Ex comes back after dating someone else

I asked him to leave for a few days, he came back, me thinking i was over his mess up, start treating him very badly, so we parted again in february, and he started seeing some one else, though it hurt, i still loved him and didnt move on, but not once did i call and try to get him back, after about two weeks, he started contacting me, saying how he missed us and wanted to come home.

Now he came back 2 days ago telling me he wants to take of his name out of apartment lease.

I know im never going to contact him if he comes back i dont know if i want him anymore.

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, im not an expert when it comes to love; but i have been married for over 12 years, so i can at least give you a little bit of advice.

And i have texted back and forth over the last couple of days (so much for taking a communication break, but i want to know where this all stands without some two month gap).

She moved back here (30 minutes away now) over the summer, we broke up again in july (but still were friends with benefits) and she finally got her own car the week fall classes started.

He should come back to you the way you deserve and unfortunately some men dont realize that until months sometimes years later.

I want to believe he will come back because our realtionhip was great, but i know i shouldnt get my hopes up.

Ex wants me back after dating someone else

How To Get Your Ex Back- Even when they are dating someone.

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And immediately he said to me i have to go ill call you back later.

Com here some few weeks ago and i decided to contact him for help and he told me what i needed to do which i did, i was so surprised when i got a call from my husband apologizing to me and told me he was going to come back to me it all seems like a dream to me thanks to prophet iyare i am back with my husband again and we are so happy together.

I was so emotionally beat down, that i never thought i could possibly meet someone who could make my heart whole again.

He looked at me and said im done i cant do this anymore i need to see what else is out there.

Just last night i got worried again, so i talked with some friends, they told me i had every right to know if he still loves me, because i say it, and he doesnt say it back.

He exchanged number with her , when he came back he did not me anything for a week.

She broke up with me about three times over the years to the point where it seemed serious (the reasons were always related to the lack of effort i was seemingly putting in), but would get back together after a week or so.

That he needs to be himself again before he can bring someone into it with him.

Told his sisters and they are all dissapointed they told me to just let him go and leave him play his stupid games and when im not paying attention to him for a while he will know how much i mean too him meanwhile they are pressuring him to stop what his doing to get back with me.

Ex comes back after dating someone else

Is Your Ex Dating Someone New? That Could Help You Win Them Back

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Someone who will want to be with you and see you; not just have a couple of phone conversations and then leave.

, i know its hard, but if it is true that you cant be replaced, then hell be back but, youll be too busy living your life to care.

If i broke up with someone and met a new girl and was happy and excited to be with them, i wouldn't care about what my ex was doing, or really talking to her.

Back to the subject, sometimes it takes months, but with some it may take years.

Heres whyi was involved withvictoria on if your love is meant to be, hell come back around.

I feel like the more time he has without me he might find someone or whatever the case is.

After i pleaded for another chance after i broke his trust of leaving him every time i get upset (4times total but we get back the next day or two afterward), we are 4hrs long distance apart which is not a big problem because we could still see each other often when we can.

Anyway long story short i just texted him i have to take a step back since he did.

I have never seen someone so upset as when he left my house that day and i have never felt so alone or empty.

She's Back After Choosing Another Guy

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So if he wants space give it to him and believe me he will come back eventually, just hopefully you are still available but thats the risk he is willing to take.

Its painful, but im just letting him go and if he comes back and i still want him, i am definitely willing to give it another try.

Then out of the blue his ex reappeared and told him that she still loved him and had loved him for a few months and didnt want him to be with someone else.

Everything was good until i suspected him seeing someone else but he was telling me there was nothing between them so i have chosen to trust him.

And it still kind of hurts, but this article definitely helped me come to terms with the fact that if its meant to be, he will come back.

He confessed to having feelings for me in the beginning and wanted us to be in a proper relationship and spoke of marriage as he wasnt getting younger (his words) but at the time of his confession i was in a relationship with someone else, whom i truly loved and it was my first boyfriend, he broke my virginity.

