How do i hook up my new thermostat

Once i powered on my furnace (ruud silhouette ii) my new wifi thermostat doesnt turn on.

I wired the transformer off the boilers maintenance switch and ran an additional 2 wire thermostat wire from r and c on the transformer to rc and c on the thermostat.

Upgrading from a honeywell 4 wire (r, w, y, g) thermostat to a nest 3rd gen.

You've already paired your thermostat, you can now create a thermostat schedule and control the thermostat through your xfinity home subscriber portal and the xfinity home app for mobile devices.

'add devices,' tap the checkbox next to the thermostat youd like to move into that room, or tap select all to move all thermostats into that room.

Was a question about older equipment not having a c terminal only r and w, if your planing on using a thermostat that requires a c and a second transformer as a power source to get your c (common wire) then please be careful, if you mix phases on you 120 volt power source (phase a one and phase b second) between the heating appliance and the new thermostat you will find a lot of factory smoke leaving the transformer(s),Instead power your thermostat with the second transformer and use that power to switch a relay coil, then use the dry normally open contacts of the relay to make the circuit between r and w of the heating appliance to isolate the two power sources yes it costs a relay but thats much cheaper then a mistake and finding you now have equipment damage.

You find a c-wire in your furnace, then the other end isprobably stuffed into the wall behind your thermostat.

Unlike its competitor thenest learning thermostat, the ecobee3 doesnt rely on power stealing to make up for a lack of a c-wire (read more about that here on ecobees site),they justinclude a power extender kit to make up for the missing wire.

You havent already, set up your thermostats by following the steps provided by the device maker.

How do i hook up a new thermostat

Thermostat Wiring Made Simple

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If you do figure it out or find out that your system is simply incompatible with c-wire needing wifi thermostats do come back and give us an update!

All modern thermostats, smart or not, require a power source, and that doesnt look likely to change any time soon.

Did the same thing except i completed the circuit using the white (neutral) wire found inside a switch box that is 2 feet from my thermostat.

Can also try variations, such as raise [group or thermostat name] temperature or cool [group or thermostat name].

W terminal (often the white wire) will be the thermostats output for a heating call to the furnace sending the 24 volt power back to the furnace to its w terminal.

If the thermostat loses power, the thermostat lost communication message will appear until power has been restored to the thermostat.

I am trying to hook up a honeywell smart wifi thermostat th9320wf, and i do have the honeywell wiresaver module too thp9045.

Replacing a zone on your redlink internet gateway you first need to reset the gateway device by holding down the connect button for 10 seconds and then re-connecting the new redlink thermostat.

Red wire c i just mentioned in the attic on the central air blower is this wire needed to power my hw thermostat?

How do i hook up my new thermostat

Thermostat wiring color code decoded

Well explained tutorial on wire color codes.

You are planning on using a electronic thermostat with these functions it will require a battery powered thermostat to allow relays to turn on and off for heat and fan, otherwise it will have to be a energy scavenging thermostat which gets its power by pulsing the heat function on when it needs to regenerate its power,The only other option is to pull more wires from the thermostat to furnace if you want to use a powered thermostat.

Do i contact honeywell for help & support with my thermostat or my total connect comfort account?

Your google assistant is you having trouble controlling your thermostat, choose the scenariobelow that matches your current naming scheme and tryrenaming your device in the google home app.

Thermostats with the google assistant and google homenow you can use your voice with the google assistant and google home to control the temperature in your home, switch between heating and cooling modes, and more.

You install a 24 volt transformer, be sure to remove the metal jumper between rh and rc on the thermostat or you will damage it.

Smart thermostat guide wifi-enabled thermostat reviews thermostat wire: , saying wire power source, supplies power misleading.

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Professional installation of thermostats is required for xfinity home - secure customers and strongly recommended for xfinity home - automation customers.

Have a two wire boiler (quite old and dated) that is hooked up to a basic thermostat in my family room.

