Good dating site for gamers

Dating is different because it's a dedicated geek dating site just for geeks and nerds.

With nothing but our shining personalities and sexy photos, the pcworld team took a look at some of the web's best (and geekiest) dating websites.

Best gamer dating site

The "Gamer Daters" Website

Gamer Daters, a great idea if there were actually women that got their rocks off to dudes whose idea of a good dinner is 7 ...

've all been there - you know - creating a profile on one of the big box online dating websites, only to start wondering what your matches will think once they read that you're a gamer.

It's impossible to navigate the site--i couldn't even contact otakubooty, because i couldn't find their contact page.

Best online dating sites for gamers

CAT - Geeks & Gamers Dating

In this new video series, we'll be taking a look crowdfunding campaigns from various websites. We're going to analyze what ...

's take: this site isn't really limited to geeks--it looks like just about everyone is on here.

Is quick and easy to get started with, providing you have a mac or an ios-capable device (yes, the site is designed for apple fans, and is best accessed from apple devices).

Best dating sites for gamers

That's right--if you love apple products and the people who love apple products, this site is for you.

Much it'll cost you: the site has three tiers of membership, ranging from free to /month.

Best online dating for gamers

With gamers on our Gamer Dating site, and collect your free game as a reward!

For whether you'll actually find geeks on this site, well, a quick look-through says yes.

Online dating for gamers


"SO you're telling me... you guys started dating from an APP?!" Yep. 2016. It's a thing. Embrace it and let me help you along the ...

) the philosophy behind this dating site is that people who like apple products often have a lot in common--they tend to be creative types, such as designers, musicians, and writers, and more likely to be compatible with other creative types.

Is 100% free to use all of our dating sites features and it always will be.

Good dating site for gamers

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Gamer Dating is a free dating site allowing gamer guys and girls to meet and connect.

The profile pictures on this site are clear, crisp, and artistically rendered, making everyone look more attractive in a hipstery, artistic sort of way.

Any good dating sites for gamers

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