Harry potter fanfiction harry and hermione secretly dating

"hermione has seemingly pulled out all the books she had on curses and was now flicking through a couple of volumes at the same time while muttering to herself.

Didn't know how he managed to do it, but he manfully suppressed the laugh that was dying to explode from his chest, gave ron a look that clearly asked if he had a death wish, and watched as hermione struggled to speak through her anger.

""errr, nope, sorry," hermione said, her anger abating briefly in order to answer the question.

Harry potter fanfiction harry and hermione secretly dating

Ginny's Secret- Part 1

part 1 of Ginny's Secret! im excited:-) lol http://ginnyssecretfanfiction.piczo.com STORY: Ginny and Harry are happily dating, as are ...

"harry sighed, recognising the signs of hermione working herself up into a magnificent anti-slytherin rant.

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Secret relationship is starting to be a point of contention for harry when he tires of faking fights with his boyfriend.

Harry and hermione secretly dating fanfiction

Harry Potter - Draco Dating Hermione? Dramione

Harry Potter boasts many a fan pairing one of the most popular being that of Draco Malfoy with bookworm Hermione Granger.

Ron had been getting a little shy around hermione ever since the end of their sixth year.

Collapsed back in their kitchen, and harry made them both a cup of tea, feeling that they needed it after dealing with a manic hermione that morning.

She'd pretty much paced a hole into her carpet and was stomping up and down, pulling at her hair when ron and harry arrived to see how she was doing.

Hermione's Secret (Part 2)

Big shout out to hermionesegstedt! Thanks 4 the help! :) Storyline: So Harry and Hermione are now a couple and although she's ...

"ron screwed up his face as he tried to think of a way to counter hermione's argument but, as usual, he was stumped.

Archive warnings applyabby griffin/marcus kaneabby griffin marcus kane clarke griffin bellamy blakefluff getting together getting to know each other secret relationship play fighting alone time arguing kissing first kiss making out dating arkadia is oblivious.

Story contains an extremely stubborn and ooc hermione for at least the first 10 or so chapters.

Harry/hermione fanfiction

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"hermione huffed, "i think i'd take my chances with either of them over that bloody ferret.

"dunno and, no, before you even think it, i'm not going to play the 'i'm harry potter and therefore special' card just so you can find out what is going on.

I look forward to playing uncle to your litter of kits, hermione," ron continued, clearly not taking harry's warning into account.

The Sister | Wattpad Book Trailer | Harry Potter Fanfic (extended)

Not a Clara from DW in the HP world Fanfic! Read the story- http://my.w.tt/UiNb/GGTjLde6FA Clara is Harry Potters secret twin ...

The letter said they'd done personality tests, so maybe you guys are more compatible than you think," harry said optimistically.

He hadn't had his coffee yet, and hermione at full volume was never something you should have to deal with unless you'd had your morning caffeine.

"its okay, ron, i--" started hermione, but was interrupted by a loud pecking noise on the window.

Hermione's Secret (Part 1)

WARNING: Deals with sensitive topic, rape. Do not watch if this would offend you So Harry is in love with Hermione but Hermione ...

Harry could practically see the steam pouring out of her ears and ron swore that her hair took on a life of its own, looking almost like medusa's snakes.

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He assumed that we were secretly having an affair, and no matter how hard i tried to tell him that i wasn't interested in her, he still snapped like this.

The love Between Harry/Hermione/Ron Prt.1

Hermione is with ron but she is secretly dating harry but one day they have a fight and hermione wishes she never went with harry ...