Epiphone les paul serial number decoder

Serial number will be an 8 digit number impressed into the back of the headstock with "made in usa" below.

It can take davidson several hours to locate a specific serial number, if he can find it at all.

Are always exceptions to these rules, the two listed below are worth noting:Les paul classic: this model features an ink stamped serial number with no "made in usa" (just as we used on the original 1952-1960 les pauls).

Easiest way to find the year of manufacture of a particular gibson guitar is to reference the instrument's serial number of factory order number.

Even then, there may be four other guitarsof all different modelswith the same number sequence.

Thats exactly what happened following a recent modification in the font size of the serial numbers used on the new les paul classics.

Epiphone les paul serial number guide

Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present

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For those who want to date their guitars, check this site out:To carl_ejay - this is the info from the site regarding the serial number you quoted:Your guitar was made at the.

Being purchased by the norlin corporation in 1970, gibson maintained the same confusing 6-digit serial system through 1975, meaning instruments with the same serial number could be from either the 60s or the 70s.

.Davidson is referring to gibsons systemin effect since 1977of including a guitars build date within the serial number sequence.

But, with more than 75 years of shipping records in the gibson books, and dozens of variations on numerical schemes used over the years, serial numbers sometimes do little to shed light on the origin of a mysterious gibson.

The earliest volumes contain hundreds of yellowed pages covered front and back with rows of handwritten numbers.

Most will be 5 to 6 digits in length, but the earliest examples feature 4 digit serial numbers.

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Earlier lower-end models had no serial number at all, making the fon the sole numerical identifier in those cases.

The ship date can help us, but if its a weird serial number, well ask for photos.

The first number of the sequence indicates the decade of production, followed by the three digit day of the year, and finally the year.

Bout an guitar (epiphone) on auktion and i just wonder when and where its made, the number is u6051385.

But, with more than 75 years of shipping records in the Gibson books, and dozens of variations on numerical schemes used over the years, serial numbers sometimes do little to shed light on the origin of a mysterious Gibson.

Many '80s and early '90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory id code.

Epiphone les paul serial number decoder

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Instruments will generally have one or both of these numbers stamped or written either inside the body (generally the case on earlier models) or on the back of the headstock.

Gibson has had so many different schemes over the years, and now were using reissue serial numbers that look like the old serial numbers.

To combat the problem, the company upped its serial number sequence last year from eight digits to nine.

These will generally date an instrument earlier than the serial number, as they were typically applied in the early stages of assembly.

Dont know a lot about these numbers so take that with a pinch of salt, you could try posting your question here:I think mid-late 80's models were made in korea?

The 1st and 2nd indicate the year of manufacture for the 6 digit serial numbers which we've been using since 2000.

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Our customers want serial numbers to be formatted a certain waylike they used to be.

Earliest serialization system was more or less sequential, where each new instrument was assigned the next highest available number.

1st digit indicates the year of manufacture for the 4 & 5 digit serial numbers, these were used from 1989-1999.

In the 1970s, Gibson standardized the serial number system that is still in use today.

The war and even for some time after, each year had its own quirks around fon batch numbers and letters.

The serial number is 880509595 and it's located on a stick-on strip on the back of the headstock.

New Serial Numbering: We've Got Your Numbers

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Resource for iding and dating guitars is gibsons computer database, which catalogues scores of serial numbers from 1987 on through the present.

.The sixth number is now a batch number- batch 0 starts at the beginning of the day, and once we stamp 699, the batch number will change to 1.

, i have such an epiphone, serial number begining with 88 and i cannot find when it was made either!

The last three (or four as of 2005) digits signify the location of production and batch number, respectively, but this information isnt necessary to accurately dating your instrument.

Do the numbers 88 and the last number 5 on your guitar label have a bolder appearance?

On todays new models from gibson usa, memphis, and acoustic, the first and fifth number in the sequence signify the year a guitar was built, and the second, third, and forth number identify the day of the year.

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Wondered if you could tell me where or when it was made,Serial number is: 10071501353.

Or it might be an eight-digit serial number that indicates it was built on the 700th day of the year.

A fingerprint or a social security number, the series of digits inked or impressed on the back of a Gibson headstock can go a long way toward identifying a guitar.

= ranking number (may be more or less digits, not necessarily indicative of total units produced).

We were getting close to having so many guitars come through the factory that the serial number would probably lapse in a day and then start repeating itself so we added that extra digit.

Easiest way to find the year of manufacture of a particular Gibson guitar is to reference the instrument's serial number of factory order number.

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