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Maltese temple complexes were built in different locations, and over a wide span of years; while each individual site has its unique characteristics, they all share a common architecture.

[12][13] apart from these, there are other megalithic temples in malta which are not included in the unesco world heritage list.

Dating site in malta

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[43] in 1827, the site was cleared of debris the soil and remains being lost without proper examination.

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Malta 5,000-2,500 BC - Oldest stone buildings in the world

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Has various other megalithic temples and related sites apart from those included in the unesco world heritage list.

The two parts are both less regularly planned and smaller in size than many of the other neolithic temples in malta, and no blocks are decorated.

Of the names used to refer to the different sites carry a link with the stones used for their building.

, in some cases, later bronze-age peoples built their own sites over the neolithic temples, thus adding an element of confusion to early researchers who did not have modern dating technology.

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Tas-sil contains few megalithic remains, but many more bronze age and later remains since the site was used until at least the ninth century ad.

Megalithic temples of malta (maltese: it-tempji megalitii ta' malta) are several prehistoric temples, some of which are unesco world heritage sites,[2] built during three distinct time periods approximately between 3600 bc and 700 bc on the island country of malta.

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Importance of this site lies less in the remains than in the information garnered from their excavations.

UNESCO sites in Malta and Gozo. 2013

There are 18 megolithic sites on Malta and Gozo dating back to 10000 BC.

[11] nowadays, the sites are managed by heritage malta, while ownership of the surrounding lands varies from site to site.

[44] the loss resulting from this clearance was partially compensated by the german artist brochtorff, who painted the site within a year or two from the removal of the debris.