How do i connect my fitbit charge hr to myfitnesspal

) if you don't have a chest strap and you are working out indoors then manually enter the workout info to fitbit.

: I have been using MyFitnessPal for some time now and have finally got myself a fitness band (charge hr, got it yesterday).

, if you enter your activity in mfp and accurately enter the start time and duration, it overrides the fitbit data.

If your fitbit account is not syncing with other apps, this will need to be investigated.

You manually logged that in mfp so you could see it, and it matched what fitbit saw already, you'd get:Fitbit 2700 - 2000 mfp - 800 exercise = - 100 cal adjustment.

Under the fitbit calories burned, you should see in parenthesis "based on x amount of calories at x time".

Log food only in mfp, i let my charge hr do all the calorie burn data.

You do not see any line for fitbit, or any number including a zero in the adjustment area, then there is still a problem.

How do i connect my fitbit charge hr to myfitnesspal

Linking FitBit and MyFitness Pal

How to: Link Fit Bit and MyFitness Pal.

I am a pe teacher and the fitbit adjusts my calories to be way to much .

Would it therefore make sense to continue using my surge to track the exercises as i do them, then not log the exercises into mfp, but simply rely on the fitbit adjusted calorie figure to adjust my daily calories burned figure in mfp?

Thing to remember is that the fitbit hr takes into account things like hr when calculating calories burned.

If you don't sync until late in the day, fitbit could be reporting to mfp very underestimated calorie burn and you'd see negative calorie adjustments, until you finally synced and possibly got a big surprise you might have problems meeting as an eating goal.

It will sync over as meal blocks of total calorie and macro stats to fitbit for display there.

I'd prefer to track with fitbit, because that way i have more usable data - i can track the time spent on each exercise more accurately, track my heart rate patterns over the exercise duration etc.

Is the best way to keep logging cardio inmfp becuase of it's granularity and ensure fitbit isn't duplicating calorie count?

) if you don't have a chest strap and you are doing any kind of outdoor exercise like walking/running/hiking use digifit/endomondo to track your workout and sync it with fitbit.

How do i connect my fitbit charge to bluetooth

Using FitBit With MyFitnessPal

A little bit about how I use fitbit and myfitnesspal settings. MyFitnessPal: FitBit: ...

I just got a fitbit charge hr and i am just learning to navigate it so i'd love tips on a few things.

Don't follow 2 roads to same destination, use mfp for food and eating goals, use fitbit for daily movement goals and exercise logging.

You manually enter the cardio info in fitbit it will override whatever guesses the tracker made about your activity.

And fitbit and many other sites use the same mets database that is publicly available.

Have a charge hr and log all activities through it, i don't log any activities on mfp, yet i still get double logs on all my activities on fitbit.

Need to look at your weekly fitbit report under total cals burned - daily average.

Linking your fitbit account with a third party app like mfp is a great idea.

The fitbit app will then be able to make the appropriate adjustment so the burn isn't counted twice.

So i go to the gym workout for about 60 min, then when i finish do i also log "weights lifting" on fitbit dashboard?

Fitbit said your daily burn was 2600 prior to manually logging, then after manual logging 300 cal workout it went down to 2500.

) if you have a chest strap use that with digifit or endomondo and link those accounts to fitbit.

You are not seeing your workouts or activities sync from fitbit to mfp, this is because it actually works the other way around.

You should enter are yoga, stretching, bicycling, rowing, or anything that doesn't provide a greater amount of movement or movement that the fitbit will capture.

May still have syncing issues, usually seen as fitbit stats not coming to mfp (steps, daily calorie burn, weight, bf%), but sometimes mfp stats not going to fitbit (meal totals, workouts, weight).

Can see this fact by clicking on the "i" for more info on that fitbit calorie adjustment line.

It also prevents the need for an extra sync from mfp to fitbit, before updated daily burn is synced back to mfp.

FITBIT CHARGE HR mit MyFitnessPal verbinden Meine Empfehlungen: ▻ Protein Cookies ...

I am thought trying to hop back on the proverbial wagon as of today, and fitbit and mfp clearly have other ideas.

If the answer is no plans, i anticipate you will loose many fitbit users to the soon released iwatch which should be fully integration with existing apps.

That activity level may or may not be true, mfp is going to use fitbit data to correct it, here's how at end of day again.

Same as fitbit won't improve their food log because just easier to sync with mfp and others for that.

That information is reported for the workout i recorded and so the manual entry i made with the machine reported 1100 calories had the same time stamp information and fitbit could do the swap, make the adjustments and report it out to mfp.

Anyone else having issues with the mfp app and the fitbit app syncing all of the time?

Logged a workout on the fitbit charge hr while using an elliptical that took into account my weight, age, hr (had chest strap too).

I don't mind where i track the exercises i do, as long as i am tracking them, but clearly i can't track them with both fitbit and mfp, because it creates duplicates.

My Fitness Pal and FitBit

Going over the synchronization between FitBit and MyFitnessPal.

At the end of the workout the machine reported about 1100 calorie burn while the fitbit app reported about 649.

Means fitbit is estimating a per minute calorie burn barely above bmr and much less than mfp's sedentary setting, and until a sync gives updated stats, that's what it reports to mfp.

In the fitbit app it shows calories burnt and the cardio exercise logged into myfitnesspal.

Yes you could manually log either place, especially if you have a more accurate calorie burn anyway, but fitbit is better if using the database entry.

When mfp syncs with fitbit it will override the fitbit activity for the duration of the exercise and only count what you entered in mfp.

So i went through the whole process of deleted allll my food from fitbit, disconnecting my fitbit from mfp, removing the fitbit adjustment from mfp and then connected them again.

Can i get my fitbit app to "pull in" my food/calorie data from myfitnesspal?

Sure hope i got everything in here that is common enough questions, i got some great feedback from several that frequent or used to the forums, or recently got fitbits.

Review of Fitbit Alta + My Fitness Pal

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Mfp take these active minutes into account when making adjustments or does it just take the step count from fitbit?

My calories eaten from myfitnesspal are transfering over to fitbit, but my steps and workouts from fitbit are not transfering over to myfitnesspal.

. and now i'm sitting at -81 net calories on mfp (when i still had like 400 left) and no food consumed on fitbit (meaning nothing synced after reconnecting them).

Have been using myfitnesspal for some time now and have finally got myself a fitness band (charge hr, got it yesterday).

- once you have reconnected, go back to the apps tab online and make sure fitbit is now showing on the right hand side of the page under your apps.

You are not - hence the reason for the start and duration time - so fitbit can replace whatever it came up with for calories.

If fitbit is set at sedentary, it should take longer than 1 hr to sync new daily burn to mfp, if set to personalized, it should be under 1 hr.

I have disconnected and reconnected multiple times but it will not show my steps in myfitnesspal.