Dating vintage jewelry necklace clasps

Jewelry is pretty conservative and representative of eisenberg but the model is wearing more au courant make-up, hairstyle and clothing!

If you stroll through any major department store today, you will find racks of sparkly costume jewelry some with expensive price tags but the quality and design are very different from the exciting pieces produced from the 1930's through the early 1950's.

We looked at a little bit of late '40's retro jewelry in part iv.

Example of 1950's rhinestone "prom" jewelry:In the mid-50s the process of vacuum coating rhinestones with an aurora borealis (ab) finish was perfected and introduced to the marketplace.

Here is a chrome link bracelet from the 1950s:Some pieces were manufactured but many were one of a kind jewelry made by artisans in precious as well as non-precious metals, along with silver and pewter jewelry from scandinavia.

, i have been in touch with gibson's son who thinks the necklace was put in the yard case, but is not from that establishment.

Dating vintage jewelry necklace clasps

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Have this two-strand pink quartz necklace that has a large clasp (marked sterling silver - 1.

(schultz died in 1964) but according to cathy gordon and sheila pamfiloff who wrote "miriam haskell jewelry" eugene schultz did not work for haskell.

's look at a few 1950's jewelry ads and then we will move on to the 1960's.

Although this ad is dated 1963, the jewelry is representative of pieces made throughout the rest of the decade:One of the pieces in the ad.

The style of clasps will often give us a relatively good idea of how old a piece is.

An important trend in fine jewelry, copied in costume, for the first time, was the separation of day-time and night-time jewelry.

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Within a few years after these pieces were made, most jewelry sold by american companies was made off-shore, most of the remaining jewelry made was costume imitations of the gold chains and earrings that were shown in fine jewelry.

It is unsigned but has the characteristic "hook" and "eye" construction that schreiner used most of the time - and matches a necklace owned by one of my jewelry colleagues.

'll look at some d&e aka juliana shortly but first let's finish the '50's with a thermoplastic kramer parure:There is so much to say about plastic jewelry that it is a subject for another workshop.

Was wondering if you could recommend a basic/beginners book for dating 20th century costume jewelry - not so much the fantastic stuff, but the more garden variety.

It is possible to find more contemporary pieces still using unlocking c clasps or trombone clasps but generally, they were used on earlier styles.

Schultz did produce a line of very beautifiul jewelry - that has a similar look.

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Example is by weiss:Here are some 1950's cocktail pieces:Late '40's earrings from mazer:While most of the jewelry of the early '50's was real looking some of it was clearly "costume.

Miriam haskell jewelry was not signed until about 1950 so if you find jewelry with a filigree backing in the antique (russian) gold color if it is haskell, it will be signed.

And white with beads signed japan:1950's orange and white beads with earrings - probably from japan - unsigned:Some other major costume jewelry name from the '50's are florenza, hob, whiting and davis, hollycraft, and of course coro:Whiting and davis - victorian revival style:Many major names in costume jewelry did not manufacture their own pieces.

Always a good idea to try on bracelets and necklaces to make sure they fit.

T bar clasp is one of the earliest styles of clasps for brooches and pins.

Diy kits were available so that you could make your own copper enamel jewelry (and ash trays) at home and in arts and crafts classes.

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Early locking clasps often had a small rounded mechanism, and later ones had a locking piece that was separate and slipped over the holding piece of the clasp.

It was the time of psychedelic prints and strange color combinations - long dangly earrings made of unusual materials large scale necklaces contrasted by the plain gold look.

's an unsigned multi-strand necklace with lampwork beads, venetian bead and crystal beads:Crystal with sterling clasp marked 835, the german mark for sterling.

Makers could barely keep up with the constant changes and while traditional fine jewelry has never gone out of favor, costume jewelry of the mid-late '60's is a potpourri of many influences including rock music, the youth movement, the counter culture, and various ethnic influences.

We discussed "revivals" in an earlier section of this workshop:Textured fine gold jewelry, with a florentine finish was seen frequently at the end of the 1950's.

Think i wont be so afraid of jewelry anyway, and will gain confidence as i handle more pieces.

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Lane started making jewelry in 1963 and is still in business today and some of the major costume jewelry companies like coro lasted another decade after the 60s.

Still "retro" in style:The backs are smooth and there is no symbol:We mentioned that beads and beaded jewelry was very popular throughout the '50's.

Jewelry in the very late 1950's either still imitated fine jewelry or was clearly "costume" with stones and finishes not found in nature.

There are many beautiful multi-strand beaded necklaces, bracelets, and pairs of earrings from both countries that are frequently confused with similar designs from miriam haskell.

Earlier c clasps had the longer pins and those used closer to the invention of the locking c clasps had shorter pins as the fabrics became less thick.

Personal feeling about the jewelry shown in the ad above and the previous one is that these pieces are not "beautiful" or beautifully made, but rather ordinary and commercial.

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Are some pieces of late '50's - early '60's "glitzy" jewelry:Unsigned rivoli brooch:Unsigned black diamond, aurora and artglass (funky) earrings:During the 1950's some jewelry had an "atomic" motif.

Then i went to the patent office and found the patent -looked to see if there was a separate one for the earring - tried to find it - looked at "costume jewelry 202," checked out a few other patents and did not find it but i think it's probably the same patent #.

While the jewelry is pretty - it doesn't resemble the diamond and pearl filligree jewelry that was worn 60 years earlier.

Most jewelry was no longer made in wax resist molds and hand finished but was made in rubber molds and spun cast.

Shoulder duster earrings:In the first part of the workshop we talked about how jewelry construction changed in the late 1950's.

I did not know the connection between raymond yard and robert gibson:And i just looked at it and there is nothing similar to your necklace - also nothing on their website - so i think it's safe to say that the box is raymond yard but the necklace is not.

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