Did iyanya dating yvonne nelson

Damn, that was a lot of honest divulging about iyanya & she who must not be named.

As bad as iyanya appears from afar, i refuse to be swayed by this tale of hers.

. nelson, honestly you deserve better than iyanya, i honestly chose all this time to believe you couldnt have dated him.

I wasnt shy about anything but he could not say hes dating yvonne nelson because he had different people he was seeing so it was very hard for him to bring it out.

Did iyanya dating yvonne nelson

Yvonne Nelson Cautions Ladies to Stay Away From Lying Nigerian Men

Yvonne Nelson is not holding her tongue when it comes to her past relationships which have largely been with Nigerian men ...

Bet if iyanya was honest and told her i have many girlfriends she would have accepted it and continued to be with him.

People only got to know that you and iyanya were dating after you broke up.

You calling her anorexia, sick, bla bla bla, did you hear her she says she is not sick africans are so use to seeing fat people that any slim lady they see is sick anyways yvonne dear i love everything about you i pray you find a good guy.

It wont be too far fetched to say that ghanaian actress yvonne nelson is one of the most talked about celebrities in nigeria.

Is iyanya dating yvone nelson

Love Triangle - Singer Iyanya Dumps Yvonne Nelson For Tonto Dike

I was going through my tweeter feeds and a tweet caught my eye. The tweet was by crazically fit crooner Tonto Dike. After reading ...

Is a real douchbag if he really had other women when he was in a relationship with miss nelson.

The moment anybody starts denying and altering stories about any partner they are dating, they cant be proud to be associated.

Every time i see a girl that is ready, it is either her friends or her sisters are saying is this not yvonne nelsons boyfriend?

Yvonne am not trying to blame you, but must you star date your fellow star?

Is iyanya still dating yvonne nelson

Had to put down the french fry i was eating while reading this article, yvonne really looks amazing.

Love u yvonne but you should have gone to friends and family not the media.

. i have always been indifferent about yvonne nelson but this interview has made me fall in love with her.

.leave iyanya is for those cheap girls out therethat dude feels himself way too much.

I’m not the only guy who broke Yvonne Nelson’s heart – Iyanya

TrippleMG act, Iyanya has finally opened up about his much-publicized split from Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson.

At her hotel room at raddison blu, victoria island, yvonne was a warm host as she opened up on her past relationship, her life, career and more.

Imagin yvonne marrying don jazzzy,or dan foster or some oda more matured men, e go set!

In this chat with entertainer, iyanya, who recently performed at big brother naija eviction show, talks about his career, his new ep, the heady days of kukere, women and his affair with ghanaian star actress, yvonne nelson.

Personally, i will question the taste and standards of any woman who chooses to date a guy like iyanya.

IYANYA Finally Revealed Why He Broke Up With YVONNE NELSON

IYANYA Finally Revealed Why He Broke Up With YVONNE NELSON.

Still dont believe that a guy would cheat on a lady as beautiful as yvonne nelson.

I go slap my sister if she as much as exchange sms with iyanya talk less of dating him.

No be by fine dem dey do this love thing(that is if you even consider yvonne fine).

.i never blamed her in anyway but really, it is not rocket science to see that iyanya is not someone who wants to be committed relationship (at least not yet).

Iyanya Opens Up About Yvonne Nelson Split VIA CRYSTALGBEDU COM

Yvonne Nelson opened up that they really dated, however he wasn't happy when the whole misunderstanding started.

How are you sure the iyanya (as bad as he seems) does not deserve better?

I am talking about iyanya because we had a thing, i dont want to bring in a third person.

I love yvonne nelson so much and feel that with her beauty and personality she did a good thing by not wanting to share her man with someone.

Year, her relationship with nigerian music star iyanya brewed a lot of media attention when it ended.

Am I The First To Break Yvonne Nelson's Heart Iyanya Fires Back

Description Some weeks back popular Ghanaian actress cum movie producer, Yvonne Nelson, had a very candid interview ...