Dating a friend of your ex husband

The vast majority of situations, dating a friends ex spells trouble, especially (and almost always) if she was in deep with the guy.

Youre into it, hes into it, theres some serious chemistry, and you might have stumbled upon something really special.

Realistically speaking, its no shocker that best friends who share tastes in things like chilean sauvignon blanc and velvet vintage bags would also be attracted to the same guy.

They likely have things in common and, even after the breakup, still share many of the same friends, and were all looking for love, right?

The breakup was amicable and now shes happily married to another guy with three kids, a good friend would want the same happiness for youeven if its with someone she used to sleep with.

If your friend isnt over it and is still actively requiring your support, its not very ethical to go in," says dr.

, the most important thing to consider when determining if youre going to be friends with an ex is not the scientific circumstances that will lead to the likelihood of afriendship forming.

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The sake of those in your social circle, being friendlywith your ex at a party or at a mutual gathering is probablybetter than, say, picking a fight about a picture of someone he or sheliked on facebook.

Dating a friend of your ex

Can a Friend Date Your Ex?

Is dating your friend's ex ever acceptable? Is it a heck no, or are their exceptions to the rule? The hosts share their thoughts in this ...

When you and your friend are both in the "off-limits" camp, it's great -- it simply doesn't happen, because you both agree it's not a good move.

Your closest friends will know every dirty deed, bad situation or heartbreak he may have caused.

This study, researchers found those who were the most committed to each other during a romantic relationship were more likely to be friends after the relationship ended.

I would be happy if they found new happiness, but it would be too odd if it were with a close friend of mine.

Audrey irvine, cnn audrey irvine says under certain circumstances it may be ok for a girlfriend to date her ex-boyfriend.

Say a friend of mine breaks up with so-and-so, and we run into her at a party.

Of the actual rules of feminism (which don't really exist, just fyi), pursuing your bffs former lover is considered one of the coldest things one woman can do to anotherright up there with sleeping with a married man or refusing to share your extra tampon in the ladies room.

Butif youre wondering how to go about dating your friends ex, and you think the pursuit might really have potential, dont worry, you are not a terrible person.

Could never speak to your ex ever again, denying he or she exists and breathesthe same air fromthe same earth as you.

Dating a friend of your ex boyfriend

The romantic relationship is strong enough to handle the repercussions, its not wrong to pick your future husband over your college roommate.

This distinction is the most important factor in deciding if dating your friends ex is worth it.

Ifyour relationship ended on a positive note,and if you had a strong support system of friends and family to help you get through the breakup, youweremore likely to keep up a friendship with your ex after the relationship ended.

That would mean i might run into one of them occasionally and see him look at my friend the same way he once looked at me.

The second factor, which may seem contradictory, is that it depends on how much you invested in and loved the ex-boyfriend.

What won't be excused is dishonesty -- for example, making your friend believe it's "nothing serious" when it really is, or lying about where you really were on friday night when you bailed on that group dinner.

If your pal grabbed drinks with a dude three times before things fizzled, he doesnt qualify as an ex.

Take it from a guy who has been in this tight spot a time or twothere are three things you must do before moving forward with your friends ex.

Sure, it might make for good cinema, but at what point are you willing to end friendships, complicate entire friend groups, and potentially divide families?

Dating a friend of your ex husband

Why You Never Date your Friend's Ex

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Of thisis not to say its impossible to have a real friendship with your ex.

Guys and gals get to know their friends significant others in nonthreatening, no-pressure contexts and learn to appreciate what their friend liked about them.

The obvious fact that you are no longer dating, there are lots of waysyour relationship with your exchanges after a breakup.

If youre a fan of hbosgirls,were in the throes of watching hannah digest the fact that her bff jessa is dating her ex adam.

And if you want to spend time with someone who has been spaced by a friend, that will very likely mean that you will then be spaced from your friend, too.

If youresticking around for the benefits of your exs wonderful companionship and attention while yourexhopes to relight the fire one day?

