Dating a guy that blows hot and cold

Girl has been doing that to me for a long time now, and while she said she couldnt date me anymore since im such a valuable friend, she has been texting me like crazy and petting me once i went cold to get my distance.

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A few of her friends may know both of you are close, or are on the verge of dating, but none of her friends have any idea that somethings even going on between the both of you.

Even possible that the guy before me treated her that way because she did the same stuff to him.

For posting this but i doubt that the solution you gave will work i mean fight and say something to hurt her ego?

But my body has an inclination towards her because i know that she is the only girl ive had this kind of bonding with.

Bothers me the most , is that i experienced all of the above mentioned 7 years ago and breaking with her tore me apart.

Dating a guy that blows hot and cold

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Came to find out later that i made her feel very special, because no one had ever loved her like i did.

Of course, it feels really nice to hear from her and hear the sweet and sexy things she says, but you do know deep inside that all this is going nowhere.

I cannot be with him, hes married, and even though he flirts with me as well, i know its just a pasttime thing, that hed never risk his ongoing relationship to be with me.

When she eventually told me, she claimed that she was leaving him very soon- for the way he treated her with a cold shoulder.

Every time you tell her that you love her or want to date her exclusively, shed just smile or change the subject.

She may tell you that she loves you and needs you, and yet, she doesnt behave like your girlfriend.

And if you do see these traits in a girl whos blowing hot and cold with you, get away as fast as you can, however you can!

Guy i'm dating blows hot and cold

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I made up my mind that it wont cross the friendship sign unless hes single.

So after the movie, i was like you know i didnt ask your friend to tell you i liked u but yeah thats about the size of it.

After i told what happened to two of my close girls friends they both told me that she led me on and probably liked me but was unsure of what to do.

Well, the next week, a mutual friend told her that i had feelings for her, so i figured i might as well tell her myself because she already knows.

As much all guys would love to bitch about girls or grumble about how fickle a few girls are, there is still a pretty big chance that the girl you like isnt leading you on at all!

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Well, from that point in her room it was a little awkward and i soon left.

What To Do When A Guy Is Playing Hot And Cold?

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If do you confront her, or give her an ultimatum to date you or stop talking to you, she may break down or tell you that she really likes you, but she just needs more time to sort the confusions in her mind.

She started off by hiding the fact that they where dating from the crowds we all socialize with for two months.

At the other hand- i absolutely despise secrets and behavior that causes secrets to accumulate.

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We went out to a movie perhaps two weeks later, at one point i asked her if she reciprocated my feelings, she told me that she had actually gotten back with her old boyfriend from her junior year and that she and i were just friends, i was taken aback but who wouldnt?

Truth is that i am pretty sure that she will keep me a secret from him in order to keep being in a relationship with him too- however lacking that relationship is.

He's So Hot and Cold. You Don't Know What to Think.

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A couple of days she then told me she had been dating a semi-friend of mine for a while (while flirting with me), and that on a dinner date with wine that i had arranged for us (after she insisted on it).

We became very very close, and she knew i loved her but she blew hot and cold continually.

Thing not posted as an answer is that she is just looking for a friend with benefits.

Weve never made out and nothing like that, but there is some ongoing weird flirt thing that im afraid will lead to nowhere for a whole lot of reasons.

Hope he figures out that she really is just looking for an early retirement plan.

Just so hard when i get to see him, i try to think were just friends and profession colleagues, but theres something strong that stirs up in me.

After a year i was done, and had to tell myself she was the devil woman that sir cliff richard sung about.

Mixed Messages / Hot-and-Cold Relationships

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She keeps tellin me we are fine and sometimes thats she loves me but not like she did before.

, you blew it, you had your chance and you watch that ship sailsorry to be so blunt.

A fight and say something thatll hurt her ego, which would bring out her inner monster and make her hate you.

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But thats probably because she leads on most guys she dates and doesnt like calling them her ex boyfriends.

Was this girl that i had a really big crush on all throughout her senior year and i was a junior.

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Most important reason for dating more than one man until you are exclusive is that it gives you the opportunity to find the.

. or just because my schedule was so busy that i needed to know how to plan my week.

She tells you she needs you, and that shes very close to you, and she doesnt know what shed do without you in her life.

If you know shes dated a particular guy before and she claims she never dated that guy, but they were just friends, shes definitely leading you on too!

They say to marry your bestest of best friends and she is all that we use to be so close and we kno everything about each other but in the last week it seems that we are not that close anymore.

One of these that i fell to hard to fast for and all she was doing was playing me.

If you start falling for a friend, you may assume she likes you back too because in your mind, thats what youre secretly hoping for.

Why Are Guys So Hot & Cold?

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