Do rachel and finn dating in real life

Also i think sam deserved a better ending, i feel like they kind of recycled their finale plans for finn and gave them to sam.

I really liked that they focused on the core, original 5 from the first episode, as well as will and sue.

Eventually, the network loves the script and calls rachel, and she moves to la to start shooting her pilot.

I never knew i needed a will/sue duet to the winner takes it all in my life, but quite frankly, i dont know how ive done without it for so long.

They needed to figure out what they each wanted in their lives, and finn might have wanted kurt and blaine to follow the same path.

Liked the jesse part too, i mean besides finn, only jesse could rachel really end up with on the show.

However, finn takes rachel to the train station and sacrifices their relationship for rachel's dreams.

We get itthey are real life best friends but in no way was it satisfying, for me, to have her married to jesse.

I would have preferred that all of the time allocated for sues scenes to have been used on rachel and to give an update on the unholy trinity at least.

Rachel berry and finn hudson dating in real life

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There most certainly was a reference to kurts crush on finn in a voice-over during mercedes emergency meeting.

Shelby was rachels biological mother, where rachel is their surrogate, meaning its an egg donor and klaines sperm.

[7] the two share a kiss in the episode "showmance", although he tells her to forget that it happened and continues dating his girlfriend, cheerleader quinn fabray (dianna agron).

Finn ultimately breaks up with quinn when he realizes he has a deeper connection with rachel, despite the fact that she and jesse seem to be a couple again.

Mary points out that television viewers want anti-heroes, but rachel responds by singing, and mary, uncharacteristically, is moved and made happy by the performance.

Rachel eventually discovers that finn slept with cheerleader santana lopez (naya rivera) the previous year while rachel was dating jesse, and lied about it, though rachel herself had lied and said she had slept with jesse when she hadn't; hurt, she makes out with puck to hurt finn back; this betrayal causes finn to break up with her.

I cried even more with the scene of will's wedding proposal to emma, because the performance of new directions in we found love was really beautiful :) .

[10] she has a brief relationship with another glee club member, puck (mark salling), who is also jewish, and is a football player who used to bully her, but she breaks up with him due to her continuing feelings for finn.

As kurts stepbrother, finn might have been protective of kurt and urged him to reconsider.

Were finn and rachel from glee dating in real life

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Later, rachel plans on applying back to nyada, and she is accepted, but is torn between broadway or college.

Was ok with her ending up with sam or jess, because they knew him, they understood rachels love for him.

She later realizes she is missing one of the best nights of her life and attends the prom with finn and is voted prom queen by secret ballot (altered by quinn), in a similar situation to kurt the previous year.

* kurt and blaine live an expectedly fabulous life in new york, where they serve as inspirations to the tiny gays of all five boroughs.

"[34] zap2it's korbi ghosh has deemed rachel's high point on the show romancing of finn and puck, commenting: "when we saw rachel fall for them, she was actually relatable.

[15] wounded by quinn telling her that the two of them are back together, rachel writes an original song for regionals, "get it right", and when new directions wins, is named the club's competition mvp.

I honestly havent enjoyed the show since finn/corey died but i find people like you annoying.

Rachel will never be popular because her looks aren't considered beautiful, and when i was in high school it was the same for me.

: wennmelissa benoist & blake jennermarley & ryder's real-life counterparts hit it off instantly, starting a relationship practically when he arrived on set after his glee project win.

Do rachel and finn dating in real life

Though this and finn's temporary ouster from the football team test their relationship, it remains quite strong through the beginning of season two; the two work together to throw the glee club's duets competition so newcomer sam evans (chord overstreet) wins instead.

I think it was really something special and i will miss it but this felt like the perfect ending.

Finns presence has been missed the last few seasons but these episodes showed just how much he & corey are missed.

Santana offers to be rachel's understudy when rachel is stuck in los angeles for a television show audition.

Tibideaux to come and see rachel perform with new directions at nationals in chicago (unbeknownst to rachel).

Even that date seems too distant, so rachel and finn later decide to marry after regionals in "on my way".

Mercedes, believing she did better in the callbacks, refuses to accept the double-casting and withdraws from the show, leaving rachel to be maria.

Bases rachel on herself when she was younger, and also draws inspiration from the film election, and the gossip girl character blair waldorf (leighton meester).

