How to get over ex wife dating

Am recently 6 months separated with divorce in the works,,we were married for 111 years together for 12,,she had worked the same job for 10 years and as soon as she got a new job she started having an affair with her boss,,,when i found out and confronted her she just left within a month and got her own place and completely cleaned me out when i told her she could take a few things from the house while i was away,,, and continued her new relationship with her married boss,who apparently left his wife for her ,the same as she left me for him,,it all happened 1 month before our 11 year anniversary and 9 months after i surprised her with a surprise wedding to renew our vows for our 10 year anniversary with our 9 year old daughter present,,she has been doing great and i have been suffering,,,i m partially disabled becuz i am half blind nd have had a heart transplant on top of having heart disease,,,,,and when we got married she said she would always want to take care of me,,now she tells me that she doesn't want to take care of me anymore ,,i am unable to drive and work but i provided a foundation for our life early on,,,because of some unfortunate events i was awarded 0,000cash at the age of 26 and i used it to buy a home for my wife and daughter and used the rest taking them to every big city across the map cuz i wanted to give them the world,,,they both had everything they could ever want or dream of,,,and my wife assured me that it is only money and that she would take care of us when it ran out,,sure enough,when it ran out,she left,,,,and now i am struggling financially while she continues to live it up,,,,it hurts so much knowing i invested more money than i will ever see again on something temporary,,,i feel like she used me as a starter life becuz she was only 18 when we got married,,,we had minor arguments as all couples do but this came out of nowhere and she shows no remorse or regret and has turned into a completely different person,,,she has basically abanded her daughter for this new guy and is happier than ever bein a part time parent,while i have our daughter the majority of the time ,, all she does is work and go out with her boyfriend and friends while i am isolated at home since i cant drive,,,,for 12 years i was all she had ,,she had no friends and always fought with her family,,me on the other hand only have a few close friends and no family,,,i was a street kid and completely changed my life for the sake of our family and now she is choosing all the things i gave up over me,,,whenever she got this new job working around all young men she completely changed,,she is a cute 29 year old blonde and i knew it would be trouble but she assured me that she would shut down anyone that hit on her,,,jokes on me i guess,,,,,she has done me so wrong by sleeping with her boyfriend on our wedding anniversary,,spending all the holidays with him and just threating to make my life hell if i dont give her what she wants in court,,i put down 40k on the house and she wants to kick me out and sell the house so she can take my money,,,i was living a great life and now i have to survive on a 649$ a month disability check,,,,i dont understand why i still love her and want her back after she was so mean to me,,how do you move forward when you leave behind more than you ever stand to gain?

How to get over ex wife dating

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If only id been a better wife i should have taken that trip to europe with her when she asked me last year i never appreciated him these are really bad things to say to yourself or to your friends.

How to get over ex girlfriend dating

My second wife divorced me in 1987 and has been remarried for twenty something years while i am still single.

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The best way to get over an ex-wife/husband is to socialize, meet new people, take your mind off of him/her.

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Remember that you were the best husband/wife you thought you could be at the time.

How To Get Over Your Ex When Kids Are Involved?

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They say things like my wife dumped me and i cant believe this happened to me.

How To Get Over Your Ex

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