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Jewels in the crown are the hanuman dhoka itself (the complex of royal palaces), the magnificent taleju temple (built in 1564 by mahendra malla, standing on a 12-stage plinth, and reaching 35 metres in height), and the kumari bahal (an intricately carved three-storey structure built in 1757 in which the 'living godess', a young girl selected from the kathmandu valley, still lives).

[20][25][26] the chart below is based on data from the nepal bureau of standards & meteorology, "weather meteorology" for 2005.

Nepali art is commonly divided into two areas: the idealistic traditional painting known as paubhas in nepal and perhaps more commonly known as thangkas in tibet, closely linked to the country's religious history and on the other hand the contemporary western-style painting, including nature-based compositions or abstract artwork based on tantric elements and social themes of which painters in nepal are well noted for.

Boudhanath is known as khsti by newars and as bauddha or bodhnth by speakers of nepali.

The monastery also offers daily and longer courses in meditation and yoga, provides panoramic views over the kathmandu valley, has an immaculately kept garden and great gift shop and caf.

Park replaced a hunting reserve used by the rich and famous; king george v and his son, the future edward viii, bagged 18 rhinos during a 1911 shooting trip.

Boudhanath, (also written bouddhanath, bodhnath, baudhanath or the khsa chaitya), is one of the holiest buddhist sites in nepal, along with swayambhu.

These museums include the birendra museum, which contains items related to the second-last monarch, birendra of nepal.

Since the 1960s, the permanent tibetan buddhist population of kathmandu has risen significantly so that there are now over fifty tibetan buddhist monasteries in the area.

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In the nukator, rasuwa and sindhulpalchok districts of central nepal, langtang is best known for its flora and fauna, sacred hindu sites and great trekking (being the third most popular trekking area after everest and annapurna).

The nepal art council gallery, in the babar mahal, on the way to tribhuvan international airport contains artwork of both national and international artists and extensive halls regularly used for art exhibitions.

Rainfall is mostly monsoon-based (about 65% of the total concentrated during the monsoon months of june to august), and decreases substantially (100 to 200cm (39 to 79in)) from eastern nepal to western nepal.

Today, it is the seat of government of the nepalese republic established in 2008; and is part of the bagmati zone in nepalese administrative geography.

[74] it seeks to document 50 years of research and cultural heritage conservation of the kathmandu valley, documenting what artists photographers architects anthropologists from abroad had contributed in the second half of the 20th century.

? durbar square is found to the west of kathmandu's recreation ground and the south-west of the royal palace.

(/ktmndu/;[3] nepali: , nepali pronunciation: [kmu]) is the capital city of the federal democratic republic of nepal, the largest himalayan state in asia.

Packed full of history, palaces and temples, it is also within touching distance of nepal's premier attraction, the himalaya.

A number of medical colleges including kathmandu medical college, nepal medical college, kist medical college, nepal army institute of health sciences, national academy of medical sciences (nams) and kathmandu university school of medical sciences (kusms), are also in or around kathmandu.

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The archives, in kulambhulu, have a collection of some 6,000 loose-leaf handwritten books and 1,000 palm-leaf manuscripts (mostly in sanskrit or nepal bhasa) and a manuscript dated to 1464.

This place is also popular birdwatching site where you can watch several local and migratory birds coming for fishes in lake.

[19] the city is bounded by several other municipalities of the kathmandu valley: south of the bagmati by lalitpur sub-metropolitan city (patan), with which it forms one urban area surrounded by a ring road, to the southwest by kirtipur municipality and to the east by madyapur thimi municipality.

Million in its urban agglomeration across the kathmandu valley, which includes the towns of lalitpur, kirtipur, madhyapur thimi and bhaktapur.

During the rana period, a ropeway was constructed between kathmandu (then mathathirtha) to dhorsing (makawanpur) of over 22km (14mi) in length, which carried cargo of 8 tonnes per hour.

During the rana regime, kathmandu's alliance shifted from anti-british to pro-british; this led to the construction of the first buildings in the style of western european architecture.

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The urban area of the kathmandu valley is split among three different districts (collections of local government units within a zone) which extend very little beyond the valley fringe, except towards the southern ranges, which have comparatively small population.

The gurukul school of theatre organizes the kathmandu international theater festival, attracting artists from all over the world.

Dating place in kathmandu nepal

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Swayambhunath stupa (meaning the self-created stupa, aka the monkey temple) is found on a hilltop to the west of kathmandu.

Location and terrain of kathmandu have played a significant role in the development of a stable economy which spans millennia.

