Dating a girl with the same name as your mother

(i know someone with a college-age daughter named linda who did this so far the results have been mostly positive.

Was always wondering if there are fads for my zoya as it seems to be category 3, but i know hardly anyone with the same name.

Bridget, i just found out my fiance of 9yrs & father of my 3 kids agedr7, 4 & 6mos special needs baby, has been talking to a girl from ghana!

Ultimately we changed that name for another and my kids ended up having a multi-category name: being in category 1 for spanish/italian people and category 3 for australia.

I remember asking my mom how she came up with my name and she said my dad did because it was the name of a hurricane at the time!

Had your same thought at first about the presidents names, because they do slowly get more popular, but they definitely peak during the time in office.

See it as a personal positive that popular names now have more international, less anglo tendencies (the fact that america is less of a monoculture than 50 years ago might account for the relative drop in popularity of the most popular names).

But definitely can see the fad-iness of my name now and always knew that to be the case since there were 5 of us jennifers in my classes all through my school years!

So while i imagine some people have heard flack after announcing a name before a child is born, otherwise why would the stigma exist, it was never my experience.

Dating a girl with the same name as your mother

This was rivetingnames are so interesting but ive never seen them broken down so visually before.

We had no idea it would start trending and one of his coworkers actually named their son declan a few months before ours was born.

One guy friend said he intentionally steers clear of people with the same names as his exes.

Eachof the following names has had the other gender in the top 1,000 during some stretch ofthe past (click on a name to see its history with the opposite gender).

, the same thing happen to me, a person had stolen the name and bio of ltg fredrick b h luckily, he did not get any money from me and when i challenged him, he blocked me.

Is part of a broader trend away from conformity: in 1880, the top 4 boys names (john, william, james, george) covered one in everyfourboys.

The top 10 boys names in the 1880s share six members with the top 10 boys names in the 1950s: john, william, james, robert, charles, and thomas.

Fascinating trends on names i guess some people still tried to make adolph work but received a lot of negative remarks and stares so it phased out i would like to think this occurrence was exclusive to germany.

I have a fad name, and the thought of being an old person name some day saddens me.

Dating a guy with the same name as your dad

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I believe 17 if them had a name ending in the uh sound (jaleigha, zynasia, jeremiah, josiah, katarina, etc.

The article is behind a paywall and a little on the technical side, but definitely interesting for thinking about differences in fad-ish names and those that gradually increase in popularity:I also am in the position of having a name (noah) that was not particularly popular when i was born (1980), but is now #4.

If i meet a young person named patricia, which is pretty rare, shes almost always named after a relative.

I discovered at one point that i had never known anyone under the age of 30 named gary, which seemed weird because it doesnt sound like a walter or howard.

And again, if the kids awesome, a weird name just makes them even more awesome.

For you to be here, your mom and dad needed to get together - how likely was that then?

Why would someone name their kid sarah only to inflict a lifetime of having to spell out s-c-a-i-r-a-g-h?

10 years ago, within a 6 month period, i had 3 friends cleverly decide to go with the little-known name of ainsley.

: theyll have to spell out their name on phone calls 2 trillion times throughout their life; theyll have to watch people figuring out how to react every time they introduce themselves; theyll get made fun of at school; it might hurt their chances of getting job interviews; if the kid isnt awesome, the whole thing is awkward; if you were just in a phase and made a compulsive decision, thats shitty cause the kid has to live with it forever.

Dating a girl with the same name as you

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If you had some good estimate of p(same year), you can calculate the overall probability reasonably well.

I wonder how many adolfs changed their names, and if those name changes are reflected in these results?

Not normal nicknames like liz for elizabeth, or rob for robert, but calling them by their middle name, for example.

Now, many of the most popular baby names are popular with both genders, as if each gender cant handle the other one innovating without being included.

I wonder if its because their family size tended to be 3-6 kids so they had name choice 1 and 2, but also 3 and 4 actually getting assigned to people.

They have a program where if you are named isabella, you can visit the museum for free, anytime, indefinitely.

I also have a gender-neutral name, and i have to say, its actually been incredibly useful.

New phenomenon in my life has introduced several new experiencesthings like having your feelings hurt and losing self-confidence because your friends toddler doesnt like you and learning that talking about the baby as a toy or a pod and commenting on it not having a brain yet is less funny to the babys parents than it is to you.

Convention of naming after grandparents we have in my culture doesnt help, it just saddles babies with what are now obscure, hard-to-pronounce names of dead relatives.

How My Parents React to Someone I'm Dating

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So she got to have a young lady name, and i got the old lady name.

The opposite (james and june) continues to cause problems because there are so many in the same town that ive hit a brick wall.

Im not saying that they cant get the role, but someone reading a notice of an application with such a name does not get feeling of a strong leader.

Nice enough names in their way, but very much a thing of their time and place so much so that even with my penchant for older names or names that reflect my ethnicity i probably wouldnt consider them for my children.

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It might be that couples formed 50+ years ago have a very different age-difference distribution from couples formed now, and so your coincidence is becoming more common over time and your chances are better than your grandparents's chances were.

Like to add a #5 option: use a name that suffered the fate of #4 from a previous generation, but is not common anymore.

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Leave you today with this puzzle:If you liked this post,youll probably like these other wait but why posts:How to pick your life partner.

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We didnt want our children to be saddled with names that were difficult for an english speaker to pronounce or that didnt reflect the culture that theyll grow up in, but wasp names like william and elizabeth felt wrong, misappropriated.

People still name their kids joseph, in spite of stalin (although id be curious to check the stats for that in eastern europe), because there are tons of other josephs we can think of.

Parents almost named my brother declan 17 years ago, but decided that it was probably not the best choice because kids are cruel and they couldnt help but think of the nickname deke the geek.

) not sure who made utah the name prophecy state, but thats what it apparently is.

But p(same day) should be roughly independent of whether you were born in the same year.

As you say, it is a challenging thing to have a weird nameis that your real name?

. two people having their birthday on the same day as explained by the other posters is 1/365 * 1/30 to be conservative here with the age ranges.

I rarely encountered namesakes and appreciated having a conventional but unusual name until sometime after 1980.

Interesting trending trend in some countries over the last 10-15 years is that names with local characters are disappearing since they dont work in online communication (especially in email addresses).

Totally thought we were a category 3 with our name choices and just typed them into voyager and low and behold we are right at the beginning of a huge spike in popularity.

Have a theory for the adolph thing: hitlers name was spelled adolf, not adolph, so perhaps some still thought it acceptable to give their child that name since it wasnt the *exact* same as hitler.

It turns out that sometimes youre not the only one who loves that fresh, oh-so-pretty name, and a name fad happens when millions of category 3 couples all start to say wait i like that when they hear about someone else making a great category 3 choice (it can also be started by a famous persone.

And my grandfathers given middle name at birth was friedrich, but he wrote it frederick by the time he was in his 20s.

The birthday paradox to more than 2 people4statistical equivalence in the birthday paradox4birthday paradox with a different perspective2birthday paradox, two generations, different continents3two women, same due date, giving birth on same day?

The name adolf in the baby name wizard, i was not surprised it kind of plummeted around 1940s xd.

The chance of a randomly-selected person being the one who delivers your post is tiny, but so what if it is?

Few decades after that, jennifer can look forward to having an old lady name, which happens when a name belongs to lots of old ladies, but no one under 75.

The closest thing was the question of my sons middle name being frank, but i felt the same way.

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