Dating someone with a crazy baby mama

Time went pregnancies growing on i remained positive despite the everything he was saying to me so i finally asked him if he was going to tell this girlfriend of his about the baby and his response was "no she would kill herself because of everything he has put her through in the past 5years" so i said ok but don't you think the truth will come out at some point?

After she had the baby the judge also restrained me from meeting my boyfriends daughter.

After the girl went through all of the hard stuff with having the baby, it seems like he's now heading back to lay up under her until sh*t gets rough, and then he's back hopping from pillow to post again.

His marriage was to another young lady that only lasted a couple of years before he had the baby with his now baby mama.

I never imagined myself dating someone who had a child from a previous relationshipnot that i was against it but it just didnt cross my mind as a part of my plan especially because i myself am a child of divorce and have a stepfather.

We ended up sleeping together, everything was great, then the baby mama started again and i quickly pulled away in fear again.

Later ge called me and told me he was in love with me and i asked about the other girl and baby.

When we had just started talking he told me that he did have a daughter and that they are technically by law married, so him and they baby momma wanted a divorce and now that he has the papers for that she dosent want to sign them anymore becaue of me, and the baby momma is german and for some reason she dosent like me just cause im black, so she told him she didn't wanan sign the papers because she wanted to work on things with him for their daughter, and found out today that she is 6 or 7 months pregnant and he is not sure if its his.

I keep as little contact with baby mama and my husbands family when they are like this.

Dating someone with a crazy baby mama

Dating a Guy with Kids

Imagine you meet the man of your dreams... but he's already got kids of his own. Would you still date him? Could you deal with ...

But the baby mama cant stand me we had words or what not but i've tried to put the issues aside and be a woman about the situation but everytime i turn around her and her cousins talking about my boyfriend and i on facebook.

After she gave birth she told his stepsister she had a baby, so my husband went to investiage.

Children's father and i had been off & on for years before i even found out that he was dating someone else.

Years ago is it possible to be with a man who is your baby dad who is cheating, although not in a relationship?

Then a month went by & he came back but he was still "acting" like he was with the baby mother only so she wouldn't go back to the hospital so close to the due date.

He stated when he asked her why she done that her response was since she couldn't get his last name now she has something with it which is the baby.

I knew within myself from the minute i found out that i was going to keep my baby with or without him, so i told him and that's when he started the malicious communication, he had suddenly revealed that he wasn't single that he had a girlfriend he was "practically married" that he had 3 other kids and that i didn't know him what made me feel so special to be the 4th baby mother?

The first reaction he was showing me the day i found out i was having a baby it hurt me so much.

Don't get me wrong i love him with everything in me but sometimes i feel as if he's lying to me recently his babymama moved out and got her own place.

Dating a guy with a crazy baby mama

How To Understand Baby Momma Drama: Relationship Advice

Hello Everyone! In this video I discuss how to handle being in a relationship with a partner who has major issues with the mother ...

Then he actually tried to make it work with her the baby was born then she realized she didn't want to be with him about 2 months after & he had came back to me , & i was constantly trying to build a relationship with his child , which he kept at a minimum & his babymother started making a fuss saying she never said she didn't want to be with him but i know for a record she did because i heard her for my own self i was constantly planning the future for us until he hit me with the i have no future planned for "us" which caused me to leave once more because if you didn't want to work towards a goal what are we talking for then he states that we weren't even talking , but we've been having sex , going out to different places getting closer then recently i found out he's back to talking with his baby mother & basically doing the family role again.

I'd like to call her what she acts like "a baby momma" but i find it disrespectful so i'll swallow my pride.

Idk wat happened he was around until i was about 5 months but one day he just started to have doubts even though he knew what we were doing to make that baby but i understood because i was still staying with another man smh.

There is a child involved and for her to not want her daughter around you or her father is crazy.

Years ago i havr been with this man on and off for 2 years and everytime we break up its because he has left me for his baby mama now this is the 4th time i have taken him back, hoping maybe things will change this time.

You're young, find you someone that will treat you like royalty and will always be there for you.

Years ago my sons father and i had everything going fine into he left me for someone else when i was 4 months pregnant wasn't there for me at all she will awlays talk about me post things on the internet of me now they have a baby he hardly comes around ours not that it changes anything he hasn't done it since my son was born but what do i do about her shes talking about me always saying how hes there for her n not us.

December 2012 was the last time i had seen him and he had only seen our son twice, him and his girlfriend apparently got back back together and had a baby since then.

But honey, that bond money could be spent on a vacation away from her crazyness.

Dating someone with a baby mama

Ask Wendy: Should You Ever Date a Guy with Kids?

What happens when your 22 year old daughter is dating a 38 year old guy who has a 13 year old daughter and baby mama ...

98% of men who have a baby mama are more than likely still giving her the 'd' just to keep her satisfied (those are my numbers and i'm sure a lot would agree, lol) to keep down the bs, get what i'm saying.

He lives with his baby mama and you are currently living with your baby daddy?

But if you have doubt then you should speak with your man about it so you will not be caught off guard by any lagging feelings for baby mama.

The baby mama is drama the break up wasn't pretty and most of the times i'm with him she will call shouting about this and that and she won't get the kids to school on time as my boyfriend works 240 miles away from where they live he can't take the kids to school unless he is on holiday.

Most common mistake that a man dealing with baby mama drama makes, is that he just can't seem to cut the sexual restraints from the woman who bore his child.

Has been texting him asking him to come around to see his daughter but yet they hated him and wouldn't even invite him to the babyshower!

My ex, instantly wanted to come back even though he knew the baby probably wasnt his but said he wanted it to be so bad to make his baby mama finally leave us alone.

