How to hook up a led light bar

If you want to know more about the physics behind light, and how it can be manipulated, give this tutorial a read.

All lights and wires away from high heat sources, brake components, exhaust components, coolant systems.

Connect the red wire on the light to the red wire that is on the switch and the black wire on the light to the black wire on the switch.

This article provides basic installation guidance to supplement the directions or schematics that came with your light bar.

If everything is in order then you are ready to go out and light up the road!

How to hook up a cree led light bar

Nilight 20 inch Light Bar Install

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You tackle any of the wiring it is important to firmly secure your light bar to your vehicle.

Picked out a great, ultra-bright led light bar that is just waiting to make its permanent home on your vehicle.

The ground wire of the new light to the ground wire of the old light with solder and heat shrink tubing (dws-x) or perma-seal butt connectors (psc-x).

The first step in doing this is to connect the wires from the light itself to your relay switch.

.) Connect the LED work light bar to a 12v bench tester or directly to your vehicle's car battery to check if the product works prior to installing on your vehicle.

How to hook up a led light bar

Installation of a Bulldog 50" Roof Mounted Lightbar

This video gives step by step instructions on how to mount and wire a Bulldog 50" Led lightbar.

Hookup guide the picobuck is a very powerful led driver, capable of controlling leds even brighter than the led bars.

Once the light bar is attached to mounting bracket, you can now attach the bracket to your vehicle using the second set of screws.

Your light bar directly to the vehicle battery or another dc voltage source as soon as you open the box.

You jump into installing your new led light bar, consider checking several things, before getting started:Hopefully, you already checked local and state regulations regarding the use of auxiliary lights on your vehicle.

Longer light bars typically have studs on each end that fit into right-angle brackets held by screws or bolts attached to the vehicles body or chassis.

How to Wire an LED Light Bar Properly (Project Night Light Episode 3)

How to Install a Light bar. In this episode of Project Night Light, I show you how to wire an LED light bar properly using a relay.

Theyre offered in a variety of colors including white, red, blue, and green (note: the blue and green light bars are an older version, they look different but can still be connected the same way).

Smaller light bars, around 4 to 12 inches, may have one or more threaded studs at the housing bottom.

The light bars red wire to the positive side of the battery or power supply and the black wire to the negative terminal.

The lights with the provided hardware, being sure not to over tighten the hardware (you will need to adjust them in step 7).

: when testing the light bar, do not look directly into the leds as the high-intensity light can damage your eyes.

How to - Wire a Light Bar // Supercheap Auto

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Its founding in 2002, super bright leds has been committed to providing customers with outstanding service, expertise, and the highest quality products in led lighting.

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Long as you follow instructions and have basic tools, you can install your new led light bar with little difficulty.

.) Using the provided screws (3/4") and rubber washers attach the mounting bracket to both ends of the LED light bar and tighten with an allen wrench.

Lights may not have dt or atp connections on them but the connectors can be added from the harness kit or purchased separately (dt-fpt or atp-fpt).

20'' light bar installation on a Nissan Xterra how to complete video

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Steps need to be completed for each mode for any selectable multibeam and dual color light bars.

In this tutorial well go over some of the important specifications of these led light bars.

Position end brackets properly, attach them to the housings end studs and with help from one or two assistants place the light bar in its final position.

Tighten the connectors down nice and firm and your led light bar is ready to test.

The new led work light or off road light bar has an atp or dt connector that you wish to utilize, the corresponding atp (atp-mpt) or dt (dt-mpt) pigtails are available.


In this video I show how to wire a led light bar into a chevrolet silverado, It can be done roughly the same with other trucks.

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Many people in this situation are soon faced with the realization that mounting and wiring a light bar is not quite as straightforward and simple as it would first seem.

First step after this is to secure the light itself to the mounting bracket, making sure to tighten it firmly in place.

If the light does not work, you need to take care of this problem before continuing with the installation.

The relay to a suitable location and test the lights to make sure the circuit works.

DIY LED Light Bar Harness - How-To Make Your Own

In this video I'll show you how to make and wire your own relay wiring harness for your LED light bar or any other accessory.