How to hook up a philips digital antenna

My final thought is walk away to the area you'll actually be viewing from i'm not going to get technical but your body may change the signal when you're standing over the antenna.

It was a hassle to set up, however, and its the ugliest of the antennas i tried.

The terk antenna had the strongest signal on more stations than any other antenna i tried, winning on 15 of 28 stations.

'm living near the downtown and i can get 10 hdtv channels by using this antenna.

How to hook up a philips digital antenna

Philips digital tv antenna () fits in easily with a living room full of shiny black boxes.

I returned the expensive antenna and got this one which receives 12 channels including ctv, global, and city.

Using the remote that comes with your converter box, follow the on-screen set-up guide to scan for available dtv channels, and begin enjoying the benefits of digital television!

In many locations, you can use an unobtrusive inside antenna and still receive dozens of stations with, in some cases, a crystal-clear high-definition picture.

How to hook up a digital antenna to a projector

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And each antenna had a handful of stations for which the picture was marginal--it would look fine for a while, and then it would freeze for several seconds or a few colored blocks would appear on the screen and disappear a moment later.

The antenna is amplified, and it even has a thumb dial in one corner that's supposed to allow you to boost the antenna's gain, effectively pumping up weak signals.

Seems to be no consensus about what design is most effective for interior antennas; each antenna i tested looked very distinct from the others.

Test these five antennas, i measured the signal strength of every over-the-air station that each antenna could bring in.

How to hook up a digital indoor antenna

When i had the antenna level with the tv i was only able to get 3 channels.

!Seems that reading these reviews, either an antenna works or doesn't based on location and surrounding buildings.

That's the kind of savings you could reap by ditching your cable or satellite tv service and using an hdtv antenna instead.

Easy to install philips passive antenna has been designed to provide good reception of digital broadcasts, including over the air hdtv.

How to hook up a ge digital antenna

Digital TV Antenna Installation

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The philips antenna will take a lot more playing around with the antenna location and antenna positions than the rca cant1400 so you will have to spend a lot of time scanning to just to find a good position.

I've tried them out in houses and condos and this is by no means the best antenna on the market.

If you don't live in a big city, don't put your antenna near a window or have it completely obstructed it won't work.

I plugged the antenna directly to the tv i got, technically, 1 channel - global in hd and sd.

Philips TV antenna review!

This Antenna is inexpensive however It is barely worth the money,It might be sufficient for those whom are not concerned with ...

Of my two top choices, the terk antenna is amplified, but the mohu leaf is not.

Rabbit ears: A new breed of stylish TV antennas deliver a great picture without dominating your living room.

Tried five leading interior antennas, ranging from one that resembles a sheet of paper you stick to a wall to one that looks like it should be receiving signals from distant planets.

The flat philips one with signal booster did not pick up the 2 vhf stations in the area (ctv, global).

Philips SDV6122 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna Unboxing, Setup, & Test - Part 2

Philips SDV6122/27 HDTV Indoor Antenna, Unboxing, Setup & Test video. Be sure to watch both part 1 and part 2. Part 1 ...

I discovered that, for my location, i could get reasonably good results with inexpensive and non-ugly options such as the terk amplified hdtv indoor antenna or the mohu leaf, each about .

It's a thin black box measuring 11 inches wide by 3 inches tall, with a mast antenna that telescopes out to 15 inches.

Went to menu and selected air because my tv doesn't show antenna from the menu.

My tv doesn't have the antenna setting they are talking about and no channels could be viewed.

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