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A number of medical colleges including kathmandu medical college, nepal medical college, kist medical college, nepal army institute of health sciences, national academy of medical sciences (nams) and kathmandu university school of medical sciences (kusms), are also in or around kathmandu.

Religious and cultural festivities form a major part of the lives of people residing in kathmandu.

City has been referenced in numerous songs, including works by cat stevens ('katmandu', mona bone jakon (1970)), bob seger ('katmandu', beautiful loser (1975)), rush ('a passage to bangkok', pulling into kathmandu; 2112, 1976), krematorij ('kathmandu', three springs (2000)) and fito pez (trfico por katmand "traffic through kathmandu").

Is no proper waste management in kathmandu, so rubbish piles up on roads, pavements and in waterways.

The second largest university, kathmandu university (ku), is in dhulikhel, kavre on the outskirts of kathmandu.

[70] the j art gallery is also in kathmandu, near the royal palace in durbarmarg, kathmandu and displays the artwork of eminent, established nepali painters.

Number of hippies visited kathmandu during the 1970s and introduced rock and roll, rock, and jazz to the city.

Mission nepal offers hiking and walking around kathmandu valley for visitors who have not long time stay in nepal and wants to walking or hiking around kathmandu valley enjoying the local villages and natural green hills.

Fire service, known as the barun yantra karyalaya, opened its first station in kathmandu in 1937 with a single vehicle.

Kmc's constant endeavor is to enhance its interaction with saarc countries, other international agencies and many other major cities of the world to achieve better urban management and developmental programs for kathmandu.

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Kathmandu is home to the oldest football clubs of nepal such as rct, sankata and nrt.

Bagmati river which flows through kathmandu is considered a holy river both by hindus and buddhists, and many hindu temples are on the banks of this river.

Ancient religious sites believed to be worshipped by ancient kirats, such as pashupatinath, wanga akash bhairabh (yalambar) and ajima are now worshipped by people of all dharmic religions in kathmandu.

Continuity has been maintained for centuries in the exclusive worship of goddesses and deities in kathmandu and the rest of the country.

Valley is described as "an enormous treasure house of art and sculptures", which are made of wood, stone, metal, and terracotta, and found in profusion in temples, shrines, stupas, gompas, chaityasm and palaces.

Kathmandu also houses some international standard cinema theatres and multiplexes, such as qfx cinemas, cine de chef, fcube cinemas, q's cinemas and big movies.

And its valley are in the deciduous monsoon forest zone (altitude range of 1,2002,100 metres (3,9006,900ft)), one of five vegetation zones defined for nepal.

Kathmandu also contains the kaiser library, in the kaiser mahal on the ground floor of the ministry of education building.

While water supply and sanitation facilities are provided by the kathmandu upatyaka khanepani limited (kukl).

[5] "yen" is the shorter form of yambu (), which originally referred to the northern half of kathmandu.

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Million in its urban agglomeration across the kathmandu valley, which includes the towns of lalitpur, kirtipur, madhyapur thimi and bhaktapur.

[citation needed] for example, 2003 was the wettest year ever in kathmandu, totalling over 2,900mm (114in) of precipitation due to an exceptionally strong monsoon season.

Since the 1960s, the permanent tibetan buddhist population of kathmandu has risen significantly so that there are now over fifty tibetan buddhist monasteries in the area.

Other notable hindu temples in kathmandu and the surrounding valley include bajrayogini temple, dakshinkali temple, guhyeshwari temple, and the sobha bhagwati shrine.

In 2013, kathmandu was ranked third among the top ten upcoming travel destinations in the world by tripadvisor, and ranked first in asia.

[51] according to the national population census of 2011, the total population of kathmandu city was 975,543 with an annual growth rate of 6.

Is dissected by eight rivers, the main river of the valley, the bagmati and its tributaries, of which the bishnumati, dhobi khola, manohara khola, hanumant khola, and tukucha khola are predominant.

[70] internationally, the british-based charity, the kathmandu contemporary art centre is involved with promoting arts in kathmandu.

The urban area of the kathmandu valley is split among three different districts (collections of local government units within a zone) which extend very little beyond the valley fringe, except towards the southern ranges, which have comparatively small population.

The festivities such as the ghode (horse) jatra, indra jatra, dashain durga puja festivals, shivratri and many more are observed by all hindu and buddhist communities of kathmandu with devotional fervor and enthusiasm.

Dating spot in kathmandu valley

First modern commercial road in the kathmandu valley, the new road, was also built during this era.

[86] not surprisingly the best schools and colleges of nepal are located in kathmandu and its adjoining cities.

In this hill is located the bagdwar, source of holy river baghmati and is the biggest water supply to the kathmandu valleys increasing population.

We drive for about 45 minutes to budhanilkantha temple, one of the temples with biggest statue of lord vishnu sleeping in the ocean bed which lies 8 kms north of kathmandu.

