Did benson and stabler date

Felt the statement benson made was worded wrong,yes she had grown more with stablers character gone,but i think that this attributed to what the writers have allowed and decided to place olivia through.

The other detectives eventually discover that benson has been framed by a man she sent to prison years earlier.

The fact that hargitay agreed to say that in the show (and also the other digs at stabler throughout the season) she has lost the little respect i still had for her.

Benson takes munson's children out of the house and dodds tried to resolve the situation, but while trying to get the gun from the officer, he ends up being shot.

For the male role stabler the finalists were tim matheson, john slattery, and christopher meloni.

It was also complicated because mariska hargitays olivia benson was often secretive about her relationships.

Medical examiner melinda warner (tamara tunie) immediately tests benson and the results come back negative.

[2] wolf conceived benson as a detective in the manhattan special victims unit, which investigates sex crimes.

The previous cast, benson, stabler,munch, icetea ,alex, the coroner and the chief werew perfect.

Are olivia benson and elliot stabler dating

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But when i watch old epsiodes im always surprised how good they were written, how funny they were with each other and how good the chemestry have been between craigen, fin, munch, stabler and benson.

Have not watched the show but a couple of times benson started as top dog.

Leight claimed the viewers misinterpreted what benson said,even if this was true,he had to know that the second half of the statement would cause a firestorm of anger among the fans,he knew the insinuation was there to cause this conflict,knowing that some of them are still salty about the way stabler left and the whole benson/stabler more than partners issue.

[19] although the year is rocky due to noah's health issues and the demands of her job, benson formally adopts noah a year later.

Olivia benson's (mariska hargitay) conversation with detective nick amaro (danny pino) about her former partner, elliot stabler (christopher meloni).

When warner asks benson if she had been raped, she replies, "it was the closest i've ever come.

Benson wad happy with stabld but didnt wanna lose him as a partner and saw what happen with him and his family.

Season 1, benson has a sexual relationship with one of her svu colleagues, detective brian cassidy (dean winters).

I think its more about olivia recognizing that her relationship/partnership with stabler was too important to her.

Law and order svu stabler and benson kiss

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Beleieve most people voted no bc of the simple fact they loved the relationship between benson and stabler.

During an interrogation, serial killer gordon ricketts (matthew modine), whom stabler had investigated 14 years earlier, tells him that they harbor the same kind of rage, and that if it weren't for his family and his job, stabler would be just like him.

In season 15, benson stays with cassidy as she recovers from her imprisonment by a serial rapist.

They had no reason to even mention stabler in comparison to nick and did it just to insult cms fans, like they have been every day for 4 years on twitter.

[16] following a case involving a divorce that turned violent, stabler signs the divorce papers, saying, "when love warps to hate, there's nothing you won't do.

It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that while benson, amaro and finn were amazing actors, without cragen, stabler and munch, they were not enough to carry the show even with chicago pds assistance.

Amaro and benson could have easily had a touching moment about the last four years without bringing stabler (whose name apparently couldnt be mentioned) into it.

In an 11th season episode, he runs away from school and tries to join the army, something stabler disapproves of.

Lewis is found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer, but the jury voices doubts about benson's story and acquits him of attempted rape.

Olivia benson and elliot stabler hook up

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However, during a case in which three women are charged with raping a male stripper, benson and ada alexandra cabot (stephanie march) are quick to believe the man's story, while stabler takes a cynical view of his claim from the start.

Benson blames herself for dodds' death because they did not initially search munson for a weapon.

Think she may not have grown in the same way with elliot, but lets be real, he basically taught her everything she knew and that is the reason shes in her current positiondid him leaving allow her the room to figure out her personal life and adopt a son, sure, but i definitely dont think that was about amaro as a person, it was about a lack of elliot and the accompanying stabler drama.

Subsequent seasons, lewis' name becomes a kind of code for an intensely dangerous situation and benson reveals that her trauma and ordeal with him will always be a part of her.

[4] executive producer and head writer neal baer has explained that she is "the empathetic, passionate voice for these victims",[5] in contrast to stabler, who embodies "the rage we feel, the 'how can this happen?

Stabler eventually opens up to hendrix about his personal demons,[4] and they become close until hendrix is transferred.

