How to hook up a stinger line output converter

The speakers will be getting their signal from the new amplifier which leaves the radio's outputs available to use for the amp's inputs.

The location for your amplifier according to these guidelines will help your installation go smoothly:The amp should be at least three feet from the receiver to avoid noise radiated from the vehicle's electrical system.

I have a 2008 mercury milan i need to hook up a l7 speaker and my boss amp help step by step.

To: hook up an amp with no after market head unit (with/without using rca's).

How to hook up a pac line output converter

How to install a LOC - line output converter

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. setting your amplifier's gain, or input sensitivity, matches the amp's input level with the receiver's output level, resulting in maximum distortion-free music and minimum background noise.

Because of its low current demand, you can connect your turn-on lead to almost any fused output terminal, like the one for the radio itself for instance, as long as it only powers up when the vehicle's on.

Need help i have a vr-3 headunit and a vr-3 amp i have the amp were it will turn on but im haveing truble with the rca cord i have only one sub hook up and a 2 channel amp i have the y splitter hooked up to the one sub conecter and then both my rca cords hooked into that and on the amp i have them pluged into the line in holes and my speakers are hooked up the amp is not running my speakers i have the out ports and dont know how to hook them up and were to hook them up.

To add a line out converter to 04 tahoe with bose system to add subs and amp.

How to hook up a stinger line output converter

How To Install a Line Out Converter (LOC) | Installation and Tips

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Video will show my setup with an amp/sub in my dads 03 avalanche with a stock radio connecting to a line output converter.

The best way to do that is to run a new speaker wire from each amplifier output to each speaker.

Am installing a kicker 1200 watt amp and i bought a converter because i am using factory radio.

Or if using the rca outs, do they just override the signal that would normally go to the harness speaker outputs?

How to hook up a truconnex line output converter

Line output converter installation

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If you can't find a convenient ground screw or bolt, drill a hole for one be careful not to drill into any wiring, the gas tank, or a gas or brake line.

If, like a factory radio, your radio doesn't have a remote turn-on output, then you can get the turn-on signal from your vehicle's fuse box.

They are new subs and have been hooked directly to the head unit and work.

If so, you can usually find the code and resetting procedure in the vehicle's owner's manual, online, or from a car dealership service department (be prepared to prove you own the vehicle).

How to hook up a line output converter

LOC90 - Line Output Converter - Scosche

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Do i have to use both sets of wires to hook to the speakers or is 1 sufficient?

Using a fused distribution block with two 40-amp fuses, or installing them inline after the block, will further protect your amps and installation.

Here are some things to check for: is the subwoofer output of your receiver turned on?

On mar 7, 2014this video will show my setup with an amp/sub in my dads 03 avalanche with a stock radio connecting to a line output converter.

How to install a line output converter (loc) to a 4ch & sub amp

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Make sure you don't drill into any electrical or gas lines check both sides of the firewall.

. if your in-dash receiver has preamp (rca) outputs, connect your rca patch cables to them.

, the installation manual for that sub is rather confusing, but i think it's showing that its switched and constant power wires can hook up with the wires that power the receiver.

Otherwise you'll need to get a line output converter to send rca line-level signals to the amp from the speaker wiring.

how to install an amp to a factory radio

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Also i've hooked up an old amp that i knew worked and still had no sound to subs.

In-line fuse on the main power cable within six inches or so of the battery connection is essential for protecting the wire, your car, and you from a catastrophic fire in the event of a short circuit.

My name is adam i hooked up a 1300 wat apm to my old mobile alero go and with 1600 watt wires and it keeps kicking off the apm if i turn the bass even up to -3.

, even if it didn't come with instructions, if you bought your line output converter at crutchfield, you could call tech support for free help wiring your system.

How to install a line output converter. LOC

This video describes how I installed a line output converter in my 1984 volkswagen rabbit cabriolet. Since I wanted to keep my ...