Dating with bad teeth

I really love everything about him, and i wish he would prioritize his own health and comfort, but im also sick of nagging him about prioritizing his health and comfort, and i definitely never look at him and wish that i were dating a man with whiter, straighter, or more teeth, so.

Probably coming here with a different definition of bad teeth to a lot of you guys.

), and to, uh, celebrate this milestone I will be posting a ton and gently directing readersThough most of us have grown up thinking a good sense of humour, some ambition and a decent taste in shoes are the main criteria for a potential partner, it would appear the nation is actually more concerned with the state of someones teeth.

Dating guys with bad teeth


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Seems the way to a persons heart is through their mouth as the research from spotlight teeth whitening found 57 per cent of people are instantly attracted to and drawn to a persons teeth and smile.

Do have trouble going on a date with the teeth or the fat or the ear hair, rather than someone with those physicalities, and sometimes thats how it feels when someone is really insecure about some aspect of themselves its like being on a date with the teeth instead of a person with teeth.

, anecdata: my ex (five years together) was in his early forties (im in my mid 20s) and his teeth were really bad, like broken, and some decayed so he lost them.

Dating with bad teeth

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No ones ever commented on my teeth being fucked, and even if they did, screw them.

When your face lights up and your personality shines through, the last thing that someone whos into you will notice is your teeth.

I was upset, yeah, because i saw something more, but if someone says this to you, its not about your teeth.

Dating someone with messed up teeth

Why it's OK not to date someone because you don't like his teeth!

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Meeting women is hard because when (if) they flash a big smile (with their nice teeth) at me i just cant do a big, natural smile back at them.

On a scale from one to shane mcgowan, husbandlogic has some pretty damn british teeth.

Crooked and messed up teeth run in my family, and im just as proud of them as i am of the charm (if i say so myself ) and blue eyes that i inherited from my dad.

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My dad had crooked and messed up teeth (and he refused braces since he played hockey & was afraid a puck to braced teeth would knock em all out).

His teeth were yellowed from so many years of drinking coffee, and his breath was nothing to write home about.

Theyre part of me and no matter how ashamed i am of other bits of my life, i wont be of my teeth.

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Im tall, not overweight, somewhat fit but not too obsessed about it, full head of hair (graying but thats ok), andhorrible teeth.

The truth is, even if your teeth were great and your life were somehow perfect, youd still have issues about something, and if you didnt personally feel that you did, the culture would try to make you have them.

Weve talked about it, because it seems almost subversive in america not to prefer perfectly straight teeth that are so blindingly white theyre almost clear.

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Bad breath, missing teeth, discolored smile, and never had many girlfriends when i was young, so dont have much kissing skill.

May be true that nobody will actively /like/ bad teeth, but judging by comments, there are people who simply dont care about them, and will see past that to notice other things about you that they like.

Sounds to me like you might benefit from therapynot because of your dating or your teeth, but because you say it feels like im a failure as an adult on multiple levels.

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