set their values, weights, or algorithms they have.

This means the lower your clan war weight, the easier your war opponents will be.


Checkout this forum post for a more in-depth delve into the facts behind matchmaking ...

The reality, however, looks less optimisticas many clans have reported the matchmaking either taking hours and/or bringing up weird mismatches.

As far as i know the only clan to successfully crack the matchmaking algorithm is #6aymartians.

Mirror does not depend on only you, it is the overall war strength that finds another clan.

! please note that these numbers are extracted from the game files, but they are also getting calculated in the war matchmaking algorithm (not known by us how), so these numbers only give you an idea how the different things weigh.

Presume this will also lower your chances of getting an easy game against a clan much weaker than you?


Clan War Matchmaking in Clash of Clans has been updated to promote balanced bases and stop Engineering and .5 and other ...

Am a max th9 with a small casual clan and 2 th 10s that show for war but are not on much.

However i have a problem with it im a co-leader in my clan and have started using it to work out why certain chiefs are placed in certain places on the war map and i was hoping this calculator would help me understand.

What ive read and heard, the longer the matchmaking takes, the higher the possibility that you will see an unfair matchup, to your benefit or not.

A war search is started, can anyone do anything to determine who the matching clan will be?

You mirror could easily be higher or lower than you in strength dependent on his relative position in the opponent clan.

BEST UPGRADE Strategy for WAR Optimization in Clash of Clans | .5 Debunked

Checkout this forum post for a more in-depth delve into the facts behind matchmaking ...

Note that the calculator mentioned above has just been revised based on the recent clash of clans update.

Thing that bothers me: i fully understand you are saying that the gold storage algorithm does not define the war weight and that the offensive strength should be part of this calculation too.

As such the gold storage (or elixer storage) values have absolutely no bearing on clan war matchmaking.

Instead, we try to improve our matchmaking algorithms to reduce unfair advantages from things like lopsided bases, and we will continue to do so regularly!

Would like to also thank you timmy for bringing all clashers the best possible information on clash of clans on the entire web.

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Considering weight values for mines, storages, etc if they are not considered in the war weight calculation (matchmaking)?

Our clan just started using it and i think it is going to advance us into places we have never been.

With the march update, weve also seen a new matchmaking algorithm that is supposed to fix the issues of mismatches and bring back more excitementto clan wars.

War search, supercell adds up the base weight of everyone in your clan who is participating in the war.

Is simply the number value assigned by supercell to all troops, spells, heroes, traps, walls, and defenses in clash of clans.

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