How to hook up a soundbar to a panasonic viera

Wise, soundbars are the most popular choice today, as they come in a wide range of prices and widths.

Viera link you set sound selection to home cinema and it mutes your tv speakers when your external speakers are on.

My model is a panasonic tx-l42e6b how do i switch off the internal speakers?

Is where soundbars come in, neatly bridging the gap between built-in tv speakers and multi-speaker home theatres.

How to hook up a soundbar to a panasonic viera

Panasonic VIERA - Connecting your Viera Television to a Home Theatre

In this video we will show you the different audio connection options available for the Panasonic VIERA HDTV.

Channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer but i cannot get the tv to recognize the soundbar ?

As for the apps, panasonic has greatly expanded its online offerings this year, and netflix, vudu, amazon vod, hulu plus, youtube, and the key social media sites are all represented; netflix has a dedicated button on the remote.

If the soundbar (or surround sound system) is capable handling additional channels, it might only get 2.

Old analog audio, using two rca-type jacks found on almost every hdtv connected to two rca type jacks on the soundbar.

How to hook up a soundbar

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But on a related note, panasonic also eliminated the usual menu option to defeat the internal speakers, another shortsighted move in this age of soaring soundbar sales.

Turn off the internal speakers on the new viera led lcd tv do the following:2) press and hold the vol up button on the tv and repeatedly press the input button on the remote (approximately 3 times).

I hook up most of my sound to go through my surround sound, but when the tv sound stands on its own, it is ok but i was hoping for more.

Along with speed-adjustable (and fortunately, defeatable) voice guidance to help new users learn the features, panasonic has added a my home screen graphic interface accessible from the prominent home button on the remote.

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If i have an hdmi from blu-ray to tv, and an optical cable from soundbar to tv, this will work ?

1080p flat panel is not 3d capable, but like most of panasonic viera plasmas, it does use fast-switching phosphors and 600hz subfield drive for sharp motion detail.

Have an sony blu-ray who only has coaxial output, how can i use it with a soundbar if the soundbar it doesnt have coaxial input ?

've read the posts in this thread, but my model is different and has none of the buttons mentioned, nor does it have a home cinema option in viera link.

Panasonic VIERA How to connect to a Home Theatre System

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A basic set of transport controls let you operate a blu-ray player using hdmi cec (consumer electronic control), which panasonic calls viera link.

Contacted panasonic and got the same answer as previously posted - in short, not possible.

, youll have to reach for the panasonic tv remote that youd normally keep stored in a drawer and hit ok on that.

If you try to use the panasonic remote, the tvs internal speakers will track up and down along with the soundbar volume.

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The better soundbars rely on learning your tv remotes ir codes to control their volume, and some even ship with no remote.

Through viera link you set sound selection to home cinema and it mutes your tv speakers when your external speakers are on.

A single cable can carry up to five channels of audio plus bass for a subwoofer-equipped soundbar.

Remote is typical of panasonic tvs, with large, well-separated buttons, though unlike the company's more expensive tvs, this remote is not illuminated.

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To panasonic: (1) lose the banner ads or at least make them opt-in from the menu instead of opt-out.

A soundbar has an hdmi input, the tvs hdmi arc-labeled hdmi jack will behave as an audio output when connected.

Sonos owner asked panasonic support about disabling the internal speakers (scroll down to a few questions up from the bottom of that linked page).

Panasonics picture controls this year for the st models includes both two-point and 10-point gray scale adjustments (the latter is new here), a color management system (cms), also new, that allows fine adjustment of the color gamut (that is, the limits of the color pool from which the set may draw to paint its image), and extensive gamma controls that provide 10-point gain adjustments across the brightness range.

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