Did tony and ziva hook up in paris

You ziva fans can blame the network all you want, she said it wasnt about the money but yet you insist it is, she said it was for personal reasons but you insist the network was wouldnt give her the hours she wanted as if she can dictate that.

That tony was awesome in his character but why would you cancel him out like that and why not bring ziva back in.

Have a little fan-theory that tony will bring little tali to an opera in paris one day, on the day of her namesakes birth, because ziva always used to do that and tony would want to raise her knowing who her mother was or is?

Know they didnt have much time but seriously between the case and tony looking for her we got less than 20 minute of ziva.

Doesnt matter that they finally destroyed the wonder woman mossad princess barbie & finally gave us just ziva.

At baltimore, tony ran into his future boss: leroy jethro gibbs and the two sides worked together on a money laundering case.

I think gibbs sensed that ziva was letting gosince she stayed so invisible when she had to know they were looking for her.

Every single time we have seen ziva crack, it is the badge, her family, that keeps her from breaking.

Eventually discovered that his partner, danny price was a dirty cop which ultimately prompted tony to resign from baltimore pd for good and join ncis instead, gibbs having suggested it to him earlier.

Did tony and ziva hook up in paris

Tiva in Paris "Jet Lag" 7x13

One of my favorite Tiva moments!

Being with ncis for fifteen years, having first joined the agency in 2001, tony resigned from ncis for good in may 2016 to care for his daughter, tali.

Always subscribed to the ziva inherited money from her mother/her grandparents/ari/eli because she always seemed to have money for clothes, weapons, safe houses, etc.

Much like lbhe was a gift to the fans who had been watching since day 1, this episode, for those who chose to step beyond their vision of ziva and/or tiva, was very much a gift to fans who enjoyed the character for years.

I will rewatch the episode with the more humanized ziva in mind this time and see if it has more impact for me.

This episode, to me, seemed like just a quick adios to ziva with a focus on setting up their larger arc or furthering their stories for the season.

Why dont you head over to fan fiction and crate your own tony ziva story and leave ncis to the grownups.

.but damn, i had too*** & lol to the fact that ziva likes to corner tony in the men's bathroom.

And your loss of zivas character has created a void into the show of ncis.

The episode, to me, wasnt about tiva, or a ninja, but about the ziva david that we have gotten to know.

Do ziva and tony hook up in ncis

tony and ziva undercover!

the moment we have all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!the kiss!!!!!! ziva+tony= Tiva!! please rate and comment.

I still havent forgiven them for not renewing her contract, and now tony is gone.

Mess of an episode and an awful way to end the ziva character and even worse way to end tivathis was the way ncis says thank you to fans for their loyalty?

Young boy, still resenting tony for refusing to save his sister later grew up and also got a job at the baltimore arson unit and didn't meet tony until the season 9 episode, rekindled (episode) and as such, this event was what later prompted tony to become a detective.

No matter how much tiva haters whinge about it, tony has a daughter and she is zivas.

In my family, from grandparents, parents, children want ziva to be alive we need that hope.

Cdp did an amazing job of showing that big girl ziva was finally dealing with the demons that little girl ziva had seenand in her own eyes had become.

Ziva deserved it to be a happy ever after at least for the send off.

No, it wasnt the ziva show, but it was a show about a family, and i felt that a member of that family wasnt given the farewell she deserved.

Tony went all that way & it took all that effort to find her, he better have gotten more than one kiss!

NCIS - Tony and Ziva in Love Maybe

The witness, Nora Williams, kills time on the flight by asking Tony and Ziva why they never hooked up. Watch NCIS on Tuesdays ...

We pray that ziva is alive and has the complete family with tony and their daughter in future, the boss didnt get his family back by way of wife and child but with his family team.

Cote is pregnant in real life, maybe we can see zeva pregnant with tonys love child.

A bit of a soap opera already with the long lost child, to eventually have it that zivas alive would be ridiculous.

Id hate to make a video and not include some pivotal ziva and tony moments.

While it was generous for the producers to let the character ziva live on off camera the past 3 years, i see now that it would have been better to have had closure then instead of presumably killing her off last tuesday.

