How to hook up a thermostat to an electric heater

Baseboard heaters can have the thermostats connected directly to the heater or mounted externally on a wall.

12/2 loomex from the breaker feeds first to the baseboard heater, with one wire connected to the heater, and the other wire in a wire connector connected to the one wire in the 12/2 loomex feeding the thermostat, and the other wire in the 12/2 loomex feeding the thermostat connects to the second wire on the heater.

We'll show you how to size the heater, run a new, safe 240-volt circuit and install a programmable thermostat.

Go back into the attic and tape the heater cable to the cable going to the main panel (labeled line).

How to hook up a thermostat to an electric heater

Connect all ground wires (always either bare copper or green) to the back of all electrical boxes.

Sure that the thermostat's line wires connect to the wires from the main panel, marked line (photo 9).

Heaters are usually wired with a 12 awg loomex cable designed for heater circuits with 2 hot wires in it, a black, a red, and no neutral white wire.

Fold the wires into the box, slide the thermostat in and secure with the two mounting screws.

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And dirt can decrease the amount of heat your baseboard heaters are able to produce, while at the same time increasing how much energy they consume.

A programmable thermostat works automatically: you set it oncefor example, to turn down to 16c every evening at 10:00 and turn back up to 21c at 6:30 in the morningand it will continue to automatically adjust the room temperature for you.

This is a non-grounded thermostat, so just connect the two new circuit ground wires together.

: all wires connected to baseboard heaters and thermostats are "hot" wires, no neutral wires, and any white wires that are connected to a baseboard heaters or thermostat (done because that is what is in your loomex) should be tagged as a hot wire with colored (never white or green) electrical tape.

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Should install your heaters in an area of heat loss, such as below a window or on an exterior wall.

Required wattage of baseboard heater you need for your room is 10 times the square footage of the room it is to go in, for example use a 1500 watt heater in a 12' x 12' room.

Of insulation from each wire's end, then connect the black and taped white wires to the black heater wires using wire connectors.

Pull the cable from the thermostat through the hole and let it hang to the floor.

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Most cases, you can roughly size the electric heater (in watts, that is, a measure of heat output) according to the size of the room.

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The line connection is connected to the feeder wires coming form the breaker in the electric panel.

The key to efficient baseboard heating is airflow, anything blocking the flow of air into or out of an electric baseboard heater will decrease its energy efficiency.

About running a separate electrical circuit for the heater, running cables, plus how to size the electric heater for the size of your room.

As youve probably discovered for yourself, its easy to forget to turn down a thermostat at night or when youre away, especially if youve got four or five or more separate thermostats throughout your home.

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Be sure to wrap black electrical tape around the white wire to identify it as a hot wire.

The white wire will connect to the load neutral wire and the ground wire will connect to the load ground wire and then pigtail to the heater ground screw.

Since you've already connected the load neutral and ground connection, you've completed the thermostat connection.

Your home is heated by electric heat, this would be the largest portion of your power bill, to keep your power bill under control you may want to consider changing you thermostats to programmable thermostats.

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