Hi i m tate i m dead wanna hook up scene

Tate reached his mental breaking point in 1994 when he committed amass shootingatwestfield high, taking the lives of 15 students.

Although he failed with the house's former owners, tate was able to trick vivien into thinking he was her husband.

Gets dressed for school, and tate grabs her from behind as she goes down the stairs.

Tate then tells a confused and hopeless violet that he needs to show her something, and he leads her beneath the house into a crawl space, where her rotting body has been hidden.

Violet dies in tate's arms and returns as a ghost, unaware of her own death.

Goes home and is overcome with sadness after the realization that tate was a mass murderer and a ghost.

Tate tells violet to kill her, and that she would be doing the world a service because it would be 'one less high school bitch to worry about.

' violet does not want to kill leah, so tate suggests that violet scare her instead.

Hi i'm tate i'm dead wanna hook up scene

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He catches a reflection of tate on a framed picture of violet on his desk, but when he turns around, no one is there.

Ben appears in violet's doorway soon after, and demands that tate leave because it is not appropriate for him to be in violet's bedroom.

Tate then writes the word "taint" on her chalkboard, and she asks why he is seeing her father.

She tells tate that she never wants to see him again, and he screams after her, "i thought you weren't afraid of anything!

Nora is insistent and she informs tate that she will still take the child for herself.

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Tate decides to take violet on a real date on halloween, instead of just meeting up with her in the basement of her house.

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He goes to larry's workplace, and larry is confused about why tate isn't at school.

Before ben passes out, tate tells him the that only reason he isn't killing him is because of violet.

To those unfamiliar with his past, tate feigns ignorance of his current state of existence.

Tate still claims to not know what they are speaking of, asking why he would do something like that.

He asks ben if he thinks he is crazy for these fantasies, but ben disagrees and says tate is merely creative and that he has heard a lot worse.

Leah arrives, violet takes her to the basement, where tate is rocking in a chair with a shirt reading, "normal people scare me.

Ben informs him that if he deems tate a threat to society, he will have to report him to the police.

Violet becomes overcome with sadness when she finds out that she is dead, and tate tries comforting her by saying that although she died crying, she died safe and loved.

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Hi I'm Tate, I'm dead ▲▼ WANNA HOOK UP?

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Tate's room is a copy of the novel "evening in byzantium", first published in 1973, by irwin shaw.

Reason this episode is called "smoldering children" is because of larry's daughters and the burning rage in tate.

Does tate pretend to constance and billie dean that he doesn't know that he is dead?

Nora later asks for her baby, but tate refuses because he is now in love with violet.

Lied to tate about hugo's fate, both to spare his feelings and to prevent her incarceration.

Hayden tells tate to give up, but he says that he will wait forever for violet to forgive him if he has to.

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Critter is frightened by what he sees, but tate shows up, and in order to keep critter from telling ben and to protect violet, he shoves critter's hose into his mouth and causes him to ingest his own poisons, killing him.

Ahs hi i'm tate i'm dead wanna hook up

Both season one and season three, evan peters' character dies as well as his lover (tate and violet in season one, and kyle and zoe in season three) kyle, however, was later resurrected by zoe and madison, and zoe was resurrected by cordelia foxx.

Is a lawyer appointed by the court to represent constance langdon in defense of the state's accusal for travis's murder.

Ben then tells tate that everyone can get better, but that tate has a lot of psychological issues he isn't dealing with.

Tate's board are clippings which read "you're not listening", "murder" and "warrior", but also "koalas" and "zulu".

Decides to do some online research on tate and discovers that he was the one who murdered the high school students who visited them on halloween.

Tate tells ben that he didn't take the medication because he was afraid his 'big dick' wouldn't work, and that he had met someone.

Tate suggests that violet should overdose on pills so she could be with him forever, "like romeo and juliet.

Tate wants violet to commit suicide with him so they will be in the house together forever.

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"Hi, i'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?" | Tate Langdon {1x10}

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One of violet's cuts was because her first day at westfield high sucked, and tate adds that he was kicked out of that school.

She says she doesn't want to die, but tate tells her it's too late for that.

However, tate believed that his father ran away and abandoned their family when tate was six years old.

Violet makes a trip to the high school and asks the librarian that survived the shooting about tate.

Tate hides her corpse in the crawlspace of the house so that violet won't realize that she overdosed that day.

One girl, a cheerleader, says that she should be in her 30's by now and married with kids, but because of tate she is dead and stuck in her current form forever.

The two girls are alone with tate, who is still rocking in his chair like before.

Can constance see tate and beau, but larry was not able to see lorraine and their daughters before?

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Hi, i'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up ?

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' in these fantasies, tate dons black leather clothing, a skull painted on to his face and neck, and his hair is slicked back.

Violet yells at leah to get out, and then starts to scream at tate, because she was very scared and confused.

After their family dinner, tate goes up to his bedroom and snorts cocaine and crystal meth.

When i see tate langdon me:*rolls*, *falls down the stairs*, *throws up rainbows* tate:Hi, i'm tate, i'm dead wanna hook up?

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Tate and ben's second meeting, ben realizes that tate has not been taking his medication.

She finds a picture of tate, and an article speaking of how he killed 15 students at westfield high in 1994.

Tate knows that ghosts cannot leave the premises and will eventually realize that she died when she attempts to leave.