[citation needed] a ropeway operated between kathmandu and hetauda over a length of 43km (27mi) which carried 25 tonnes of goods per hour.

-uml's bidya sundar shakya is the mayor of kathmandu and hariprabha khadgi of nepalese congress is the deputy mayor.

[86] not surprisingly the best schools and colleges of nepal are located in kathmandu and its adjoining cities.

The architectural treasure of the kathmandu valley has been categorized under the well-known seven groups of heritage monuments and buildings.

[91] regionally, several nepali airlines operate from the city, including agni air, buddha air, cosmic air, nepal airlines and yeti airlines, to other major towns across nepal.

Architecturally notable buildings from this era include kathmandu durbar square, patan durbar square, bhaktapur durbar square, the former durbar of kirtipur, nyatapola, kumbheshwar, the krishna temple, and others.

The major languages are nepali and nepal bhasa, while english is understood by many, particularly in the service industry.

Top ten places around kathmandu.

These places are top places around kathmandu to visit.# This data was taken from ...

Another massacre, the bhandarkhal massacre, was also conducted by kunwar and his supporters in kathmandu.

Religious and cultural festivities form a major part of the lives of people residing in kathmandu.

During the kirata era, a settlement called yambu existed in the northern half of old kathmandu.

In the kathmandu valley, which is representative of its valley's climate, the average summer temperature varies from 28 to 30c (82 to 86f).

Bhimsen thapa supported france against great britain; this led to the development of modern military structures, such as modern barracks in kathmandu.

Bhrikuti, the princess of nepal who married tibetan monarch songtsn gampo, was instrumental in introducing buddhism to tibet.

Visit the garden of dreams with your beloved and enjoy gazing at sky by lying on the mat placed over green grass.

[79] a large number of restaurants in kathmandu have since opened, catering nepali cuisine, tibetan cuisine, chinese cuisine and indian cuisine in particular.

Separate organizations were created in kathmandu to promote this activity; some of these include the tourism development board, the department of tourism and the civil aviation department.

10 Places To Visit Around Kathmandu Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley (Nepali: काठमाडौं उपत्यका) (Nepal Bhasa: स्वनिगः and also नेपाः गाः), located in Nepal, ...

Royal botanical gardens, found 18 kms south of kathmandu in the foothills of mount phulchowki, are a site of outstanding beauty.

Of these, kathmandu valley is in the warm temperate zone (elevation ranging from 1,200 to 2,300 metres (3,900 to 7,500ft)), where the climate is fairly temperate, atypical for the region.

Oldest modern school in nepal is durbar school, and the oldest college, tri chandra college, are both in kathmandu city.

Most of the general hospitals are in the city centre, although several clinics are elsewhere in kathmandu district.

$ students: 20 rs, nepali citizens: 100 rs, china and saarc residents: 250 rs, visitors from other countries: 500 rs.

The council administers the metropolitan area of kathmandu city through its 177 elected representatives and 20 nominated members.

Kathmandu was adopted as the capital of the gorkha empire, and the empire itself was dubbed nepal.

They have contributed to the spread of christianity and the building of churches in nepal and in kathmandu, in particular.

With more energy will enjoy a hike to the top of phulchowki (2715 m), the highest hill in the kathmandu valley, to take in the views and a small buddhist shrine at the summit.

Number of hippies visited kathmandu during the 1970s and introduced rock and roll, rock, and jazz to the city.

At present, about 22 international airlines connect nepal to other destinations in europe, asia and the middle east, to cities such as istanbul, delhi, mumbai, bangalore, kolkata, singapore, bangkok, kuala lumpur, dhaka, islamabad, paro, lhasa, chengdu, and guangzhou.

[81] ailaa and thwon (alcohol made from rice) are the alcoholic beverages of kathmandu, found in all the local bhattis (alcohol serving eateries).

Evidence of an influx of ideas from india, tibet, china, persia, and europe among other places can be found in a stone inscription from the time of king pratap malla.

For example, the first ascents of everest since the earthquake took place on 11 may 2016 and the number of foreign tourists jumped 40% in 2016 (to just over 750,000).

National museum is in the western part of kathmandu, near the swayambhunath stupa in an historical building.

From the 3rd century bce, apart from the hindu gods and goddesses, buddhist monuments from the ashokan period (it is said that ashoka visited nepal in 250bc) have embellished nepal in general and the valley in particular.

Green, vegetated slopes that surround the kathmandu metro area (light gray, image centre) include both forest reserves and national parks.

Another smaller settlement called yengal was present in the southern half of old kathmandu, near manjupattan.

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