Does ziva and tony hook up

How about the interview where he said if tony and ziva get together it would be a disaster?

We have zivas nastisness and mcgees lack of respect for his senior partner and that seems to be ok!

What the show has planned for tony az (after ziva) has michael excited for tonys future.

.by the end of zivas time; she was giving the sfa orders as if she was above him.

Also know it is not the tony show, but since i cant see how or why he should have to be tied to a character who is no longer on the show, im compelled to lobby for his freedom from said character.

Even shane brennan is smart enough to acknowledge that the ratings jumped due to usa and not ziva or tiva.

From too old-too fat-what a woman could possibly find in you-you stink tony to masochist-tony who wants to thank orli for the woman ziva has become, add to all of this an assault in israel and some of the most nauseating, fake, unbelievable love scenes ever and youll feel as sick as all tony/mws fans.

The writers have changed the dynamics of the teamyou dont get that family feel any more and gibbs and tonys relationship has just shifted completely out the window.

Is not what would make me trust her or anyoneimo, the only reason anyone could possibly want tony with someone like her.

Soon, we find out that someone was pulled out of the rubble, and tony gets his second shock: he was a father.

Does tony and ziva hook up on ncis

Ziva and Tony out their relationship//Silver War dialogue w/beginning "flashback" **AU edit**//NCIS

A 3-part Tiva mini-marathon edit: A prologue of Tony finding out that a missing Ziva is in love with him, Tiva opening credits and ...

Gibbs says this is a family then leave the family alone dont replace ziva, focus on the rest of the cast and leave the desk empty.

In one episode, member s of the ncis team discussed their rent and tony mentioned that he owned this place.

Of our ziva, bringing you weekly episodes telling the stories of our tragic heroine as she changes her backstory to fit the latest episode, stalking and making eyes at the 2ic like he was a piece of fresh meat while she jumps into bed with the latest suspect if she doesnt kill him of course.

) sometimes i felt like theyd asked someone to write something whod never ever watched or heard of the show and thus had no idea about the characters and their traits (or at least not about anyone but ziva, tony and gibbs, who seemed to be the only important bits).

I love mark michael pauley sean & rocky but ziva has made tony grow up & tony has lightened ziva up.

I hope that tony can continue to mature, but still keep that twinkle in his eye.

What frustrated dinozzo fans is that the episodes leading up to the finale, there was very little tony.

Mw adores cote and he has even said that (up until now) season 3 was his favorite season because it brought ziva.

No one really believed her until the second to the last episode ended with an explosion at the israeli farmhouse where ziva lived.

Could tony ever trust ziva with his life, after knowing that she turned off her comm.

Does ziva and tony hook up

(tony/ziva) the kiss & end scene; " have always had my back..."

Warning: spoilers for ncis season 7 episode 2 entitled reunion. *** i never upload scenes....but damn, i had too*** & lol to the fact ...

When she watches tony does his stuff or he watches her hide behind that barricade of an israeli assassin princess mentality, they both clock it, they know it and they can move around each other.

The consensus was to do that more of that this season, to peel back some layers and find little moments and [ever since then] were finding opportunities i think the tony and ziva fans will really enjoy.

While he seemed charming describing the expected reaction of tony fans, there was a dark cloud lurking over his quote.

Is all kinds of very much expected irony to tony being attacked by supposed tiva lovers.

Even had to turn all characters into criminals to make zivas criminal behavior (since her arrivale) look right and her revenge acceptable.

Think that glasberg owes the tiva fans in the sense that tiva has been teased and slowly developed since ziva first showed up in season three.

Also everyone used to work with everyone, then suddenly tony and ziva were always in the field together while tim either went with gibbs or, more frequently, was rotting behind his desk rather than doing teamwork with anyone else, like abby after all he used to help her with tech-stuff or just work in her lab to have company quite frequently, before the writers seemed to forget what the show was about and what was characteristic for it and its components.

Lets get beyond episode 2 and hope that the team (and especially tony) is allowed to too.

Or the ones who accused shane brennan to be a homophobe because he didnt put enough tony/gibbs moments?

Dont slam ziva, tony would go into details with kate until she told him he was gross and a womanizer.

, if its your preference to watch every episode of ncis in season 11 to see if ziva is mentioned or if tony is still in mourning, be my guest.

Cant speak for the others, but personally, my expression of free tony is the hope that the tony character will be able to continue with the growth he began in seasons 3 and 4growth which was put on the back burner to accommodate the tiva storyline.