For the characters to have growth tony just cant start sleeping around again and be attracted to the next agent that walks in the door.

Was ziva, a little lost, looking to find herself & what she really wants from life for herself.

I tend to believe that mossad did not reveal the secret to tony and that he figured it out himself.

Gary glasberg certainly hasnt helped the matter by suggesting afterwards that there may still be hope that ziva escaped harm and is out there somewhere.

Would have liked it more if tony wasnt actually the father, but he was the only person ziva trusted to raise her daughter as his own upon her death.

. sad to see her go, hope she can return occasionally (doubtful) but i am really looking forward to tony being able to move forward with his life.

All the character development and tiva greatness of season ten now makes little sense heck i would have rather had her go off to get those who were threatening her family at least that would have made sense and in keeping with newer improved ziva.

, im just going to keep believing that ziva is alive and probably already reunited with tony and tali.

The case investigating the murder of his colleague, fellow ncis special agent chris pacci, tony met and subsequently befriended amanda reed with the two beginning a relationship.

, (or "junior" by his father, anthony dinozzo senior or very special agent anthony dinozzo) was the senior field agent on the ncis major case response team led by leroy jethro gibbs with tony also serving as the second-in-command of the team.

Way to end the ep wouldve been to kill ziva right in front if tony.

Ziva did not make this show great, and now maybe we can focus on all the members of the cast that did!

I was also irritated that tony didnt yell at that friend also about how ari had ended kates life instead he just walks away.

[NCIS] (Tony/Ziva) - Elevator Tension

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She loves him, but not in the best way that tony needs, now at least.

To that i totally agree i have watched ncis from the start an i watch all the re-runs i love the show but iam so glad they didnt kill off ziva that way she can make suprise visits just like mike franks i really liked him but they killed him off if some people dont like the show then keep quite an go watch some stupid reality crappy show (which i totally dispise).

Think it kind of took tony aback, because he had been thinking that him was tony, not gibbs.

All ncis special agents, tony was trained in the use of a firearm with his primary weapon of choice being a sig-sauer p228.

When he said he had never been someones everything before, i believed that this little girl will be the making of tony the grownup.

Am not a ziva-nutter as mentioned in the first comment but the notion that ziva sent talia to tony when she realized she was a target did pop into my mind and would totally be something she would do.

It seems like the episode leaned more toward her possibly coming back and then her and tony having to face the whole we pretty much admitted we love each other but now we work together again awkwardness.

Think it would have been much better if zivz had made contact with tony about their daughter, maybe ziva sick or even better the daughter need a body part from tony, a course they have to get tony over their under some other pretense.

Remember, even when gibbs believed tony would never find ziva when she left, he did.

Tony & Ziva/They Will Always Have Paris/

My second Tony and Ziva video. Longer than my first one. I had a tough time finding a song. For now it's more about ...

She should have manned up and been honest with tony about their baby instead of slinking off like the coward that shes so totally not!

's presumed that after viv blew the anti-terror operation in rota, spain, tony stopped speaking to her for good and also subsequently cut off any kind of communication with her as well, presumably because he was angry at her for knowingly jeopardizing the operation or putting gibbs's life in danger or maybe because he felt she was too far gone to be reasoned with.

The thing is, they themselves said it so many years ago, ziva david is irreplaceable.

For ziva, i think the show left the door open for her to be alive somewhere.

We were fortunate to get what we got as far as the character zivas exit.

That is what they try and show us family is important, there are obstacles and love life that end up in flames but the overall picture is family i just did not like the ending for tony and ziva ziva proved herself an innocent person and they all have terrible secrets you have your opinion and i have mine but thats what made it interesting, those obstacles they doge but that was not the right ending for ziva!

The possibility that ziva is alive is awesome and offers lots of opportunities for the future.

Senior would later remarry, choosing various women who would become young tony's stepmothers with tony having no positive or pleasant memories of any of them.

Loved her character, cote is a wonderful actress but she and tony together i would not have liked.

what we have all been waiting for

TONY AND ZIVA KISS season 3 episode 8 Undercover.