While we strongly suggest realizing there are many, many other fish in the sea, if you absolutely see nothing wrong with this and/or cannot bear to refrain from dating this person, here are a few tips to make sure you keep your friend:Talk to your friend: ideally, you know that at best this situation is uncomfortable, and it's your job to talk to your friend.

If you get caught in a confrontation, just smile, have a pre-planned friendly sentence or two to recite, keep it short and sweet, and move on.

Even if you're no longer with the person who you once thought to be the love of your life, how could you stomach that person being with your friend?

When Is It Ok To Date Friend's Ex @Hodgetwins


" this is the status i was greeted with this week on the facebook page of one of my dear girlfriends.

Like to say its mature to maintain friendships with exes, but blocking an ex on social media or cutting them out of your lifeisnt immature.

We end up having a great conversation, and try as we may, sometimes no amount of telling ourselves, pull yourself together, man!

In this study found regardless of if you did the dumpingor if you were the one who was dumped, if you were friendswith your ex before yourrelationship, youwere more likelyto remain friends after the relationship ended.

This,curious scientists have attempted to uncover therelationship qualities that indicate the highest likelihood ofremaining friends with an ex after a breakup.

Friendshipmight involve somewhatfrequent communication, watchingnetflix or going out together and bitching about your job or your latest fight with your mother.

Were often authentic around our friends' boyfriends because we see them as off limits and were not trying to impress them.

If the woman is a close friend, the likelihood of this becoming an issue is slim.

World is divided into two groups of people: those who think it's ok to date a friend's ex and those who believe it's completely off-limits.

Dating My Friends Ex

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But there are two ex-boyfriends who hold a special place in my heart because even though i know it could never work between us, i recognize the impact we each had in each other's lives.

(*a note here: of course, there are varying degrees of gravity -- a former fling may be less of a big deal than a serious relationship, and if we're talking about a recent ex-husband or ex-wife and your friend, well, then, we'll go out on a limb and say that perhaps you should reconsider your friendship unless there is an extremely unique circumstance.

You could actually become friends, turningall of those sour feelings into positive learning experiences and then into an actual, real, true friendship.

While many would say the ideal solution is to avoid run-ins completely, in many cases it's just not possible, especially when there are overlapping friends, locations, and events.

And if so, tread carefully when spending time with someone who has a history with a friend, especially if you dont really see a future with the guy.

Hope we can all agree that our friendships are more important to us than a few exciting dates with the next best thing.

The existence of a friendship before the onset of romantic involvementwas a factor that determined if you stayed friendsafter a breakup.

So even if your friend is ok with you dating her ex, you are likely going to see a lot less of your friend.

If one of your biggest goals in life is to find someone to marry, i certainly wouldnt dismiss something like that without some serious consideration.

Why Does Your Ex Still Want to Be Friends

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Keeping your thoughts limited to this tightly knit circle will also prevent you from blabbering your opinion about the new couple to everyone.

"my friend had a one night stand with my ex a few years after we broke up and i was fine with it, because im in the camp that whats past is past.

How possible is it to genuinely befriend someone with whom you once shared a great romance?

Its risky, but you can proceed with caution if you find any of the following statements to be true:Youve gotten your buds blessing.

Your new partner (your friend's ex) should as well, but remember that they have broken up, while you and your friend are still "together.

Dating a friends ex always the backstabbing and thoughtless move we make it out to be?

"i dated a friends ex once and it was the worst thing ive ever done for this reason: we kept it a secret and we shouldnt have.

World is divided into two groups of people: those who think it's OK to date a friend's ex and those who believe it's completely off-limits.

Participants whose relationships ended duringthe yearwere then asked how positively or negatively they felt about their exes, how frequently they communicated with their exes andthetype of relationship they had with their exes, such as if they had no contact at all, if they were friends or if they were best friends.

Being Friends With Your Ex: Expectations Vs. Reality

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