.i hope, that tony moves on from it and can actually grow and be seen as the wonderful agent that he is.

I just hope that they dont continue to stifle tony by tying him to the idea of her.

The most mysterious clue was that he teased that ziva david, the love of anthony dinozzos life, was going to be prominent in the series finale, curiously entitled family first.

Operative word you used is talkin actuality it appears that ziva has slept with more people on the show than tony has.

Just so you understand the basis for the assumption is that there are only maybe 10 people out of the entire fandom isnt a fan of a tiva romance and thats because of the assumption that she comes between gibbs & tony.

To ziva/tony: i for 1 as well as many others, are thrilled to be free of the ziva;/tiva crap and want tony free to move on to someone who will respect him as a man and maybe even as an agent.

Living in his head seemed satisfying, tony, the confirmed bachelor and neat freak didnt know what to do with a small child.

Now that the little iva is gone, tony will be free to be himself instead of the whipping boy he has become because if her.

As far as the show, i love all the characters and hope tony and ziva, and the whole team, find happiness and all get their turn to develope and grow.

Ziva has never been the star of ncis the character is unable to carry an episode without really on gibbs, tony or whatever guest character she plays with to hold the storyline up.

Well get spoilers that dont relate to ziva or tiva and we can actually discuss the show again.

We get more tony and mcgee friendship like we saw in toc-and get glimpses of every now and then in an episode?

Is tony ever going to be featured as gibbs intelligent, brave, and indispensable second in command again?

He is too old for continued one-night stands; he should really find that caring for ziva for so long has made him ready for a permanent relationship.

Ive been far more engaged by watching that relationship grow over the last three years than i was in seven years of tony and zivas holding pattern (i didnt watch most of s10).

First is the perfect name for this episode, as tony no longer puts himself first now it is all about what is right for his daughter.

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Dinozzo senior, perfectly portrayed by the dapper robert wagner found a photo of ziva and tony, tali points out her mother and says mama in hebrew and then she sees tony in the same photo and says papa in hebrew.

NCIS - Tony and Ziva in Love Maybe

The witness, Nora Williams, kills time on the flight by asking Tony and Ziva why they never hooked up. Watch NCIS on Tuesdays ...

.where does tony go after that, not where do tony, and the gone ziva go after that.

There is something wrong to begin withi cant honestly believe, that tim would have gone along with turning off his comm while providing backup for tony.

Geeze, let zcis leave with cdp and let tony have his own story for a nice change.

Really just need it to be spoiled/leaked whether tony and ziva get it on before she leaves.

I really dont care about tiva canon as long as tony is free of her in the end.

Least following episode 2 ncis spoilers are actually going to have to deal different aspects of the show rather than being entirely about tiva or ziva.

Looking forward to seeing the first 2 episodes of ncis s11but even better is seeing tony freed from only being allowed to be the t in tivanow that the iva is going he can finally be tony again.

Because my comments in this discussion have not agreed with others, lets see, ive been called a hater, naive, accused of wanting tony for my bdsm stories (and i dont even write fan fiction oh, and i used to ship tiva until a few seasons back, btw).

Find out that tony had her number all of this time, yet could not reach her.

How its only the rabid ziva fans who cant seem to stomach them when they appear.

NCIS Tiva (Tony Ziva AU) - Here With Me

VID DL LINK (for the Germans and anyone else) ...

Its a tired, old assumption by the ziva fans that anyone who disagrees with them is one of only 8 fat, bigoted, lesbians who ship g/d and practice bdsm.

Started watching ncis in s6 because of the usa marathons and it wasnt because of ziva, it was because of gibbs.

& ziva staring longingly at each other while mcgee is in mortal danger as he chases a suspect & gibbs waves pom pons in the background over the breaking of rule 12.

Tony/mw has been limited for many seasons in order that gibbs, vance, and mostly ziva dramas could feature in the dramatic spotlight.

The relationship that she has with tony is that they trust each other with their lives.

Maybe they could hook up and when the show ends as i suspect it will, she could come back in the last episode with a little denozzo.

They had to dumb down tony, to make her look goodits time for the tptb and writers to focus on the other characters, unlike they had done during the time ziva was there.

And i agree that the kensi/deeks relationship has (so far) been far better done than the tony/ziva relationship ever was.

They can scream free tony all they want wont change the fact that tiva happens!

I think itd be unfair to tony to chain him to an invisible romantic partner he needs a clean break so he can continue to develop and mature.

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