Mistakes made when hooking up a thermostat Avoid them watch

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Say thermostat or open thermostat to your siri/hey google, and the honeywell app will open with the voice feature in listening mode.

I mistakenly connected the w wire to the c, and this allowed power to the thermostat for the display.

Redlink internet gateway allows the user remote access to any redlink enabled honeywell thermostat such as prestige, wireless focuspro, and econnect.

You do resolve this, either through adding more wires or choosing a particular thermostat that works with your 1-wire setup, come back and let us know how it goes!

Honeywell,choose the total connect comfort thermostat you own, then look for the setup guide.

This is the visual indication to the installer that the redlink internet gateway has connected to the thermostat (this applies to both prestige 1.

I then wired tt on the aquastat on the boiler to rh and w on the thermostat.

. for ios phones, you can adjust the on/off setting by navigating to settings>microphone>thermostat.

A previous owner or handyman may have been creative, so what you find behind your thermostat might vary from what you read about online or here.

Honeywell Thermostat Installation and Wiring

Do not try this at home! HVAC training is required! In this video I go over the wiring designations on a Honeywell FocusPro 5000.

Thermostat works great now and no longer recycles and the house is maintaining the desire temperature(s).

Total connect comfort is honeywell's web portal allowing for remote access to honeywell redlink enabled and/or honeywell wi-fi thermostats.

All wires were hooked up on the thermostat to their corresponding colors including the blue common wire.

Most wifi thermostats need a c-wire, so at the bare minimum i think youd need to add a c-wire.

A my total connect comfort account has been activated and registered to a honeywell redlink and/or honeywell wi-fi thermostat you have the ability to control your heating and cooling system settings, temperature, and various other thermostat features from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Replaced a thermostat in my system and now the zone appears twice in my zone list.

Thermostat c wire: everything you need to know about the honeywell ret97e5d1005/ wi-fi programmable thermostat, honeywell ret97e5d1005/ wi-fi programmable [].

You will still need to pair your thermostat with your xfinity home system, which you can do either before or after installation.

Each wire from the thermostat wiring terminal, making sure to secure the wire so that it doesn't fall back into the wall.

How to Install a Smart Thermostat

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I think the blue wire in the diagram comes out as the red wire to the thermostat.

I intend to test new thermostat at the furnace with the solutions that you have given me before i try to pull the new wiring.

You change the location name or label of your thermostat with the nest app or on the thermostat itself, it will auto update in google home.

[] modern thermostats come with the function to switch the fan mode, that is, you can either keep it on on or on auto apart from other settings.

I went online when i got home, and googled that particular model and in looking at the wiring diagram, it also shows a 4 wire hookup.

. homes (letalone worldwide), but we can probably make some educated guesses based on what we know about thermostats and housing in the u.

Unfortunately the thermostat is not sending a heat call to the aquastat when the heat is turned up.

I have managed to get the thermostat to power on, since there is 24vac existing in the 2 wires at the thermostat.

Thermostats the installer will not get validation on the thermostat screen that the redlink internet gateway has connected if there is a portable comfort control already installed with the thermostat.

The cover on the thermostat by sliding it over the unit until your hear a click.

Am installing a honeywell model # rth8580wf wifi thermostat for someone who only has two wires running from r and w on their existing thermostat to tt on the triple aquastat on their boiler.

(goes to a red wire on cent air compressor in yard, the white wire goes to the bundle of other white wires all connected to the y wire from thermostat).

Are a few specific things to note when setting up and using your nest thermostat on google home.

.Better yet you can buy a thermostat that uses battery to switch the contacts and thus no second transformer the only downfall is the battery changes every couple years on that.

Is there any way for me to test this prior to buying a wifi thermostat?

Live in an exciting time where the utilities that make up a home thermostats, security, lights, etc - are becoming more integrated and connected.

Instead of trying to run a c wire all the way downstairs to the basement/furnace, is there a way i can just connect it to a power outlet that is about a foot below my thermostat?

Once the alert is turned on you will receive an email if the alert setting is met on your thermostat.

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