The architectural treasure of the kathmandu valley has been categorized under the well-known seven groups of heritage monuments and buildings.

The artistry of the newar peoplethe indigenous inhabitants of the kathmandu valleybecame highly sought after during this era, both within the valley and throughout the greater himalayas.

Started in kathmandu with the arrival of buddhist monks during the time of buddha (c.

Due to the intermixing with kirat cuisine from eastern nepal, pork has found a place in kathmandu dishes.

Trichandra college (the first college of nepal), durbar school (the first modern school of nepal), and bir hospital (the first hospital of nepal) were built in kathmandu during this era.

Linguistic profile of kathmandu underwent drastic changes during the shah dynasty's rule because of its strong bias towards the brahminic culture.

Kathmandu's trade is an ancient profession that flourished along an offshoot of the silk road which linked india and tibet.

The battle of kirtipur was the start of the gorkha conquest of the kathmandu valley.

[19] the city is bounded by several other municipalities of the kathmandu valley: south of the bagmati by lalitpur sub-metropolitan city (patan), with which it forms one urban area surrounded by a ring road, to the southwest by kirtipur municipality and to the east by madyapur thimi municipality.

Ghar is a palace in the center of the kathmandu city, next to the durbar square where a royal kumari selected from several kumaris resides.

During the reign of the seventh kirata ruler, jitedasti, buddhist monks entered kathmandu valley and established a forest monastery at sankhu.

From the 3rd century bce, apart from the hindu gods and goddesses, buddhist monuments from the ashokan period (it is said that ashoka visited nepal in 250bc) have embellished nepal in general and the valley in particular.

Despite the initial hardships, kathmandu rose to prominence again and, during most of the malla era, dominated the trade between india and tibet.

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Is a holy site for the buddhist and lies in the kavre district at an altitude of 1800m, about 38 kms east of kathmandu.

Most of the general hospitals are in the city centre, although several clinics are elsewhere in kathmandu district.

Top ten places around kathmandu.

These places are top places around kathmandu to visit.# This data was taken from ...

[64] about 11km (7mi) from the center and northeastern outskirts of kathmandu, the stupa's massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in nepal.

[81] ailaa and thwon (alcohol made from rice) are the alcoholic beverages of kathmandu, found in all the local bhattis (alcohol serving eateries).

Kathmandu has the only recognised international cricket ground in the country, at a university site in kirtipur.

Is in the northwestern part of the kathmandu valley to the north of the bagmati river and covers an area of 50.

2300 meters high peak, champadevi acts as the border in the southeastern corner of the valley separating it from the makwanpur district.

On the banks of the bagmati river in the eastern part of kathmandu, pashupatinath temple is the oldest hindu temple in kathmandu.

Kirats who have migrated from other parts of nepal to kathmandu practice mundhum in the city.

The magnificent view from eastern part of annapurna range to gaurishanker in the east can be seen from here on the clear day apart from the breathtaking view of kathmandu valley.

Kathmandu was adopted as the capital of the gorkha empire, and the empire itself was dubbed nepal.

The trail is almost flat and there are numerous picnic spots and small village en route.

Nagdaha Lalitpur | Places to visit in Kathmandu Valley

Nagdaha is a pond on Lalitpur and is very beautiful. Nice place for refreshment, nice restaurants around, you can enjoy boating ...

In 1956, air transportation was established and the tribhuvan highway, between kathmandu and raxaul (at india's border), was started.

Sanskrit schools were specially set up in kathmandu and in the terai region to inculcate traditional hindu culture and practices originated from nepal.

Chhyaang, tongba (fermented millet or barley) and rakshi are alcoholic beverages from other parts of nepal which are found in kathmandu.

Another smaller settlement called yengal was present in the southern half of old kathmandu, near manjupattan.

During the rana regime, kathmandu's alliance shifted from anti-british to pro-british; this led to the construction of the first buildings in the style of western european architecture.

The garden hotel, hotel ambassador, and aloha inn are among the three-star hotels in kathmandu.

Neighbourhood of thamel is kathmandu's primary "traveller's ghetto", packed with guest houses, restaurants, shops, and bookstores, catering to tourists.

Main international airport serving kathmandu and thus nepal is the tribhuvan international airport, about 6 kilometres (3.

According to the records of the spiritual assembly of the baha'is of nepal, there are approximately 300 baha'is in kathmandu valley.

[74] it seeks to document 50 years of research and cultural heritage conservation of the kathmandu valley, documenting what artists photographers architects anthropologists from abroad had contributed in the second half of the 20th century.

10 Places To Visit Around Kathmandu Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley (Nepali: काठमाडौं उपत्यका) (Nepal Bhasa: स्वनिगः and also नेपाः गाः), located in Nepal, ...