How do i connect my time capsule to the internet

The time capsule and the airport utility will work together to provide you and easy to manage system.

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Apple Time Capsule Unboxing and Setup

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Alternatively, if you need to wirelessly couple your time capsule to your router, because you have no access to lan ports for ethernet, then on the wireless tab, you can select "extend a wireless network", and then enter the details for how to wirelessly connect to your other wireless router.

How do i connect my time capsule to the internet

Access your Time Capsule over the internet (File Server)

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, i would suggest that the best choice would be to switch to using the airport time capsule as your wireless router, and set your new router aside as a backup.

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Do you have it connected to a surge suppressor as well as the other devices connected by the network wiring?

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I also can wifi connect to the tc to run time machine and my wireless printer.

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The sierra update in december 2016 apple destroyed all possibilities of using time capsule for storage as a file sever in a network.

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They informed me that apple has never supported the use of time capsule as a file server.

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