In every person i date, i look for him and never find that person who touched a part of my soul no one else has.

Is it stupid of me to want to be friends with him because i want him to come back to me someday?

Dont know but something tells me maybe they wont last together, maybe he didnt realise, of course when you never see each other you might find someone else but he didnt need to treat me this way.

A Game plan if your ex left for someone else

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When i first met him in september i knew he was talking to someone so we really didnt talk too much.

I dont know how someone can change their mind so quickly, or how he said he felt was even genuine.

I know i made a mistake but i regret it never did it again have not been with anyone else and wish for forgiveness at least for the sake of our kids who are likely equally confused.

Though he left i begged to be with him, he started sleeping with someone else.

But i ended up finding attention elsewhere and cheathed on the love of my life.

If not, the unidentified issues you have will only become a part of anyone else that you bring into your life.

He wanted to start listening to marriage podcasts at least once or twice a week and discused them with one another talking about how it relates to our relationship and how we can better ourselves etc we began to communicate openly and honestly not holding anything back and the second time around i honestly felt as if we were getting better and he thought the same.

3 days ago i found out she has someone else and yet she tells me she knows what she wants and one day it will be clear.

I called him up at work because i got a missed call from him i said whats wrong his reply sorry i called by accident i heard a girl in the back ground saying whats wrong?

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We hung out again when i came home in september and things seemed great but in november when i came back i could tell something was different because he wasnt affectionate and distant.

He called me , he said he was not happy without me and he didnt want to lose me and that i was the one for him, and if i would take him back.

However, he got into a bad car accident where he messed up his shoulder pretty badly, to this day he still hasnt been able to come back to work.

All i can say is dont give yourself false hope that he/she will come back, and just let go and move on.

I know he cares for me and i hope god has it in his plans to see us back but i agree with your article in that i need to keep living.

Regatd if you and your ex fiance work it out you should let your boyfriend find someone who loves him and does not second guess thier feelings for him.

Now after two months of trying to get back with him as friends i went into the no contact.

I knew she was going to be a blubbering mess if i broke up with her or found someone else, and then she did it to me.

The first time we broke up was because he wantes sex and someone to be there all the time sleep at his househis 24 and am 20 btw but i live with my parents and my mother is kind of strict so i sometimes struggle to come the house or when its date nightsince am i virgin i told him to give me time as am not ready we argued and broke up for 2 months then he called me to apologise to me as he jst want to have fun just like his friends but he could do what he wanted to do as he really loves metoke him back and recently the same problem occured but this time he has found someone else but she does not live in the same state as him howver he called me to let me know that he was already moved on and he gave me the same reasons as before im so heartbroken at the fact that he found someone else so quickly making me wonder if he only wants to have sex with her or to be serious.

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Jordan, your post really brought back memories and i hate when i hear of stories of men pulling away.

True, i was with my ex husband at 15 had a child, we were together for 4 years married divorced, fought like hell for 15 years, married other people, started respecting each other, n my daughter graduation, we got back together.

Honestly am so hurt we been together for 2years and if i really really let go is he gonna regret what he did and come back or he just doesnt want me no more since i dont want to have sex yet and the other girl is prop not a virgini dont know what to do but am letting go and if he comes back he will pay for all the pain he was giving to me as he did not even which me a happy birthday but instead told me that he moved on and to leave his life alone.

He came back to me after about a year, initially because of something as simple and wanting his best friend back.

He is definitely someone i could spend the rest of my life with, however in the last year he has committed himself to his career only.

I don't think she is doing any of this purposely, but i think her main goal isn't to be with me again, but that i am single, so she doesn't have to "worry" about me being with anyone else.

?I know if its meant to be he will come back but i just need some support to help me be strong.

Am i a fool for stepping back, trying to keep my boundaries and waiting for him?

Will come backi had the wirsr breakup which ended very bad & he still came back.

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