Dating someone with the same birthday astrology

The study includes the following analysis:This research shows that astrological sign has no impact on the probability of marrying and staying married to someone of any other sign.

My son who was five years old was also born on the same date, may 24!

The children were both six months old and one of the mothers said that their childs birthday was may 24.

Birthday is february 22nd as well, so that makes for at least one matched birthday, as long as i understand the comment history.

Much as math would like us to think that it is an advocate for structure and intuition, every once in a while it churns up something dastardly and unintuitive like the birthday paradox, the monty hall problem or benfords law.

Bunch of college students are having a frat party, and they all throw their hats in the same pile at the door of the house when they enter the party.

While the success of your marriage probably has nothing to do with the position of Venus, astrological signs can probably impact how people feel about thingsWhy you should try dating someone with same zodiac sign at least once.

Birthday falls on the 19th of september and i actually know someone in my own town that has the same birthday.

We never saw each other outside of events at a certain uncles place, so we never knew the fact about our birthdays until the year we turned 19.

Dating someone with same birthday astrology

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Every company in the world that has ever advertised has used statistics and probability to solve the question of what is the probability that someone will pick this over this in order to make their ad campaigns as effective as possible.

Answer the question of the same year, again, its a foregone conclusion that you were born in 1979, so those odds are 1.

What are the damn odds that the person who commented second has the same birthday as me?

The hearsay wisdom that birthdays are clustered towards the spring (which might hold true in other years but certainly didnt hold true in usa 1978) is based on the notion that mothers prefer to carry their babies to term in the less-than-sweltering spring months, but the 1977-8 family planning doesnt seem to have been so well coordinated.

The question is more like, what are the odds that among 3499 other people, none were born the same day [of the year] as i was?

Your odds of having met the roommate with the same birthday are undoubtedly better than your chance of winning at that particular lottery game.

By adding more people you are adding more possible birthdays that any 2 people can match.

); and second, people will tend to come forward with weird stories much more easily than those with nothing weird to tell (which can also explain the sequence of february birthdays: once someone came forward with their own february birthday, anyone with a close birthday also came forward, while those with june or january just didnt intervene).

If we subtract from that the number of ways for no two people to have the same birthday, we should get the number in the second column.

Dating someone with the same birthday as you

Who Shares Your Birthday?

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I would like to know the likely hood of 2 ppl sharing the exact same birthday 11-03-81, but before finding that out had known each other for most of their lives.

Test it: survey at least 30,000 roommates in different dwellings and ask them if they have the same birthdate.

Now think of it this wayimagine we start with 120 unique birthdays in the room, and add people #121.

.Ie, in a group of 23 people, there is greater than 50% chance of 2 people sharing a birthday.

Jim roepcke is probably right about why so many of the original posters had birthdays around the time this article was posted: their birthdays were coming up and they were paying more attention to events/articles/etc that had birthday references (like this article).

, i think that any factor that skews the birthdays towards any uneven distribution will actually strengthen this law.

Say you want to know the odds that any 2 people in a group will have the same birthday (and lets assume theyre evenly distributed even though they are clumped towards the spring).

Was recently examining this problem, and was looking for information on the actual distribution of birthdays.

Birthday is august 5th, and though i have met many people with birthdays on the 4th and 6th, i have never met someone with that same birthday (aside from from famous people and people i never asked).

Dating someone with the same birthday astrology

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(and if we have more than 365 people, then there are no ways for no two people to have the same birthday, and zero is still a multiple of 10.

There is a classic cryptographic computer attack known as the birthday attack which exploits the math of the birthday paradox.

But consider that the people didnt choose their birthdays they were all picked at random from the same set of 365, not from that constrained set.

.Finally, my own birthday coincidence story: my name is dan, and my birthday is august 30th.

If you really want to insult me, put candles on my birthday cake and ask me to count them.

The number of combinations is number of ways to choose person 1s birthday times the number of ways to choose person 2s birthday, or 365 *365 = 133,225.

Is an intuitive way to think of it:What are the odds that no two people have the same birthday?

To dmwit, the number of ways for no two people to have the same birthday equals 365*364*363*(lots more numbers).

It seems clear that if 130 people were in the room, two would almost certainly have the same birthday, because even if the first 120 didnt contain such a pair, one of the next 10 would.

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Aaand the reason i found this was bc someone had a stupid facebook app that said 6% of the world had her birthday and i decided it was simply not true and i have been looking into it since.

For example, does more people being born in springtime increase the chance that two people in any room will have the same birthday?

Those who would claim that only a fool would fall prey to the birthday paradox, and that the true nature of the odds is perfectly intuitive, i ask this of your rainman-like grasp of numbers why is it that all of the totals in this articles first chart (aside from zero) end in the digit five?

Since atmosphere is so important to tauruses, youll be grateful to find someone whofinallyunderstands the importance of lighting when it comes to sex.

In real life, where math is not particularly welcome, birthdays are not distributed perfectly throughout the year.

Well, the odds of you being born on 3/13 are 1 in 365, but you walked into the room with that birthday, so it was a foregone conclusion and gave the date significance, so that much is a probability of 1.

Guess: we were all more attracted to this article because our birthdays are coming up.

Using this method, a programmer can store the results of the birthday math in memory to decrease overall processing time when doing certain computationally useful things, such as attempting to crack a digital signature.

This is the best material on duplication, birthday paradox software is also available:(the birthday paradox: combinatorics, probability of duplication, coincidences, collisions, lottery, roulette, social security number (ssn), genetic code, dna).

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Its easier to count how likely they are to not have the same birthday: the first person in the room can have any birthday at all, the second has only 364 possible days without conflict, the third has only 363 days, and so forth.

, in trying to make sense of it all, could someone please explain, in english ;o).

All i could find was data from 1978 used by geoffrey berresford in the following article: the uniformity assumption in the birthday problem, math.

Since with two people in the room, theres little chance theyll have the same birthday, the number of people for which the chance of a same birthday is 50% is going to be somewhere between 2 and 120 (already less than half), but by our math it looks way closer to 2 than 120.

In fact, the birthday paradox formula accounts for the individuals, too, but the denominator cancels them out.

A reasonable, intelligent person might point out that the odds dont reach 100% until there are 366 people in the room (the number of days in a year + 1) and forty is about 11% of 366 so such a person might conclude that the odds of two people in forty sharing a birthday are about 11%.

For decades, popular astrologers have promoted the idea of love signs: compatibility between partners with certain combinations of birthdays.

Said: i was recently examining this problem, and was looking for information on the actual distribution of birthdays.

Then what are the odds that a 121st person with a randomly selected birthday has the same birthday as one of them?


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The probability that everyones birthdays are different is much easier: product( (365-n)/365 ) for n = 0 to group size -1.

Tolkiens the hobbit he mentions that when a hobbit has a birthday they give rather than get presents.

Youve sent me on a quest to analyze all the birthday numbers i could find!

It gets even stranger the father of the fourth child says that he cant believe it but his birthday was also may 24!

This means that with only sixty people in a room, even though there are 365 possible birthdays, it is almost certain that two people have a birthday on the same day.

, i am reading this article 9 years to the day that you posted your comment, and my birthday is on 24 february!

I also know 2 people from those 300 or so who share my birthday (october 24), although this is obviously influenced by the fact that i am more likely to hear and remember peoples birthdays when they are the same as mine.

Plus, you have people that try to give a child a specific birthday (specifically new years day and christmas) and that complicates the math even further.

, then, assuming equal distribution of birthdays, the probability can be expressed as (364/365)^3499, which is pretty low (0.

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