He is still on dating website

Finally bothered me so much that his profile was still active that i asked him about it.

I have never done online dating myself but because of my boyfriends profile i now log in under a fake profile every day to check his activity.

Had not been looking at emails that came from his dating site, let along responding to them.

In your case, he asked you to be his girlfriendhe needs to cut out the unnecessary continuation of online dating now.

, as you mentioned, you see him signed into the dating site only when you are also logged into the dating site.

He is introducing me to his dad (who lives out of state but is coming to visit) next week, so thats kind of a big deal but yet he is still doing thishelp please!

Been dating my boyfriend for 6 months but he continues to be active on dating sites.

, so my boyfriend and i have been dating for two months and he says hes exclusive, but still has his profile up?

I deactivated my pof online dating acount 2 weeks ago as soon as we discussed that we were dating.

Why is he still on the dating website

Your Boyfriend Has A Profile On A Dating Site

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I got my revenge though and set him up by using a friends profile to catch a great big rat (and even though it was me he was writing to he still lied and lied and lied) and i caught him out big time.

Not sure i follow cathy did you meet him a long time ago on a dating site but now hes forgotten?

Have been dating a guy for 5 weeks, been out 12 times w/a couple of overnights.

Im not sure how often she goes on them, but i deleted both of my profiles about a month ago yet hers still lingers.

I think these are all good things and he did give me a heads up well in advance and still wants to meet.

, often online dating doesnt match the real world and i think that in some cases waiting for the commitment/respect to happen naturally is going to be a frustrating experience.

Said, if youve only been dating for 4 or 5 weeks, i think id recommend you just be patient for a while longer.

I get that you can view profiles for free but my thing is that if a person is into you seeing you more than once a week nine times out of ten you have nothing to worry about dating more than one person is not something most guys are good at and lets face it it is too damn expensive.

Been dating a guy online for a month, and he brought up the idea of being exclusive, to which i agreed.

He is still on dating website

How to check if your partner is on a DATING SITE? FREE & Simple method. Works on any site

How to find out if your partner is on a dating site. www.premierleaguegaming.co.uk.

This could remove some of your problems but it would also be nice for those who are still dating online and trying to find someone interested (and obviously youre not!

And knowing that hes still browsing, i feel reluctant and fear i know the answer already.

He can get you a hotel room and take you on a road trip but logging into a website and removing his profile is beyond his time and resources?

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I asked him if things were still good because i really wanted things to work out between us.

They keep their profile up even after dating, sex, etc than you do not have their full interest unfortunately.

We met on a dating site and were surprised to find that even though we live in a small town we had never met.

Question: do the same mechanics apply vice versa (woman continues to browse the onlinedating site)?

! now im really starting to panic so without hesitation and with some authority, i look him straight in the eyes and tell him in front of everyone that is not a for sure thing yet, as we still have not talked about the details.

Why is he on dating sites?

Her husband is on dating sites. It's the second time he's been caught. She hasn't called BS on his excuse. Which is a whopper.

Basically i met this guy on a marriage website and we got to know each other of the basic stuff.

Since i see hes on, i browse my matches but very rarely wink at anyone and dont message people back (in all honesty, i kind of got sick of online dating and had just tried it because it seemed novel until that feeling wore off).

Instead i think if there is no mention from him after 6 week i would find it easier to just ignore him & move on to dating over guys.

I met this woman off of okcupid and we have been talking for months, and been seeing each other and having a great time, and seems really interested, yet she still has both her pof and okc profiles active.

So my question is should i be concern about his profile is still up and hes still checking it, since i never mention or ask him to take it down.

.but between the texts and the online dating profile still being live i am not sure what to do.

At the same time though, your partner exploring other dating options may just be a stage in your relationship, one which you can get past and proceed to a more committed partnership; if you strongly feel so, then it may be worth it to try to adapt to a casual state of affair while understanding that nothing is guaranteed.

In the article above i recommended that you update your profile to show him youre still active.

We met on a dating website, and the relationship took off right from the start.

Online Dating: Boyfriend Won't Get Off Online Dating Site

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Those two circumstances are the only time a dating profile is gives you any strong indicator into understanding a relationship and only as a negative indicator.

Look at your relationship objectively and if you see that you are still getting to know each other, it may not be so strange for your boyfriend to be on a dating site.

A person has no issue dating and having sex with more than one person while sublimating the cold reality of its none of your business what i do than their true self is in the limelight.

Working with evan has helped me to really value myself and to be myself when i am dating.

How do i let what would normally be a wonderful relationship (if it were not for his dating profile) progress, or how do i let it go?

Now online dating is not only about dating but people are using it for games and hookups as well.

Plus, the girl damn well knows you can see when shes logging on to the dating site so maybe shes doing to to provoke the conversation?

Anyway, i wasnt worried about the profile as we were only a few weeks into dating so i had just forgotten about it.

But before agreeing to this ask yourself honestly if you can handle a situation when you know that he is dating other people or you expect much more than he is willing to give.

We Are Dating Exclusively But He Still Has An Active Dating Profile

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"he emailed me, he called me, he asked for a date, he called back, he contacts me everyday, he took down his profile first, he stopped dating the other women he was dating and asked me to date exclusively because he wants to focus on getting to know me better.

Almost everyone who has success with online dating will have some time where they have a subscription but arent using itassuming they meet someone.

Im guessing here but if i were going to tell a woman i was dating that i had taken down my profile, it would normally be because i would be hinting to her that i want to date each other exclusively.

Partner and i have been together for about half a year, and we met on a dating site (id guess its the same one as the lw is using because its free and actually better than the majority of pay sites).

The online dating profile is tellng me that he is still keeping his options open just incase.

"evan rocks as a dating coach, and if he can change my life, i promise: he can change yours, too!

I know thats easier said than done but if you do end up dating him again just be very cautioussounds to me like he would have cheated on you if he would have had the chance.

Would then suggest that if things are still going well between the two of you in a few weeks that you let him know that you would like to be girlfriend/boyfriend and see what his response is.

Of course, many of us cant handle dating a few people at a time without going crazy, so if you end up exclusive with someone by default, it doesnt mean theyre exclusive with you until its discussed.

S03_E06 - Partner Still Has Dating Profile Online (Master)

Series 3, Episode 6 What would you do if your partner still had his/her dating profile online while you were dating them?

If he still doesnt make the right decision (taking his profile down), i think you may want to consider putting yours back up as well to see if you can find other people to date.

But, last weekend over in the same friends house she told me that his profile is still there.

I dont like to come across as the vulnerable one & dating commitment phobes in the past has made me tougher so i dont want to bring up a conversation of where are things going or mention his profile still being up.

We met on a dating site and i knew when we started dating his profile was hidden ( i wanted to show my friends who he was but couldnt find it!

If you feel unable to love and trust a person who is still looking for dates, then it may be time to move on.

So i admitted what i had done, he got mad that i didnt trust him, and i got mad that he was still on there.

It be as simple as this: at some point you have the talk: are we dating other people?

I messaged a guy on a dating site and we texted for weeks before finally meeting up.

I found he was still on there, not just on there, but online now and he had added a new picture with a shirt that i got for him for christmas.

Does It Mean He Doesn't Care If You're Dating And He Still Watches Other Girls?

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