How to date in high school story game

Need to know that high school storyis a simulation app that lets players set up their very own high school, complete with all the trappings of teendom: dating, bullying and cyberbullying, body image, fighting, trying to fit in, and more.

Sakura even mentions the last of us, possibly the most family-unfriendly game you could reference in a game like this.

School story is a clever twist on the familiar "build things and collect coins" app model.

Curse cut short: during one main-story quest where sakura has to deal with some sexist online gamers with whom she's sharing a guild, this exchange occurs: sakura: now pull back, bromegaman!

She even lampshades how the faculty presence at the school is almost non-existent, a concern of hers at first.

Perspective flip: "hearst school story" has you playing as max, showing how a typical day goes for him, including his interactions with fellow students and teachers at hearst high and how he handles being his football team's star player, plus his interactions with mia and the main character and his desire for principal warren to attend even one of his games.

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" during the quest where you meet phoebe, heart high's prom queen, she's shown to be very deferential and elegant, possessing all the traits that a prom queen is expected to have.

How to date in high school story game

A DATE?! - High School Story

OMG Payton And Her Ex Boyfriend Broke Up And She Wants To Go Out on A Date Oh Boy...

While julian loves to revel in the fame that comes with being your school's star football player, he also worries about being seen as a dumb jock, something that's not helped by his low grades and his verbally-abusive father.

It's developed by pixelberry, the creators of surviving high school (with which it also shares a universe and several characters).

Bribing your way to victory: you can spend real-world cash to increase your amount of coins, books, pencils and rings to breeze through the game much more quickly.

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In the beginning, there are nerds, preps, and jocks, but you have the option to recruit a diverse student body including actors, musicians, cheerleaders, dancers, gamers, wallflowers, vampires, and artists.

Gender-neutral writing: a ton of it, especially in the quests given out by various random students or when referring to you or your date.

Rollins is planning to bring a lawsuit against payton's already cash-strapped family because she went back to selling your cookies at your school instead of on the company's behalf.

Are in-app purchases that may be required to complete certain missions, although kids with patience may be able to earn enough in-game currency to move forward on most tasks without spending real money.

How to date in high school story

High School Story - The "It" Couple (Julian's Date #2)

Julian's second date quest!! Since the recorder doesn't allow me to capture the game's audio, I'll leave it up to you to choose a ...

He knows all the ins and outs of every high school, and naturally will tell you.

), for a long time they couldn't be customized, although the game would change their outfits for special occasions or holidays; recent updates have provided alternate costumes for them (some with different hairstyles), but nearly all of those can only be unlocked with rings.

The game encourages you to answer as many poll questions as you can in order to get more of the rarer items.

Sudden school uniform: during the "rebel with a cause" quest, the district makes everyone in your school wear very "expensive" uniforms (which are really just the prep school uniforms).

While waiting for mia and payton to finish shopping, julian is shown playing a phone game.

In the case of autumn and payton, they were nice people to begin with, they just had to be convinced to (or in autumn's case, convince her dad to let her) transfer to your school.

Only can you make your school, you can learn about important stuff like bullying, making friends, being yourself and eating disorder etc.

They make their views clearly known in the text-comments they type on the screen during one game.

High School Story - The Bad Boy (Max Warren Date)

Some have asked for High School Story special dates. Well.. what can I say? I live to serve! Max Warren Special date quest is now ...

Anti-poop socking: some quests can take as long as 24 hours to complete, collection of books from the classrooms can take up to 23 hours, and unlocking of plots to expand your school can take as long as a week or longer.

But the worst example is where your school has to put on a banquet for hearst, due to a lost bet.

During the storyline in which you, payton and nishan work for asher rollins' father's baking company, nishan gets this twice from both you and payton.

Bromegaman: and i said no, you stupid b (interrupted by the in-game war-horn) a day in the limelight: several side-quests, including ring-purchased quests, focus on certain members of the main cast, and of course the personal help-quests for your classmates showcase the issues they have to contend with and that your main character has to help them resolve.

Trying to collect coins or books will freeze your game for a minute or more.

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: during the ace storyline, wes gives your main character a sharp dressing-down on discovering that you've teamed up with max, asher and jack carver in a plot to publicly humiliate ace in front of his parents and their upper-crust associates as payback for ace trying to get your school shut down out of spite for losing the white house internship to your class president.

Valuekids can learn how social systems grow and change as they play through the game, adding classmates, educating students, and keeping the peace at their school.

High School Story - Queen Of Hearst (Kara's date)

Kara's date Game belongs to Pixelberry (they're awesome!) Check out High School Story here: ...

School uniforms are the new black: whenever quests require you to wear something professional, a common choice is the prep school uniform.

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Early-bird cameo: sakura first appears when you first meet nishan, then disappears for quite a while until the story requires her to be recruited.

The staff mentions that many of them are big gamers, which explains all of the game references.

The only parents to appear so far are ace's, who only appear in the last quest of ace's story, and asher's father, who serves as the main villain for one series of quests.

High school story, although sometimes pretty stereotypical (boxing characters into their cliques), ends up offering a lot ofpositive messages about making good choices and helping others.

Not only does she play (and own) pretty much every game ever, but when payton did a magazine quiz about high school experiences, sakura became extremely disgruntled when she realized others had more "points" than her for doing things like throwing a wild teen party or making out in class.

First, you get to customize your character (skin color, hair, face, clothes, and name), then begin adding people and buildings to your school community.

High School Story - Falling for you

Max's new date :) Game belongs to Pixelberry (they're awesome!) Check out High School Story here: ...

In the expelled quest, almost all of the main characters bsod once they're expelled from your school.

It's up to you: let's face it: without the main character, nobody would have a date, the football team would amount to julian alone, the cheerleaders wouldn't know what to yell, there would be no books for class, and this high school wouldn't exist.

And yeah the game devs are looking for whales to buy their cosmetics and extra stories.

Randomly drops: the poll questions you answer give out different rewards, ranging from as low as 110 coins, 15 books or 1 ring, to as high as 1 million coins, 100,000 books or 1000 rings, and everything in between, and there's no way to predict how much of which item you'll get.

Heelface turn: you'll be recruiting a lot of students from hearst high, though how much of a heel they originally were does vary quite a lot.

So far, the only adult to ever get a full model and dialogue in the main quest is professor edwin, and she's not even from your school.

At the fantasy photo booth, all of the canon characters will date your character, regardless of gender.

If you're looking for a game to really get into, this game is fun for a little while, but it's only a matter of time before they abandon this game like they did to their other one.

High School Story - Boardwalk Romance (Julian's Date)

Julian's Special date quest!! Since the recorder doesn't allow me to capture the game's audio, I'll leave it up to you to choose a ...

Characters can be customized with skin tone, hair color, face, and clothes, but the game reinforces stereotypes by grouping them by "type" such as jocks, nerds, preps, cheerleaders, and so on, without much nuance.

High school storytouches on themes such as bullying, fitting in, gossip, and being yourself and may challenge kids to work on their empathy.

Holiday mode: each update that's made available at certain times of the year will result in the loading screen and the in-universe map altering to reflect the holiday at that time (halloween decorations in october, independence day themes around july, christmas scenery in december, etc.

In-universe game clock: it registers when quests and other requirements are completed within their specified time limits, even if you haven't played the game over a period of hours or days.

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School story is an android and iphone game which allows the player to build a high school to attend.

Some quests requires in-game currency (class rings) which can be earned slowly in the game or purchased with real cash.

High School Story - The Cheerleader (Mia's Date)

Mia's Special date quest!! Since the recorder doesn't allow me to capture the game's audio, I'll leave it up to you to choose a fitting ...