Dating someone with the same birthday month

Aaand the reason i found this was bc someone had a stupid facebook app that said 6% of the world had her birthday and i decided it was simply not true and i have been looking into it since.

It seems that (sourced soley from this article) a lot of people with birthdays in february are into maths did you know that einstein was born on 22nd feb (so was i incidentally) so what about the probability of a link between maths geniuses and people born in february?

And that will snowball until everyone starts posting their birthdays and it will be shown that there is a wide diversity of birthdays.

The following example: assuming for a moment that birthdays are evenly distributed throughout the year, if youre sitting in a room with forty people in it, what are the chances that two of those people have the same birthday?

If it was posted in october, someone will have said that their birthday is coming up, and someone else will say mine too!

The pigeonhole principle says that if you keep picking unique birthdays for folks in the room, you will run out of unique birthdays before you run out of folks.

My birthday being in august, normally id be one of those people that didnt post.

By adding more people you are adding more possible birthdays that any 2 people can match.

Your odds of having met the roommate with the same birthday are undoubtedly better than your chance of winning at that particular lottery game.

Odds of dating someone with the same birthday

Who Shares Your Birthday?

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They have to feel safe with someone and once they do, they will do anything to please their partner.

Mother and father have 6 kids and we all was born on the 2nd or 16 of different months 3 of us are born on the 16 and 3 born on the 2nd!

The probability that everyones birthdays are different is much easier: product( (365-n)/365 ) for n = 0 to group size -1.

Plus, you have people that try to give a child a specific birthday (specifically new years day and christmas) and that complicates the math even further.

Twins are two unrelated people born on the same day, at the same hour, in the same world region.

Does this mean that you can walk into a math class of forty students, bet them that at least two people in the room share a birthday, and win 90% of the time?

Has one of you used the same astrological influences to become happier, more successful, more productive?

(on this point, i worked with a person who married a guy born on the same day of the same year.

So even though a small percentage of all the feb birthday visitors actually post a comment, it still looks like a lot of coincidental feb birthdays.

Dating someone with the same birthday zodiac

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.me and my hubby we had same birthday s same year, same time, and the place is almost same im from the province of quezon and hes from quezon city here in our country!

.Ie, in a group of 23 people, there is greater than 50% chance of 2 people sharing a birthday.

Theres a part of my brain that went out for lunch, won the lottery with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 then fell in love with someone born on the same day, got struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark, and never came back.

Said: in my school of 3500 students, i am the only one with the birthday of march 14.

Tolkiens the hobbit he mentions that when a hobbit has a birthday they give rather than get presents.

But consider that the people didnt choose their birthdays they were all picked at random from the same set of 365, not from that constrained set.

Then what are the odds that a 121st person with a randomly selected birthday has the same birthday as one of them?

Think a true astotwin is somebody who is born on the exact same day, same year as you.

Adding another real-world example that i forgot to mention: i work at a company with 34 employees and there are two separate dates where people share birthdays, which doesnt include the identical twins working there.

Dating someone with the same exact birthday

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The number of ways for no two people to have the same birthday is a multiple of 10, then subtracting it from the number in the first column will leave the last digit (5) unchanged.

Test it: survey at least 30,000 roommates in different dwellings and ask them if they have the same birthdate.

Every company in the world that has ever advertised has used statistics and probability to solve the question of what is the probability that someone will pick this over this in order to make their ad campaigns as effective as possible.

With my friend who is born the day before me, she will sometimes have something happen to her and then the same thing or something with a similiare feel will happen to me the next year.

?Trendingthe statistical analysis of criminals and their relation on the zodiac2k total shares[infographic] list of different type of astrological readings and the answers they give103 total sharessame astro sign, same birthday as your mate?

Same day, different as will give same planetary influences and aspects, even to the lunar position, but with different house structure would mean distinct differences.

Partner & i are both born on the same day, same year and he is only 2 minutes older than me and we were also born in the same hospital and our mothers were on the same ward!

I would like to know the likely hood of 2 ppl sharing the exact same birthday 11-03-81, but before finding that out had known each other for most of their lives.

The day we moved in we found out that not only do we have the same birthday, march 13thbut we were both born in the same year, 1979.

Dating someone with the same birthday

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My son who was five years old was also born on the same date, may 24!

.Finally, my own birthday coincidence story: my name is dan, and my birthday is august 30th.

Say you want to know the odds that any 2 people in a group will have the same birthday (and lets assume theyre evenly distributed even though they are clumped towards the spring).

Now changing p1 and p2 so they still add up to the same value, you get the probability of coincidence (p1+x)*(p1+x)+(p2-x)*(p2-x)=p1^2+2p1x+x^2+p2^2-2xp2+x^2=2pi^2+x^2.

In fact, the birthday paradox formula accounts for the individuals, too, but the denominator cancels them out.

It is like asking what is the probability that someone will pick tihs over this?

Many others here have made claims about birthday distributions, but i havent seen anyone reference data to back them up.

My 2 kids are the first grandkids and 1 was born on the 2nd, same birthday of my lil sister!

Most people saw a birthday that wasnt near their own, and didnt bother to respond.

Dating someone with the same birthday month


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Guess: we were all more attracted to this article because our birthdays are coming up.

, i think that any factor that skews the birthdays towards any uneven distribution will actually strengthen this law.

% of cases or about one in thirteen result in two of them having the same birthday.

An optomistic answer would consider that birthdays are clustered towards the spring oh, a 1/200 chance of march 13, we might say and we could suppose that your roommate would be within 4 years of your age for compatibilitys sake, reducing to 9 the number of possible years 1/9 chance and if those estimates are close, the 1/1800 odds arent so long as you might have imagined.

Calculating up to eight people, we see that of the three hundred fifteen quintillion possible combinations of birthdays the group has, 7.

In high school in nebaraska (important later) one of my best friends had the same birthday as me, but two years difference.

When someone actually won with that number, a reporter asked of a lottery person, what are the odds?

Your birthday was the same day of the same year, especially in the same city or small geographic area, there would clearly be a much greater similarity between the charts.

, i am reading this article 9 years to the day that you posted your comment, and my birthday is on 24 february!

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2 people share the same birthday this is called being an astro twin or astro twins to be politically correct.

Even most of the slower moving planets have changed signs in the years between your birthdays.

The odds of your room mate having the same birthday (nevermind year), are 1 in 365 (assuming evenly distributed birthdays).

We never saw each other outside of events at a certain uncles place, so we never knew the fact about our birthdays until the year we turned 19.

I thought that perhaps I was just a bit put off by Math's confidenHome astrology same astro sign, same birthday as your mate?

Using this method, a programmer can store the results of the birthday math in memory to decrease overall processing time when doing certain computationally useful things, such as attempting to crack a digital signature.

To one up myself, i know two people with the april first birthday, and theyre the same age and opposite gender.

What are the odds that in a school of 3500 people, someone has their own birthday by themselves (ie, no others share the birthday?

Then it turns out that we were not only born on the very same day (same age), but at the very same hospital.

Mom, Dad and Newborn Baby All Share The Same Birthday

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