[31] by 1998, she had received her detective's shield and was assigned to the 16th precinct as a detective 3rd grade, where she was partnered with detective elliot stabler.

[25][26][27] in the episode "justice denied", benson and haden end their relationship due to a conflict of interest.

Has stated that her favorite svu scene occurs in the season 7 episode "fault", when benson is faced with the possibility of losing stabler: "lou diamond phillips [who played a child killer] has a gun to elliot's head.

Did benson and stabler date

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The season 11 episode "perverted," benson becomes the prime suspect in the sexual mutilation and murder of a biker gang member.

"chicago crossover" and "they'll have to go through me", benson strikes up a friendship with sergeant hank voight (jason beghe) of the chicago police department, despite their differing methodologies when it comes to solving crime.

For the benson/stabler partnership/friendship, chrissy hynd put it best when she said, its a thin line between love and hate.

She grew because the job opened up when the captain left and she took it stabbler or no stabbler if cap would have stayed she would still be detective benson amaro is even a bigger hot head than stabbler smh these writers took shots via a story line at chris (stabbler) and used a friend to do it.

Grew more in my last four years with you than i did in the 12 years that i was with him, said benson, who in recent years has risen in rank from detective to acting co to sergeant.

"[60] in 2001, entertainment weekly's ken tucker criticized benson and stabler as "the most naive, bleeding heart molester busters in america.

Following stabler's departure, she is partnered with nick amaro (danny pino), but soon becomes sergeant and acting commanding officer in the wake of both sergeant john munch (richard belzer) and captain donald cragen's (dann florek) retirement during the 15th season.

If cragen did not retire, cragen wouldve still lead the squad; regardless of stabler being there or not.

, detective benson and detective stabler were extremely close when christopher meloni was a still a part of the series.

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In the season 5 episode "lowdown", it is revealed benson had a relationship with a murder victim who turned out to be homosexual and hiv positive.

Referenced the old relationship between Benson and Stabler and fans are going nuts, but they should relaxDetective elliot stabler resurfaced wednesday night in the law & order: svu season finale, in an unexpected and arguably jarring way.

There were times when olivia could have gone onto bigger and better things like working with the fbi but she is the one that kept coming back to stabler and svu.

And stabler were a truly great team but i do think that the closeness kept both of them from moving forward because that would mean their relationship would change.

Declan murphy tells the grand jury that he instructed benson to lie in her press conference, thus clearing her of lewis' death and possible perjury charges.

Without stabler she was finally allowed to live for herself, to chase after what she wanted without fear of rejection.

Stabler and benson were so codependent with each other and even though i loved watching them together i was kind of glad stabler left.

Later, while in questioning, the other marine tells tutuola that, "she [benson] has ptsd, i would recognize that glassy-eyed look anywhere.

As a result, benson breaks it off with tucker at the end of the episode "chasing theo".

Raychel's take on that SVU kiss...? WHAT?

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The end of the season 14 finale "her negotiation", benson is kidnapped by serial rapist/murderer william lewis (pablo schreiber).

Weve learnt more about rollins, amaro and even carisi in 3/ 1 season(s) than we learnt about the captain and munch in 12, and probably the same as we did about stabler over 12 seasons.

[7] benson's mother serena (elizabeth ashley), an english professor, was an alcoholic who emotionally and physically abused olivia.

It comes out only because internal affairs is investigating benson and stabler in a case in which the department accidentally outed a professional football player.

"[17] however, after being cleared in the death of a suspect, stabler realizes that he cannot bear to lose either his job or his family, so he seeks reconciliation with his wife.

She asks for a new partner after stabler expects her to jeopardize his life to shoot a convicted sex offender (lou diamond phillips) who had kidnapped two children and killed one of them.

In the season 2 episode "taken", serena benson dies falling down a flight of subway stairs outside the entrance to a bar.

I am saying here in a nut shell,all the above mentioned in my opinion and millions of others is true,that is a fact,the reality is that it was not logical at the time for certain situations to occur between benson/stabler,at least by the writers way of thinking,keeping in mind that neal baer once mentioned in an interview that they were concerned that the viewers would lose interest or stop watching svu if they got what they wanted to happened between elliot and olivia!

When benson and stabler catch ricketts about to kill a young girl, stabler appears ready to kill him in cold blood; it is only benson's intervention that prevents him from doing so.

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