At nationals, as the new directions are about to go on stage, finn begs rachel to get back together with him, but though she professes her love, she refuses, still torn between her love for new york and broadway and her love for him.

We're finn and rachel dating in real life

Glee - Rachel finds out Santana and Finn slept together 2x09

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Chance meeting with rachel berry of whose myspace videoshe was a big fan led lady hummel to the glee club, though rachel was quick to clarify that she had no intentions of sharing the spotlight with him.

Songs performed by michele as rachel have been released as singles, available for digital download, also featuring on the soundtracks glee: the music, volume 1 and glee: the music, volume 2.

We got enough of rachel this season and we all knew how she was gonna end up.

However, he wrote that "it was a bit much when finn looked at rachel in her catsuit and frizzy hair and said she looked like a 'sad clown hooker.

Of rachel's songs are solos, with some being group tracks and a few being duets.

George of the new york post has deemed rachel "the only female [in glee] who doesn't come across as manipulative or vapidly helpless",[32] while the chicago tribune's maureen ryan wrote, "lea michele not only has an amazing voice but manages to make her character, spoiled diva rachel berry, more than a humorless stereotype.

Romantic relationship between them wasn't built to last, but at least artie & tina's real-life counterparts remained great friends afterwards.

Rachel has received mostly positive reviews from critics: maureen ryan of the chicago tribune praised michele for making the character "more than a humorless stereotype", though the wall street journal's raymund flandez has described rachel as "insufferable".

Michele, who in real life was dating cory monteith, had asked to postpone this episode until everyone was ready.

Girlfriend- Rachel and Finn


In the episode "choke", rachel auditions for nyada in front of formidable judge carmen tibideaux (whoopi goldberg) but forgets the words to a song she has known since she was a child, and the audition abruptly ends.

Murphy said in interviews that the scene rachel talks about in the quarterback being successful on broadway and finn teaching and then her coming back to lima and just saying im home was the original ending.

Agree even if they were in rachels house or the choir room someone could have been have u heard quinn is doing this or has anyone heard how mike is doing etc.

Rachel proposes that mckinley do west side story as the school musical, since she believes herself to be a shoo-in for the lead role, maria, and she needs the experience for her nyada application.

Jesse st james was my 2nd guy for rachel (after finn, rip) and i loved the theme of the importance of the arts.

Jesse and finn are kicked out of the prom when finn picks a fight with jesse over his attentions to rachel on the dance floor, which effectively ends finn and quinn's campaign for prom king and queen.

"[35] raymund flandez for the wall street journal commented on the episode "preggers", "rachel has become insufferable.

In "prom-asaurus" rachel is still upset about her choke and organises an "anti-prom" with kurt, blaine, becky and puck.

Sam probably would have stuck around ohio with finn instead of spending a year in new york before going back.

"What did Rachel do to get Finn Hudson?" (Season 1-2)

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Stories 'glee' season 6 scoop: final season reduced to 13 episodes rachel and finn's original 'glee' ending revealed by ryan murphy glee will end after season 6: ryan murphy.

Rachel doesn't appear in this episode until the very end where she states, "before finn, i used to sing alone, this was one of the songs we would sing when we drove around together.

[11] she later discovers and reveals to finn that quinn's pregnancy was not caused by him, but that puck is the father; furious, finn attacks puck, breaks up with quinn, and drops out of new directions.

Rachel is waiting for quinn, who had gone home to get her bridesmaid dress, to arrive.

In the final minutes of the series, she performs onerepublic's "i lived" with almost every former member of new directions and the adults during the rededication of mckinley's auditorium to finn hudson.

'seamless' and 'realistic' have never been glee's strong points, which is not to say they couldn't be.

The glee club needs to recruit new members to get back up to the minimum twelve required for competitions, rachel initially encourages transfer student sunshine corazon (charice) to try out, but when she realizes just how good sunshine is, she sabotages the audition, directing her to an inactive crack house instead of the true location; sunshine ends up transferring to carmel high and joining vocal adrenaline.

James (jonathan groff), a member of rival glee club vocal adrenaline, but primarily for quarterback and glee club co-captain finn hudson (cory monteith), to whom she eventually becomes engaged.

To say that i havent watched glee since the quarterback, watched rachels debut on broadway.

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