How to hook up a capacitor to an amplifier

The rest of your system should resemble this amplifier wiring diagram, with your second battery essentially taking the place of the diagram's capacitor.

Run the power wire through the amplifiers positive terminal and to the batterys positive terminal.

, although there are 3- and 5-channel amplifiers that will work for you in your situation, i tend to agree with your rep.

, if your capacitor uses a remote turn-on, for an onboard meter for instance, it doesn't matter if it gets the connection directly from the receiver and then daisy-chain it on to the amp, or the other way around.

Battery capacitor isn't charging fast it take at least 8 hours and is only half charged,, is there a reason for this?

Your problem, 1 to 2 second cut-out every once in a while, sounds more like a loose connection or defective amplifier than anything else.

So caps with meters often have a remote turn-on lead connection, just like car amplifiers, so the meter turns off with the system.

It restricts the current being sourced to your amplifiers because there is a limited supply of it.

That's why articles like this amplifier wiring diagram exist, to guide customers in their own installation.

How to hook up an amplifier to a receiver

Amplifier Capacitor Installation "How To"

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, the size power and ground wires to use in a system is dependent solely on the total power requirements (current draw) of the amplifiers.

The epicenter's power, ground, and remote turn-on lead will have to be connected in the same manner as your amplifiers.

I pretty much know how to run them but i am having questions on items that i might need extra like capacitors, batteries or more alternators.

Unless otherwise specified, the power terminal of the capacitor will be placed in line with the amplifiers power cable.

, the amplifiers will instantly use a minimal amount of current available from the discharging capacitor, but this is substantially outweighed by the negative side-effects in the whole circuit:The capacitors current is very limited in duration (time), magnitude (amperes) and thus in quantity (amp-hours).

, the rear deck speakers in your '05 montego with the 6-speaker system are actually subwoofers - the factory amplifier has a built-in crossover, so any replacement speaker you put in back there will only play bass.

, i don't know what speed is normal for your particular capacitor, but the load provided by the multimeter itself will drain the voltage from the capacitor.

, some 5-channel amplifiers have a switch to select the source for the subwoofer channel's input signal - perhaps yours is in the wrong position.

There, my questions is: i have 2 new kicker - cs694 6" x 9" coaxial speakers with polypropylene cones, handles up to 450w peak power (150w rms) and subwoofer 450w pioneer 10", i want to hook up those together, but i need amplifier: how much power?

How to hook up a capacitor to an amplifier

How to install a car audio capacitor?

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Buck, im just finished installing the polk db-6501 component set (100w rms, 4 ohm) into my front doors which i connected to a pioneer gm-6500f amplifier (60w rms, at 4 ohm), i also have a subwoofer connected to a kenwood kac-8105d amp (300w rms, 4 ohm).

, in the event of light-dimming when the music hits in a system, even one without a sub amp, a capacitor can often help maintain smooth power flow for an amp's power supply.

To charge your capacitor, simply follow the steps listed below:Step 1) remove the fuse for your audio system that connects it to your battery.

The voltage on the amplifiers will fluctuate with every discharge and charge of the capacitor.

I am using a 4 channel amplifier for these, but i would like to add another amplifier and a subwoofer, too.

, you may find it easier to go ahead and run the factory rear speakers off the amplifier until you get replacements.

I also have an additional battery and another amplifier for my car's stock speakers so my car battery doesn't become drained.

, before showing you how to connect two subs to a 2-channel amp, i'd have to know exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you have.

, that wiring kit will be fine for those two amplifiers as long as the main power cable run is no longer than about thirteen feet.

How to Install a Car Audio Capacitor in your Vehicle

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Is there a way other than disconnecting the capacitor each time and using that little resistor to charge it that the capacitor can be protected from these initial current spikes that seem to be killing it?

: if you don't have the instructions that came with your capacitor, you should know first off that a cap can be dangerous; it can charge and discharge so much power so very quickly that it can weld metal objects, like tools and jewelry, and melt its own insides out.

We also have all the installation hardware you need to get your capacitor and amplifier up and running.

The current generated by the alternator is directly available and pulled by the cars accessories due to the path of least resistance and the buffering action of the capacitor.