The baby momma threated to put him in jail because he is dating me while he still married, but she was hoeing around dating and having sex with other guys but he didn't want to put his daughter's mon is jail and idk what to with this situation, i understand that i will never come between him and his daughter and the baby momma but i just feel like im some kind of shadow, i asked him when he was coming back to town and all i got was idk and you know the baby momma will be with me and im scared to loose him because he is the best thing thats ever happened to me as my boyfriend and best friend idk what to do about this and i would really love it, if you could help me with this problem i have.

But before he and i got together he admitted to sleeping with her a week before we made our relationship official he didn't have a phone but one day we were relaxing and i heard a phone vibrating he pulled a phone out his pocket and it was his babys mother she asked what he was doing and he said " chillin with my partner" not his woman or his girlfriend his partner now a week later he said he was going to bring his son so i can meet him he's said this before but needless to say i still haven't met him and this time he promised now its d-day and now he says the baby mama is saying she don't know me like that i don't get it he goes to day care and meets strangers all the time i'm not even a stranger we are talking about marriage and we are about to live together so shouldn't i meet the son before all that?

SL: "Does He Want Me Or His Baby's Mother"

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-week-old baby girl is killed in her home by a pit bull after being left alone with the animal for five.

-week-old baby girl is killed in her home by a pit bull after being left alone with the animal for five minutes.

) well she didn't care in fact i think she knew about my baby father and i having sex which i thought extremely disrespectful him talking to a girl he just met about out my sex life.

Im concirned they are going to really step up the attacks and drama towards my husband and our marrige and baby because they feel like it will take away from his son.

.Carly832 years ago me & my baby dad have been together for 2 years now we live together also he has one child from someone else before we knew each other my problem is his bm want let him get his child at all because he is wit me even though he take very good care of his child his bm lives with her grandma & dats da only way he can see his child he have 2 go 2 her gma house & her son birthday is coming up she told him he can't bring my baby 2 the party (his brother)& i'm 2 da point i'm ready 2 check her because i jux dnt like how she keep doing him about that baby & i have always been nice to her & she still dnt want the baby around me & my bd is a good man 2 me he made sure she knew all about me & how much he cared for me it jux bother me sometime because i feel like he could do something about how she treat him when it comes to that baby he jux always say god gone handle her but i think he need to put his foot down!

He has 1 baby mom that he doesn't talk to and 1 that i believe he still talks to.

Years ago my baby's father and i were still having sex while i was pregnant we weren't n a relationship but he led me on to think that he might actually have feelings for me asking me do i love him ,holding my hand ,not wanting me to be with other guys(maybe this was due to the fact that i was pregnant with his child idk).

The baby mother now writes crap on her facebook talking stuff about me and how if she sees me at a school event for the child she will fight me .

He would take him on outings, babysit him, have him by his family-but my husband was still an addit at this time and even used drugs infront if his child.

Now if they was older enough to tell her mama buy my daddy a father day card i wouldn't open my mouth but i look at it like anything she buy right now is from her not no kids.

.5 months later he told me he found out he was having a baby with a woman he had been seeing during our difficult times.

I couldn't deal with this baby mother issue and plus i moved to a different state.

Years ago i've been dating my boyfriend for 5 years living with him for 4 and just 2 weeks ago found out he had an affair and had a child with another woman the little girl will be 3 in august but she texts me talking about he is a loser and i need to leave him then she texts me again saying stay with him he loves you and then goes and tell my man i won't stop texting her i honestly don't want anything to do with her or him but i love him and want to work things out but she is crazy and still has very hard feelings for him she said they dated for a year he said he was drunk it was one night i don't know what to belive.

Yes, he invited me to come and i've talk to him several times before i arrived, not once did he tell me that the other baby mama was there.

So my ex baby mama lives 2 hours away she had come down here for summer n we broke up again because of her , he still calls & texts me telling me he loves me n misses me but he is with her .

How can i make him stay, with out the drama from other girls and other baby mommas?

My boyfriends mom and her are close, and so are me and my boyfriends mom so it's a tough situation for her especially when she has her grandchild and i don't but i deserve the same respect in my opinion and someone needs to put her in her place.

Me 2 jobs own car own house and in college i was curious so i poped up on him at home to find him with this cute baby who was having and asthma attack cry and screaming &he didn't know what to do next.

Dating a Man with Kids

Should a girl in her 20s ever date a guy with kids? Wendy says NEVER! Find out why in Ask Wendy!

Years ago i was talking to this guy on and off for 3 years recently he told me he was going to have a baby it was a mistake and a one night stand he told me he didn't wanna be with the girl just be ther for the baby my question is or any advice now the baby is not here yet.

Initially he said he had no baby mama drama with the mother of his two year old daughter, until she started calling.

In a month he called me to to tell me that she was lying and she's crazy, he swore up and down that he was never married and they weren't together.

My boyfriend and i first met he told me the story about him and his baby mama and how it all ended.

Bar refaeli sweetly cradles her blossoming baby bump as she poses in a navy bikini and chic sun hat.

Do not have a baby with him until you know for sure that he and his bm are not still fooling around.

Years ago what would your advice be on dealing with a "baby mama" who just really doesn't want to see her child's father happy?

Baby mama situation:Well the day that i met my now fianc, i could tell that he was having "baby mama drama".

Minor2 years ago ok so here the thing, i've just had baby almost four months ago, at that time i have tried reaching out to his father in regards to him bonding with his son.


If you're a 20- to 35-year-old woman without any children I caution you against dating a man with kids. I did this once and, let me ...