Dating a guy with lots of female friends

Men typically feel threatened when they're dating a woman with a slew of men friends, but there might not be anything to worry about at all.

Ive been friends with women where i did not even realize how heavily physical i was with her in public until people started talking.

If you want to nip it in the bud at the beginning of your relationship, ask her about her male friends: how they became friends, whether they're in her group of friends or not, or how long they've been friends.

, if i have reason to believe that the man i am with can be tempted onto the slippery slope, then i may to question (respectfully) his decision to have dinner alone with his ex who still wants him every friday, or go on a weeklong ski vacation with his friend and his friends irresistible sister.

Dating a girl with lots of guy friends

Can My BF Be Friends With Women?

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If that's the case, then you need to know what you're getting yourself into and not act surprised when she mentions all her guy friends.

I have found my basic instincts about a person, be it male or female, turn out in the long run to be correct.

Ive been this guy and its an awful feeling having an otherwise delightful partnership being dissected to death because of your girlfriends insecurity.

A female friend can be there for her and listen to her weep, but chances are she doesn't have the male point of view that only a male friend can offer.

Dating a guy with lots of female friends

Should I date a guy with female friends

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She was a tomboy growing up; her female friends turned on her; she's more interested in sports than hair and makeup; she was raised in a family consisting of more boys than girls.

First explanation for the total lack of chromosomal variety in his friendship group might be that your boyf is not being entirely truthful with you.

My problem is, it doesnt feel like they are just friends, given that after their dinner together he wanted to see her again alone, and seeing the pictures she sent him that showed a lot of heavy flirting.

These friendships tend to remain platonic as a result of one or the other not wanting to risk the valued friendship over a potentially messy hook-up gone bad, or also, because the role they play in on anothers lives is a true friend and confidant, and as such, is an immensely important part of their livestoo valuable to toss away on the odd chance of shaking up some heretofore unawakend romantic longings.

Dating a guy with alot of female friends

Can Men Have Female Friends?

The Real” husbands are in the house, and we're on a mission to answer one tricky question: can men have female friends?

Ex boyfriend claimed not to have any female friends for months when we started dating and i couldnt understand it.

, 27 from london told me that her ex-boyfriend kept his female friends on the down low, pretending that he only had male friends.

He spent a lot of time with me and invited me to practically everything he did, including dinner with a female friend of his (who lives across the country and was visiting).

So when a guy she went on a few dates with doesn't call her after she finally sleeps with him, a male friend can tell her to move on if he doesn't call after night number 5, while a female will go on a rant about how all men are jerks, or worse; advise her to call him.

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When you see a man who has successful female friendships, what youre seeing is a man who has learned how those women communicate.

Although the majority of the world's population is female, women still find good reason to befriend males, and it goes beyond having different genitalia.

I am considering breaking up with him because 1) that night after dinner she asked him to have sex with her and he still thinks its okay to be friends; 2) he flirted heavily with her; 3) he lied to me about flirting with her when the pictures clearly say otherwise; and 4) my gut is telling me there is a problem here considering he wanted to go to brunch with her without me there.

Its perpetuated by men who think that being friends with a woman is inherently less valuable than being in a relationship with her because, once again, womans value lies in her knickers, not her companionship.

My Girlfriend Has Many Guy Friends

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Don't ever expect her to stop being friends with these men because you ask her to in the midst of your relationship that could be grounds for a break up.

Boyfriends dont keep seeing other women with whom there is sexual tension, especially without the girlfriend present.

Her boyfriend, you should be one of her closest friends if not the closest but that doesn't mean you should be her only male friend.

Want to know where you stand on the whole staying friends with your ex thing.

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, I was writing about red flags, which prompted an interesting response from kelseykrissy: "A red flag for me is if he has a TON more girl-friends.

Both of us have had to deal with this question from our boy/girl friends.

He knows im hot, he knows im getting hit on, im getting asked for dates andi have oprah guy friends.

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