Carefully check your amplifier's power and ground wiring and correct any faults you may find.

I use ring terminals and set all my chassis grounds as close as possible to the amps, capacitor, etc.

, an intermittent power connection, one that turns on and off a lot, can definitely contribute to a capacitor's destruction.

, a capacitor needs to be always connected between constant 12 volt positive and ground, not a switched source of power.

Another viewpoint advocates installing the capacitor to the component displaying a voltage shortage, such as the headlights.

How To Install A Car Audio Capacitor

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That being said, i think it is possible that when a capacitor fails catastrophically the electric charge could vaporize some of the dialectric and release a small puff of gas that if breathed in probably won't be good for you.

But if your capacitor has room in its terminal system for a low-current device like an loc, then it's probably alright to use it.

: a capacitor, or cap, is an electronic component that can take up, store, and discharge electrical energy.

I have one 0 gauge wire coming from the positive side of the battery to a distribution block which i then have two 8 gauge (+) power cables going to each of the amplifiers.

You should know that a capacitor can be dangerous; it can charge and discharge so much power so very quickly that it can weld metal objects, like tools and jewelry, and melt its own insides out.

Car audio fanatics will use a power capacitor as an alleged secondary, passive storage device to supply current to their amplifiers.

, capacitors can work in many different applications to smooth power supply fluctuations or to filter out certain frequencies in a signal's flow.

's installed in a 2015 car that has a bunch of electronics, etc, and i didn't want my amp to kill my alternator faster, or worse, cause an electrical problem by pulling directly from the battery, instead of using a capacitor.

, signal flows from the receiver to the amplifier, and then on to speakers - so, yes, you'll have to connect your speakers to the amplifier's outputs, either using your vehicle's existing speaker wiring or running new speaker wires.


just showing how to add a capacitor to your system for constant bass hitting.

Amplifiers are directly connected to an unstable supply of incessantly fluctuating voltage and currentthe capacitor!

, i'm only familiar with using an automotive capacitor to smooth out voltage fluctuations of an amplifier's power supplied by the vehicle's electrical system.

A capacitor should always get mounted as close to the subwoofer's amplifier as possible, never under the hood in the engine compartment.

, it sounds like you have a dvc 2-ohm sub wired as a 1-ohm load, or a dvc 4-ohm sub wired as a 2-ohm load, wired to a bridged 2-channel amplifier that is not stable for that low of a load.

, almost any 4-channel amplifier will work in your situation, with the front channels driving a pair of speakers while the rear channels are bridged together to run a subwoofer.

Some capacitors have displays that sense when power flow stops and turn themselves off after a few minutes.

Plan is to have three 12inch alpine type r's dvc 2ohm's sub woofer and have three individual amplifiers (planet audio ac3000.

They figure that the capacitor will supply these high current demands directly to their amplifiers.

, it probably won't hurt anything installing your capacitor's positive terminal to the main power cable and a couple amplifier positive leads, if the main power cable can handle both amps.

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I really don't see any benefit in using a capacitor in the manner you describe.

Can a 2f capacitor directly connected (in parallel) between the battery charger and the amplifier solve the problem.

, i have an rf 1 f capacitor off the battery that splits the power line to an infiniti basslink powered sub and an rf 4 channel amp that feeds 4 speakers.

, the simplest way to add an amplifier to a factory system is to get one that has speaker-level inputs.

, you will need 3 amplifier channels to run this system, two for the front speakers and one for the sub.

, capacitors are usually used in 12-volt applications to provide a quick jolt of energy to a subwoofer amplifier so a vehicle's charging system, the alternator, can catch up with a voltage drain due to the amp's current demand.

If you plan on having multiple amplifiers, and none of them have preamp outputs or pass-thrus, then you may have to employ a y-cord or two in order to get signal to all the right amp inputs.

, here's a diagram that shows how a capacitor hooks up in a typical 2-amp system.

I want to hook up a duel 12" sub (mtx terminator tne212d) to a 2nd amp.

How To Install A Capacitor With An Amp And A Full Amp Wiring Kit

This video shows you how to put in a full amp power flow kit along with an amp and a cap too.