Did tori and beck dating on victorious

Tori decides not to judge beck for it, because she has a friend with a talking puppet (robbie).

(specifically, before looking into his eyes, tori looks at beck's lips, maybe implying that she wants to kiss him, or maybe that she wants him to kiss her.

Gives tori the same look and running hand through hair motion as in beggin' on your knees when she was performing; a possible sign of showing he is attracted to her.

And tori have a fairly short conversation about pink lemonade and why it was pink.

It is a christmas miracle she did not turn around while beck and i were goofing off.

Tori says, "this isn't making me feel less crazy" beck looks at her, smiles at her and nods a little.

Sinjin tries to turn the video off, tori doesn't let him because she wants to keep watching beck.

The gang is at tori's house and tell her ryder is just using her to get a good grade beck looks really sorry for her.

Is very happy that tori goes over to him to play with the turblow jet.

Will tori and beck dating on victorious

Soon as tori says she would take rex to the hospital, beck is the first to say that he would drive her there.

One of cat's and tori's funny nuggets show wear they are dressed like men, the button up she wore looked similar to one of beck's.

Looks at tori when tori says she doesn't know how trina got into hollywood arts.

Even though this movie is the outskirts and not victorious, we can totally imagine that jodi and dave are actually tori and beck ~finally~ admitting their love for each other on screen in an alternate reality (that is, if jodi can get her life together and stop obsessing over getting revenge).

Beck and tori bother sikowitz so badly that it causes him to leave the room.

Tori and cat are singing 'la boyz,' tori walks closely around beck and he watches her smiling flirtily and dancing with her.

Beck gives tori his hoagie, he laughs when she starts stuffing it in her mouth.

Robbie asked where rex was, beck goes in front of the turblow jet, hiding the damaged rex.

Tori offers for the guys to leave and get help beck convinces andre to go with him after jade insists tori on leaving.

Did tori and beck dating on victorious

A Victorious Bori Story [Beck & Tori] Ep.1

HEy! so I am a bori shipper :D so just read my story and tell me whether you like it or not!! thank you, please enjoy!! xxx In School ...

And tori glance at each other at the same time while working on the cupcake.

Is very happy for beck when he says he got the role and also when he got it back after being fired.

Uploaded a photo with her and beck on the slap and the caption was "if you look to the left, you see jade is standing behind beck and me.

Tori and beck high-five and put their hands down, if you look closely, beck still holds tori's hands for a little more.

Stands really close to beck when she goes over to play with the turblow jet.

Tori looks all tired and awful, beck says, "i'm not agreeing that you're tired and awful.

's no way you can truly know what heartbreak is until the tv couple you ship doesn't get together before the show they're on gets cancelled, which is the case for every poor soul who shipped tori and beck (played by victoria justice and avan jogia) on nickelodeon's victorious!

And beck danced together and looked into each others' eyes numerous times throughout the performance.

Jade said tori was in the restaurant with andr, beck immediately lifts up his eyes, as if he was interested in hearing the story.

Who Does Beck On Victorious Belong With? ( Jade, Cat, or Tori?) Ep 2!

Here's the second episode- with some sweet moments between BORI, BAT, AND BADE. Vote for your fave. I dont own anything.

", beck looks at her and explains to her (like everyone else) how she got in.

Beck explains to tori that he and russ were stage fighting, beck smirks at her.

In cooking with beck, beck teases tori about her nostrils, then she later teases him by laughing when robbie says that he loves his soup.

The gang decide to hang out at wanko's, tori turns to beck and said, "oh and we can play with your-".

Trina is first telling the gang about the sale at wanko's, beck stands beside tori.

Trina makes beck sniff her arm, beck gives tori a questionable look, and tori says, "i have to live with her!

Beck puts lettuce on tori's stomach, he pats her stomach a little bit, and she shouts, "don't push so hard!

Beck is in his character and was supposed to be invading everyone's personal space, he almost kisses tori, but then jade interrupts and says if he does, something very bad might happen.

(and everyone) are very impressed with tori's third and final attempt at the bird scene.

Beck & Tori - Last First Kiss

After completely falling in love with this song, I decided to set it to Beck and Tori's cutest moments because they always deserve ...

Gives tori a flirty look when he sings to her and she smiles back at him.

The alphabet improv, when beck falls on the ground because his character couldn't breathe the earth air, tori grabs onto his arm just before he falls.

Tells tori she shouldn't tell the movie director that she didn't want to do the stunt.

Sings along with tori when she sings, "the wheels on the cupcake go round and round.

Beck and andr try to take the phone from robbie, beck yells: "there's no photo of tori's butt on the slap!

Puts her hand on beck's shoulder when she is singing and he looks at her smiling.

And tori stand next to each other while sikowitz explains what that little girl did.

Wanted to kiss tori, and she wanted to kiss him too, however she couldn't because of jade.

(and andr) give tori a queen chair when she wins the title of "hambone king" (queen).

Says that beck's statue wants to straighten his hair to look like beck's, and doesn't know how it would work.

Giggles when tori makes the shirt that sinjin gave her go in the turblow jet.

Mason invited jade to sing in platinum musical awards, beck says "no way," because he wants tori to sing at the platinum music awards, not jade.

Pointed to trina and cat after he touched tori's arm, showing her that they have the mask removal stuff.

Jade yells at tori to say out of their arugment and is about to exit out of the chat, beck has an upset look on his face and rolls his eyes.

(beck, tori, cat, andr and robbie walk off to go find helen) (helen back again).

Helps tori with her plan in making sikowitz happy again after missing his ex girlfriends bunny.

And beck were hitting on the same window at the end, and when his dad came into view, they both backed up and screamed at the same time, causing them to get closer.

Was looking at jade talk to tori after they were announced partners, and when she said, "can't wait for our fight" *pause* "scene.

Beck & Tori || Why did you go?

Watch in HD[720p]! I needed to make a new Bori/Vavan video. IT'S FAKE, THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. I MADE IT [JUST ...

The end of the mash-up, there is going to be a hug between them, but it was cut short, tori holds her arms out and beck runs his hand through his hair with a smile on his face.

Tori saw the beck and jade car segment on robarazzi while she is at home she closes her laptop with an upset look after the scene.

The alphabetical improv, when jade tells tori that it is unbelievable that she is at hollywood arts, beck defends tori by telling jade that it is very immature for her to say that.

Only reason that tori gives of why she didn't want beck to kiss her is, because it would be a problem to her and jade (who seem to have become friends), not because she wouldn't like it.

Tries the hardest to save tori when she is being pulled away by the guards.

(they all walk off, but beck waits for tori and then they both walk off together) (the bird scene).

Glances over at tori when she says that trina got in because sikowitz drank from a spoiled coconut milk.

Tori runs and says "it's her, it's her," she touches beck's shoulder (as well as robbie and andr's).

And tori are seen laughing together again when beck is lying down in jade's lap.

Tori & Beck (+Jade) ● Skinny Love

[Watch in HD!] So yeah, here's another Bori video, just for you guys ;{) It's FINALLY done! It took me about a week and I worked ...